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Comment Actiontek My Wireless TV (Score 2) 158

Greetings OP, I have one of these rigs: Actiontec My Wireless TV WiFi / HDMI Multi-Room Wireless HD Video Kit I use it to sling HD video, USB and IR from my downstairs to upstairs, and it works great! There is a small amount of latency but it's not at all unusable. Sounds like it would do exactly what you want! I'm very happy with mine--normally I'm a bit skeezed out by Actiontec products (FiOS wireless router ugh) but this one has been completely solid. Good luck! Regards- pdscomp

Comment Re:Remember when... (Score 5, Informative) 31

In this case, NASA isn't 'out-sourcing' the GPM launch to Japan... GPM and its predecessor the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission–TRMM were both full collaborations between NASA and the Japanese Space Agency JAXA. In both cases, Goddard Space Flight Center (where I work) integrated the spacecraft and its payloads, with JAXA (formerly NASDA) providing payload(s) as well as launch services.

Comment Re:I won't be back (Score 1) 156

The magic's gone since they started seriously dumbing down the game at the end of TBC.... Have only done a trial period or two since then, totally unimpressed. Final Fantasy XIV is it now, unless that goes in a direction that is clearly upsetting to me. I am pretty damn nostalgic for old WoW memories, though. You can never go back.

Comment Re:OMG enough (Score 1) 360

Revision control systems are not magic; if you edit the repository, you've changed the data. If they're open source like CVS then there's not a hint of obstacle in writing a program to modify the revision control repository, including modifying any metadata like checksums.

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