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Comment Re:Veyron? Meh. (Score 1) 790

#1. Bike performance like car performance is dependent upon the driver/rider. Bikes do handle. Most riders do not handle bikes. One anecdote does not an argument make. #2. "Lose control with a bike...blah blah" That's why your nuts have to have dropped. Bikes are not for the faint-of-heart. Mind you, I've seen plenty of smashed ex-heroes in cars along the twisty roads as well...even the odd mazda...

Comment Veyron? Meh. (Score 1) 790

If your balls drop, you might like to save money and get a Hayabusa ( It outperforms the's a physics thing. When I've pointed this out to people in the past they say "Oh yes but a car is more practical". Sure, a multimillion dollar car sounds very practical - I'd love to own one to do the shopping or take the kids to school!

Comment RedHat then Ubuntu (Score 2, Funny) 823

Oh God I used to dread my "holidays" down at my parents place, fixing up all the problems with Windows (starting at 3.11 and ending at 2000). Then I installed RedHat with a "Redmond" theme phone calls, no teeth gnashing, no drama, no tears...heaven! Since then, only a few minor niggles when the ISP changes. And an change a few years later to Ubuntu when RedHat went all Gates on me. Oh, and one major niggle when a local IT "guru" reformatted the drive for my mum and reinstalled windows because "you can only access the internet with windows".

He has since been run over by a truck. How is that for karma?

P.S. I do not have a truck licence.

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