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Comment documentary (Score 5, Funny) 300

I watched a documentary about a guy who was slacking off at work (not showing up for work actually) and when the performance consultants interviewed him he actually got promoted to manager while they laid off a few of his friends or peers! Some other stuff happened in the documentary but I am pretty sure that was the relevant part.

Comment Use a hardware password manager like mooltipass (Score 1) 415

At 2017 FOSDEM I attended a session about the mooltipass hardware password manager. The speaker talked about his successful kickstarter campaign the mooltipas and how he verified the integrity of every step of the process. The device is open source hardware, that is assembled and tested with a tamper evident case. It attaches via USB and uses a chip and pin smartcard to store encrypted passwords. You can check it out here:

Comment Re:Containers with Juju! (Score 2) 44

Juju is able to orchestrate both LXC and KVM on several different cloud environments. Juju employs a slightly different paradigm than Docker, building on top of cloud images rather than an image based workflow. It surprises me that Docker gets so much attention in this space. I have used both and still prefer Juju for the flexibility. With Juju I am able to nest LXC inside Amazon instances or use LXC on my laptop to make it appear as cloud environment.

A quick google search turns up a document on this very subject (not written by me):

Comment Thanks for the ride (Score 1) 1521

Cmdr Taco,

I have never known you but you created something that has been very important to me and so many other people. I imagine /. feels like your child and walking away from it must be hard. I hope you are truly satisfied with what you have done, if not look at all the posts, rinse and repeat.

Good luck in your future endeavors and submit a story if you start another venture. I would like to be in at the ground level with a low UID with this next venture! Apparently this low UID thing impresses people!

Thank you sir for all the work,

      - Bruzer

P.S. You guys did not invent posting anonymously, but thanks for keeping the Anonymous Coward feature. I have only used it once or twice myself. I think it allows people to post what is really on their minds (even if it is silly or stupid). I think it is an important part of this site.

Comment Somtimes you have to do stuff you don't want to (Score 1) 583

This story resonates with me. I would have wholeheartedly agreed with the professor when I was a student and being forced to take Math classes that I did not like. However with my experience in the "real world" I now disagree.

I ended up minoring in Mathematics, because of the of the all the Math requirements for a Computer Science major. I strongly disliked the advanced Calculus courses and could not imagine why we needed to take them. Since then I have worked in the industry as a Software Engineer for 14 years.

In retrospect I see that the time at the university was preparing me for the real world. The lesson was not that Math is important to a Software Engineering career, but that we often have to do things that we don't like to get to the stuff that we do like. I would LOVE to program all day (and sometimes I can), but there are all sorts of other things that Software Engineers have to do _and_ be good at to succeed at our jobs. We have to do all kinds of tasks that is not programming, fill out "TPS reports", be able to speak in front of other people, the good ones even have social skills (gasp!) to convince people to try their way or work with them to solve a problem. I dislike the extra tasks almost exactly as I disliked Calculus 3, but in the end, I got through it and will be a better Software Engineer because of it.

As far as the point that math turns away people that would be influential to the field of Computer Science. Tough. If they didn't have the fortitude to put up with stuff they do not like or are not good at they would likely be a prima donna in the workplace.

Comment Hey! I resemble that remark! (Score 1) 453

> " ...if you pursue computer science, you will be stuck in a basement, writing code. "

I resemble that remark!

As I read the article, I am currently in the basement of a large computer company writing code.

Our basements is not so bad, they light them up with artificial lights. Sometimes when I leave the building the sun hurts my eyes.

Does this mean there are Software Engineers that do *not* program in the basement? ... Absurd!


Submission + - Bill would let ID theft victims seek restitution (

verybadradio writes: "A bipartisan bill that would let victims of identity theft seek restitution for money and time they spent repairing their credit history was introduced on Tuesday in the Senate.

The legislation would also give federal prosecutors more tools to combat identity theft and cybercrime, according to sponsors Democrat Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Republican Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania."


Submission + - Should IT Workers be Workaholics? Or Europeans? (

Daniel Markham writes: "Several new stories broke this week, from the report that IT workers in Europe mostly don't think their jobs depend on performance to the report that says a third of all Americans don't take all of their vacation time. The number of workaholics chapters is growing in the states — these are 12-step programs for people who work too much.

IT, especially in America, is famous for long hours and little sleep. Isn't this the way it's supposed to be? Or should be be taking a month off every year like the Europeans do? Is IT like working in a union shop making widgets waiting for the weekend, or is it more like being a doctor?



Journal Journal: Temporary blood vessel shunt to be used to save limbs in war 157

The FDA has just approved for military use a shunt which allows partially-severed limbs to continue to get circulation. According to the article, "For most, it won't be a matter of saving a limb outright but rather salvaging the quality of a wounded leg or arm." This is because "The tubelike device is designed to connect the two ends of a severed blood vessel, providing a temporary bridge or shunt around a wound to restore blood flow to an


Submission + - AMD's showcases Quad-Core Barcelona CPU

Gr8Apes writes: AMD has showcased their new 65nm Barcelona quad-core CPU. It is labeled a quad-core Opteron, but according to Infoworld's Tom Yeager, is really a redefinition of x86. Each core has a new vector math processing unit (SSE128), separate integer and floating point schedulers, and new nested paging tables (to vastly improve hardware virtualization). According to AMD, the new vector math units alone should improve floating point operation by 80%. Some analysts are skeptical, waiting for benchmarks. Will AMD dethrone Intel again? Only time will tell.

Submission + - Skype's BIOS Reading Process Part of DRM

Juha-Matti Laurio writes: "An official statement related to Skype's feature to read motherboard serial number on every startup has been released. The Chief Security Officer of the company states that the software in use 'includes a form of digital rights management functionality intended to protect commercial software, such as plug-ins, from illegal redistribution or unlicensed use.' Additionally, the newest Skype version (released this week) no longer attemps to read the serial number. Conspiracy theories about generating an individual encryption key or tracking the users are not needed any more."

Submission + - Hotmail is broken when accessed with Firefox

An anonymous reader writes: I can log in to Hotmail just fine using IE (well, as fine as it's possible to surf the net with the porous, sucking sponge attached to a Petri dish that is IE...), but trying to log in with Firefox gets me this:

Windows Live ID is unavailable from this site for one of the following reasons:

* This site may be experiencing a problem.

* The site may not be a member of Windows Live ID.

It's from the exact same computer at the exact same time as the IE login works. The link is the incredibly difficult And it worked earlier today.

Maybe we need to send this to that trial in Iowa?

Submission + - What happened to HDTV tuner boxes?

amcdiarmid writes: "What happened to HDTV tuners?

For years, we have been told to purchase HDTV capable TV sets. "sure, all you need to do is purchase a HDTV tuner & plug it in..." However, can you find a HDTV tuner device? In almost every case, it is easier to find a HDTV tuner-PCI card for a computer — than it is to find a HDTV tuner box for a TV. (I think the cost of building a quiet computer for this is excessive.)

As an example: If you go to and type in HDTV tuners, you will find the tag line of: Add one of these Hight Def tuners to your HD-ready TV to enjoy free over-the-air HDTV broadcasts. However, if you go into the link — you find two DirectTV units, and a $2000 Sony Media Center 2005 PC.

I really just want to watch sports, and Law and order on the air... I can find a few units at $180 for ATSC, and a bunch that require DirectTV... but what happened to the promised HDTV tuners???"

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