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Comment This will be short lived (Score 0) 353

While Democrats and Republicans abuse 501C3 laws to obfuscate political contributions it's patently true that Republicans do to great excess. Evidently it's simply embarrassing to own a coal mine and fund people who deny climate change. One might quibble about degrees here but that's my impression.

Thus the push back on the IRS when they called BS on this and discovered they were going after more repupublican than democratic orgs. A political no no even if pure logic dictates thats the distribution of abuse.

Here the same thing is going to happen. Even the maldovian spam artists discovered there was no profit in fake news about hilary but tonnes of gullible people on the trump side of things willing to click.

money talks. The experiment has been done. Sorry if the results embarrass your politics.

Comment No it means more and less than that (Score 4, Informative) 90

Well not exactly.
The discovery of an antibody that targets a non-variable site is important in several ways. I'm not sure how good a therapeutic drug it will make. Antibodies are huge and hard to make so depending on the dose required it could be prohibitive to inject enough of the stuff in an active form to do any good. Massive proteins often are lousy drugs. THat's not to say that antibodies can't be used as drugs. There's a lot that are on the market now, for example Humira. But that's going after receptors in the host not viruses so it's a different regime.

But what is good about this is three things. You learn where you can bind on the virus, you learn the binding mode of the contact points, and finally you learn that that binding mode is protective across most HIV. It's not uncommon to have something that binds HIV well but fails to be protective. Given this structural knowledge one can now try to design either small molecules or other smaller proteins than an anti-body that bind in a similar manner and target either the same binding site or the same origins of protection.

Comment how does this wrok (Score 3) 52

I've actually seen these devices in action a decade ago (at Darpa Tech) and it's stunning. but I never understood how they worked. Yes I understand the hologram part of this. The two things I don't understand are
1) I would think that the pitch of the spatial light modulator elements has to be much finer than the wavelength of light. Yet the surface on which these operate are enormous which would mean length/pitch would be an insane number of controllable pixels.

2) The ones I saw were black and white. Not black and green or black and red. So how are they getting the "white" part if this. lasers are monochormatic. There are white light holograms but if I recall correctly these usually give up one axis of holographic dispersion to make the other axis multi-color. and even then they usually are haloed with fringing rainbows (like the Visa card Dove).

So how do they pull off these two tricks?

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