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Journal Journal: Case Mods

Yeah I said you case modders are wasting your time. All I have to say is "Damn, and this is where this poor sap's money is at?" I mean come on, get a grip. The case modding industry is getting as bad a the 'ricer' car mods.

Whoop-de freaking do. I'm happy with my iBook, ThinkPad and beigebox.

Ja mata.
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Journal Journal: New post RE: TN Super DMCA 1

Well, If you haven't read it already, I'm a little peeved at what my old state legislature is doing. Looks like a friend of mine is organizing a party to head to Nashville to boycott/whatnot the passage of SB213 and HB457. i wish him the best of luck in his endeavours. Oh yeah, here is my obligitory link and my friend's Anti TN SuperDMCA page

Oh, and the guy who posted just before me on the article can suck it, there are some bass-ackward people in TN, but you'd be suprised at what an *educated* person can do.
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Journal Journal: AMV Goodness here I come!

Sometimes I wonder about myself.

After about a week of goofing off and about 48 hours of hardcore editing, I've completed my first anime music video. I must say, two things stand out when making this video. Use of pre-edited footage makes the editing a bitch sometimes, and I miss, but don't really miss the old A/B edit system I'm used to using. Ah, the fun of popping in and out SVHS and 3/4-SP tapes all day long, remixing and mixing down the audio on an 8-track ADAT, and only being able to do A/B transitions. Nope, no roll-editing here. But I do *really* miss the controlls. Being able to 'punch-in' and 'punch-out' your edit points, using the jog/shuttle wheel to quickly find what you wanted to mutiliate. Ah, those were the days. Maybe once a job is secured I'll go looking around to see if someone has made a decent edit controller that works with Premiere. Then I would be happy :) And a nice big-freaking RAID setup, 120gb doesn't go too far today :)

Besides, who ever liked swapping out SVHS and 3/4-SP tapes all day long? :p

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Journal Journal: Too long

Two Weeks. They say time flies when you are having fun. Funny thing is, I'm not having fun :p Still unemployed, and I've an open offer to move back to Mid-TN and restabilize myself. I've got about 3-4 weeks before I self-implode. *shrug*

Hey, at least later in the week my Chobits and .hack//SIGN comes in from Amazon. Just makes me mad that Cartoon Network got ahold of .hack//SIGN for air in the US before the DVD was even released. Who knows? Hamtaro struck the US by storm, with CN riding the tsunami. Will future US anime releases hit the TV before our local BestBuy or Suncoast? Only time will tell.

I now need to recover from my all-night edit session. :)

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Journal Journal: A new day

Back to Sony I go. Some might remember that I used to work on contract with Sony here in San Diego during most of 2002 (Dec 2001 - Oct 2002). Well, the job search has gone badly enough that I am doing what I told myself I would not do. Oh well, it's money and I refuse to go on unemployment.

I know, a bunch of you out there would like to strangle me for that last comment. So be it.

At least I'll be able to keep up with my bills now. And here's to hoping they'll take me back.

In other news, I registered for Anime Expo 2003 today.
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Journal Journal: Again

Well, the job search is rather pitiful. I'm starting ot look in other markets for chances in getting hired. San Antonio is looking good right now, couple of decent names hiring in positions that I can actually do. Gonna fire off another barrage of resumes Monday.

On other news, I cut my nails today.

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