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Comment Re:Flee Now (Score 1) 362

I agree. Noone likes a smart-ass. You have to use guerilla- and partisan techniques.

You could use version control yourself, get it working and ally yourself with another coworker. Configure the SCM for him and make sure it is working properly.Make him see the light and be a proponent, too.

If this is impossible, suck it up or change employer.

Comment Re: Language bigotry (Score 1) 688

Look, VB had it uses and time of glory in the nineties.

I have not seen a new VB(.NET) project started in the last 5 years, and for me, that is a sign VB will be dead and buried by C#. Most have converted to VB.NET and transitioned to C# at some point, and either replaced or retrained the programmers. But by all means, if you want to be the last person standing at the Visual Basic Alamo, be my guest.

Comment A mistake? (Score 4, Funny) 688

Yeah, look at the flop that is, or how hard doing protocol agnostic services with WCF is. *sigh* .NET is a huge success in the corporate world, and hopefully c# will be one of the last nails in VB's coffin.

If you measured Java's success based on the non-proliferation of applets, it too is a flop.

(And if you are a Java programmer, I hope you get something similar to Linq soon :-)

Comment Re:Sorry, wrong scapegoat. (Score 1) 518

Thank you, I haven't read that one. Somewhat similar to Douglas Adams' spaceships filled with hairdressers and telephone cleaners, I guess. :)

Euthanasia and mass-extermination has been tried before and the nazis still get bad press, so I don't think that is a road worth travelling.

Comment Re:Sorry, wrong scapegoat. (Score 1) 518

Well, Greece, Ireland and Spain could be prime examples of that in Europe, but their problems are more related to economical speculation or incompetence.

The other side of the robotics coin is better working conditions, as robots take over the more dangerous work, freeing manpower to do other work.

Comment Re:Sorry, wrong scapegoat. (Score 1) 518

Don't get me wrong, I love Norwegian high tech. I just don't feel certain our government apprehends it :-)

I had not heard about Nordic RF before, guess it is ? I should play less golf, and read more Weekly Techninal Review :-)

On the other hand, they (politicians) just passed DLD, which makes it mandatory for all ISPs and telecoms to log ip addresses and phone numbers for 6 months. It will of course be only availably to <agency-of-the-week/> , so we are all safe from any abuse.

Comment Re:Sorry, wrong scapegoat. (Score 1) 518

Well, as your reply really posed a few good questions, I would like to refer to the poster below mentioning the difference between US and most European countries.

We do have safety measures for all people, so in principle you are never in the risk of having no shelter (or a home, as we call it in Norway) and not having food on the table. Really. Most right wingers in the US would call it socialism, but here we just pay our taxes and enjoy a nice safety net. Heck, we will even pay for your reeducation to a different trade.

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