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Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 327

> I see you don't have a computer-using parent.


Tried that. It didn't work because the technically inept parent still had just as much problem with the Apple product. It turns out that you can't idiot proof something.

A Mac won't magically cause the technically inept to stop having problems.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 327

...except this is IBM and IBM did not buy 'crap windows machines' when I was there. I'm not even sure what a "crap windows machine" is supposed to be. I've had little trouble from most of the office PCs I've had. This includes crappy Dell laptops that ran Linux very well.

Comment Re:How much of that is entirely Microsoft's fault (Score 1) 327

A lot of what you just described are costs required to run the business regardless of platform.

I worked for IBM. My windows laptop was not what I would have preferred but it never gave me any real trouble.

What it cost the mothership to maintain is an entirely different matter. I don't think I ever did anything to maintain or upgrade it.

You have to spend a LOT on other stupid things to just begin to catch up with the cost of an Apple product.

Comment Re:This truly exposes a major hypocrisy present (Score 1) 83

Yeah... but watch these same whiners melt down the moment the sexual expression of a guy that can easily get willing participants. Then their heads will explode and they will be running around like hysterical decapitated chickens.

Most of these "cultural libertarians" are probably flaming hypocrites.

Comment Re:Don't use Facebook (Score 1) 83

Yeah, you couldn't do anything like referencing an outside source. It's not like the whole web is specifically designed with that idea in mind. You TOURISTS getting your panties in a bunch are so funny. Those of us for whom this stuff is more immediately relevant are not so narrow minded.

Due to the nature of some conditions, this leads to the kinds of old geezers you would probably make fun of being much more adept at navigating this stuff than you are.

Serious medical discussions will pretty much immediately leave the little walled garden you're so upset about.

Comment Re:But Homicide Is Fine (Score 1) 83

On American TV, they usually just show the aftermath afterwards. American movies are certainly full of murder. I'm not sure how much of that makes it into broadcasts.

Of course there are different standards for "broadcast" versus "cable". Not even sure what Walking Dead edited for broadcast TV would look like.

Comment Re:I work in the industry (Score 1) 194

Since the Tivo was released back in the last century, there is NOTHING I view as linear. This includes "live TV". The great beauty of a recording is that you can skip through it and ignore the fluff. This includes commercials. This includes commentary. This includes tedious aspects of some sports.

I even know someone of the older generation that specifically likes to watch his baseball games like this now.

It's GREAT to start a "live" event far enough long that you will never catch up to the commercials.

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