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Submission + - Microsoft Interoperability Team: Bring on Red Hat (

Brotherred writes: "Microsoft said in context to PCWorld requesting comment about its GNU+Linux deals and what its plans are for Red Hat. That their doors are open to the Riley North Carolina distributer. GPLv3 blocks all such deals. But it seems like anything else the dust has to settle first and some on has to actually file a complaint. Not to mention the final draft has to be fully ratified yet. Red Hat has always been on the leading edge of innovation while these companies that can not seem to leverage their place in the FOSS market are TRYING to sell them selves out to Microsoft. In the end M$! gets richer by a couple million at a time and the inconsequential companies that do that know what to do with the freedom that they once had will find their days are numbered."

Submission + - Will Open Source "Rescue" Microsoft?

Brotherred writes: Will Open Source "Rescue" Microsoft? Open source could help MS. Yeah like um have you ever heard of Windows Server2003? Thanx BSD! Here is an excerpt: Has The VAR Guy lost his mind with this thesis? Absolutely not.In fact, the software giant recently tried to join the Open Solutions Alliance, which includes roughly a dozen open source companies, The VAR Guy hears. What's Microsoft up to? The potential answer involves Windows Longhorn.

Submission + - Gates to Congress: U.S. Needs More Visas. ?Visas??

Brotherred writes: "This is funny. I think that the more localized companies and software distributions are having more problems with collaboration and production issues than ones that are built internationally. Being that Microsoft has always been so localized; to open the US boarders at the request of MS is just like a subsidy. "America has always done its best when we bring the best to our shores," Gates said. "[But] we face a critical shortage of scientific talent....Our immigration policy is driving away the best minds exactly when we need them most." congre_1.html"

Submission + - Microsoft unleashes improved Firefox

Brotherred writes: If Udantu and other distro's are getting into trubble over their hacked versions of Firefox then what does this mean? Even MS can not do this can they? /

Submission + - Let the Browser Wars Begin

Brotherred writes: "Little bit by little bit people get fed up with MS. Firefox stands as the best and most popular way for people to introduce them selves to open source and free software. Even after I had used Red Hat9 at one point. It was much later with Mozilla 1.5 or .6 and then Fire Fox .08 with which I really began to learn about comunity development. Now I want to contribute but do not know how or what. I read eWEEK and now am late to the party on Slashdot."

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