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Comment Re:Agent Smith (Score 3, Interesting) 85

In fact, every organism expands to the limits of the resources and competition. Living on the edge of starvation is the default condition.

      In fact, only until the agricultural revolution was this ever any other way. This enabled a massive population increase. The second occurrence was the industrial revolution, which yielded another massive population increase from which the world is still undergoing.

        The former yielded the first kings, etc, because it permitted a small fraction of the population to live above subsistence. The industrial revolution and modern economics (capitalism) was the first time in the existence of any population that large fractions of a species lived in a state better than that.

Comment Re:teaching to the test (Score 4, Interesting) 157

That's a very good point. The issue with all of these "shocking discoveries" is that they in fact PASSED the various prescribed tests. There is nothing in the law that says it has to perform the same in actual driving rather than the EPA load cycle. The specific EPA load cycle is what is in the test, there IS NO SPECIFICATION for what it does on the road, period.

    Note that everybody with any concept of the way diesels work know that the various performance/emissions "breakthroughs" touted (now, apparently, falsely) by the European car makers were false. This was demonstrated by the back of "clean diesels" turning black in short order on US roads, and most of the cities of Europe turning gray from accumulated diesel soot.

      They are more-or-less scuzzy, but they haven't broken the law.

Comment Immaturity levels at record high (Score 2, Interesting) 1368

Is this what people do now? One thing fails to go their way and they have a hissy fit and hold their breath until they turn blue like a 3-year-old? I don't expect much from leftists, but honestly, this is what they do.

I have sat through 11 presidential elections, including the elections of notable piles of shit Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and most worthless of all, Barack Obama, and yes, it was disgusting and sickening to me, too, but no one I knew had a meltdown over it.

A nation of fucking precious snowflake babies.

Comment Very good (Score 5, Informative) 365

Diamonds aren't particularly rare, the only thing that makes them valuable is that DeBeers has been holding a very tight near-monopoly, so there's no free market.

      Their operation is a reality version of the cartoon view of capitalism promoted by leftists for years. Every bad thing you can think of, they do, from the monopoly, exploitation of workers, callous disregard for humanity, and on and on. Capitalism and western society left this sort of bullcrap behind 100 years ago, but not these bastards. Anything that breaks their hold will be welcome from all sides of the spectrum,

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 244

The computer was working acceptably well. What it was doing was alarming out a condition where it was dropping some tasks (rendezvous radar angle processing) due to a switch misconfiguration.

      The other parts of the code were running fine and caused no issues aside from the distraction of the alarms. Note also that he didn't nearly run out of fuel, although he did run relatively close to the mandatory abort limit. There was plenty of fuel to land, if they had ignored the abort limit. They landed with quite a bit of time at hover thrust levels.

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