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Comment Re:In other news... (Score 1) 344

Sorry, I didn't make my point well. If people smart enough to decode genomes are too dumb to use Excel "properly", what hope do ordinary users have?

I wouldn't call them "dumb", but it could easily fall under "Lazy", or "Not Trained Properly" when it comes to the software.

Comment Re:Damn you Google (Score 1) 164

The Galaxy Nexus was screwed over by Verizon and others over the NFC Payment functionality. They had a competing payment system, known as ISIS at the time, that they were pushing. They held up the launch of the Galaxy Nexus for months until it was no longer a flagship phone. By that time the user base was small and frustrated, it wasn't really worth the continued support.

Comment Re:Curious to see how they enforce this. (Score 1) 440

If you have to install a new driver, it's not previously installed. If you don't have to install it because it's already installed on the system before the cutoff date.... it's previously installed. This isn't rocket science.

If you think it is that simple, then you haven't thought about it enough.

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