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Comment Re:So essentially (Score 2, Insightful) 538

To most high school students, their relationship is TEH MOST SERIOUS EVAR! In retrospect, they're not, but that doesn't change the equation.

5% is way, way, way too low. In the right situation, I bet he could fall in love with 80% of women in his age group. And the percent that is single is still quite high. And people don't get "locked up" forever in relationships, either, due to divorce or breakups. And it's not like people get married in the order of most attractive to least.

Comment Re:Climate change is a security threat (Score 1) 417

Let me guess... you don't believe those facts...

Sorry, I have to correct you here. I don't believe those opinions. Part of the problem being that the parts that claim we should reduce CO2 emissions to fight human-induced global warming are neither well founded (having in common an absolute ignorance of economics) or scientific (being unable to reproduce important research, models not produced using the scientific method, and speculation on the future based on skimpy evidence).

I bet you don't doubt anything else from scientific research that has made your life MORE convenient.

That is a fallacy. There's been a lot of bad ideas in scientific research as well: Lysenkoism, polywater, eugenics, the aether, epicycles, etc. The proponents of AGW still have to show that CO2 emissions from human activity contributes in a significant way to global warming. They have not yet done so. I don't know why this is so hard for you to understand. I think there's a good chance (better than 50%) that they may do so in the next few decades. Given the slow pace of global warming, that is more than good enough for me.

There is a big difference between Truth(whats happening) and what you want. I have this talk with my daughter all the time. Sometimes it isn't how you want it. That's life.

Heal thyself, physician. You want AGW to be "True" for some reason, even going as far as to claim it is "well scientifically founded". Sure, as a hypothesis, it is. But you need extraordinary evidence backing up that hypothesis before I will support restructuring of society.

Comment Re:Climate change is a security threat (Score 1) 417

Go read a peer-reviewed paper. For once. Follow it with a few thousand more. Then come back here and talk.

Normally that would work - except we have proof that the peer reviewed journals were intentionally kept from publishing anything that disagreed with the idea that we're all going to die unless liberals are elected to save us all. That's what you're not acknowledging is that things were rigged to prevent any disagreement (well, any publicly acknowledged disagreement) among scientists.

Since you want to claim that by pointing out the lies and manipulation that I'm "a conspiracy theorist", here's a question for you - if we really are doomed unless we stop the boogeyman of global warming (sorry, "climate change"), what reason does any scientist have to lie and say that it's not happening? Do you think that they have some nefarious plan to kill off the human race?

Comment Amanda Seyfried/Julianne Moore love scene? Check! (Score 1) 145

A certain percent of unclaimed minutes are built into the cost structure of the phone companies, allowing lower rates. It's similar to unused miles on airlines' frequent flier programs.

Government being what it is, it's not surprising they're trying to seize it. This will just increase costs for DC residents. It walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, and is thus a tax, regardless of the mental gymnastics (read: accounting "irregularities") used to justify it.

Comment Re:That's not a company (Score 1) 165

Actually heard in a meeting last week "I don't care about revenues, show me at least a million users".

Sounds like the dot com bubble again. Year 2000, here we come.

It sounds to me like the game developers are the ones that need to pay, perhaps by tying in some in-game advertising or themes. Facebook users are too cheap to pay for anything.

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