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Comment Wheres the liberated speech? (Score 1) 56

I know that most of my comments here do not get any traction. That is why I have not posted here in so long. I know that for this comment I might be modded as a troll or something like that. But I have been thinking for some time about liberated software in closed communist like countries for some time. I think it was N. Korea doing their own GNU+Linux that got me thinking more about the fact that for as much as we GNU geeks like to talk about Libre and the power of free speech given by FREEsoftware, I do not see very much of it coming to fruition. I do not see where liberated code has translated into free speech or what I see as more important in freedom of religion. The cross pollination of ideas provided by FLOSS is supposed to end up in liberation of minds. Yet all is see is the closed countries doing what they want with what they want and if the community did want to sue them which it does not, it does not have the money like Microsoft to do it anyway. Why would they be in violation? Simple non-compliance of the GPL v2 and v3 the most common license type used.
Operating Systems

Linux 2.6.33 Released 17

diegocg writes "Version 2.6.33 of the Linux kernel has been released. This version includes the Nouveau driver, Nintendo Wii and Gamecube support, DRDB, TCP 'cookie transactions,' a syscall for batching recvmsg() calls, several new perf subcommands (perf probe, perf bench, perf kmem, perf diff), experimental support for cache compression through swap, Xen PV-on-HVM support, drivers for virtual network and graphic cards from VMWare and other improvements. See the full changelog here."

Comment To Maemo thte Nokia way or not (Score 1) 4

Users that have the ability to install the correct media players for the content they want, and the ability to go out and get that content will do things their own way. Users who do not care or do not want to learn much will do things the Nokia way. The FLOSS community will break out of the closed box. Thankfully the license does not respect the lockin that Nokia would LIKE to sell you.

Submission + - Microsoft Interoperability Team: Bring on Red Hat (

Brotherred writes: "Microsoft said in context to PCWorld requesting comment about its GNU+Linux deals and what its plans are for Red Hat. That their doors are open to the Riley North Carolina distributer. GPLv3 blocks all such deals. But it seems like anything else the dust has to settle first and some on has to actually file a complaint. Not to mention the final draft has to be fully ratified yet. Red Hat has always been on the leading edge of innovation while these companies that can not seem to leverage their place in the FOSS market are TRYING to sell them selves out to Microsoft. In the end M$! gets richer by a couple million at a time and the inconsequential companies that do that know what to do with the freedom that they once had will find their days are numbered."

Ballmer Calls Linux "A Cancer" 709

davidebsmith writes: "In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says that Linux and the open source movement is "good competition" because it will "force [Microsoft] to be innovative," but calls Linux "a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches." He also says that the inclusion of IE in Windows has been "great ... for innovation in the software industry" (except for Netscape) and that MS's new copy protections are just "bumps in the road" to "help customers understand when they are crossing the line . . . so they can't do the wrong thing." And he says a few more amusing things, also."

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