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Comment I started off with C (Score 2) 315

It's my most familiar language, back from when I was learning it on the schoolbus by reading K&R. I would still never choose C over a carefully-selected subset of C++ for a new project. There is just no advantage to keeping things more primitive except when it comes to very specific environments, like traditional Unix kernels. I think templates are very useful in limited doses and far superior than macros, inheritance is somewhat useful to almost any kind of CS problem, and the STL itself is a huge boon to software reliability and interoperability.

Of course, I also have no qualms with Java, so....

Comment Re:I won't be back (Score 1) 156

The magic's gone since they started seriously dumbing down the game at the end of TBC.... Have only done a trial period or two since then, totally unimpressed. Final Fantasy XIV is it now, unless that goes in a direction that is clearly upsetting to me. I am pretty damn nostalgic for old WoW memories, though. You can never go back.

Comment Re:OMG enough (Score 1) 360

Revision control systems are not magic; if you edit the repository, you've changed the data. If they're open source like CVS then there's not a hint of obstacle in writing a program to modify the revision control repository, including modifying any metadata like checksums.

Comment Re:really.. (Score 1) 46

Because it's much smarter to try to simply leap unassisted over thigh-high barriers, possibly snagging your toes by not being able to leap high enough because you were too macho to do a proper vault, resulting in face-planting and eating concrete. Glad to have you as a parkour instructor!

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