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Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 244

The computer was working acceptably well. What it was doing was alarming out a condition where it was dropping some tasks (rendezvous radar angle processing) due to a switch misconfiguration.

      The other parts of the code were running fine and caused no issues aside from the distraction of the alarms. Note also that he didn't nearly run out of fuel, although he did run relatively close to the mandatory abort limit. There was plenty of fuel to land, if they had ignored the abort limit. They landed with quite a bit of time at hover thrust levels.

Comment It's very simple (Score 2) 210

A password is intended to ALLOW access. If I come up with random "complex" passwords, I will either have to write them down, or use some sort of passwords safe, because they are intrinsically not "mnemonic". For many things I just don't care very mush, and I have to have dozens to hundreds of new passwords a year.

      There has to be a compromise between security and functionality, and people are making that compromise.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 231

Clearly, you have lost the narrative. Human beings are terrible and we should all be ashamed of ourselves for existing. Therefore, anything we do is also wrong. It's particularly wrong when is it done by Western civilization .

          This is what has been pounded into people's heads for years, with elements of it starting with the ludicrous "noble savage" concept. Now, we are "thoughtlessly destroying the planet".

      Human beings are the only species that destroys it's own environment. Except for all the others that do the same thing dating back 2+ billion years. One species wantonly spewed out a deadly poison, killing almost all incompatible species. That was that dastardly blue-green algae, that spewed out the deadly poison oxygen.

Comment Re:"Computer glitch" (Score 1) 58

You might be surprised to learn that people managed to get on airplanes before computers existed, and that they used to run entire airlines without a computer or an internet.

        The point being that by using centralized control via computer, you create single point failures or at least are vulnerable to single point issues that cripple the entire system, or at least slow it down. If they did it all with typewriters and ink pens, they wouldn't have a single point failure (power interruption) that inconvenienced a lot of people.

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