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Comment Re:YOU there (Score 1) 337

Ultimately the problem is that it is far easier to drum up support for these stupid petitions (like building a Death Star) than it is to drum up support on something intelligent (like, say, forcing Congressmen to read bills before voting on them).

Facebook and such have conditioned us to support funny/interesting things and ignore mundane topics. "Oh! Funny cat picture! Like! Share! .. Build a Death Star! Hah! That would be awesome! Like! Share! Sign the petition! .. Hm, Congress is voting to allocate $2.5 million to research the effect of pollution on the Northern Womprat. Boooring. Pass."

So by raising this limit they are just making it even more difficult for legitimate petitions to be accepted. The funny/absurd petitions are still going to take off and easily hit the new margins while the relevant/serious petitions will flounder in obscurity.

Comment Re:And the review doesn't even touch the issues I (Score 1) 204

3) Gear from 85 to 90 doesn't leave you in a position to go to heroics, even if you get all the gear available.

This is not accurate. The "Heroic" dungeons are basically the entry-level lvl90 dungeons. You do not need specific item levels to queue for them or complete them.

I think that you are thinking of the Challenge Mode dungeons which are designed to be very difficult and so you probably will not have adequate gear for them when you first hit 90.

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