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Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 1) 428

For you, maybe. For others, it definitely is. There was a convention of Christians recently where Donald Trump's candidacy was hotly debated. One group said that since God let Trump win the Republican nomination, that was the sign that God wanted them to vote for Trump whatever his faults. Another group said that God was testing their strength to stand up to an unrighteous man. There were fairly prominent individuals in both groups.

I'm sure Climate Change is a religious issue for people like that.

Comment Re:Brilliant insight. (Score 1) 843

She was speaking specifically about the period of NATO military intervention. Why did you misrepresent her remarks?

I actually think Clinton isn't quite smart enough, and is a bit too old to be President, but she's younger and smarter than Trump. We've survived pretty well some dumb presidents, but nobody as far down the ladder as Donald.

Comment Brilliant insight. (Score 4, Insightful) 843

The American Revolution was funded by wealthy individuals

On the one hand, the American Revolution was also lead by philosophers, scientists, judges, generals, etc. These guys had some ideas about how to create a better system than what they inherited.

On the other hand, you have Donald Trump. His philosophical concept of government is that "Only I can fix it" and "All you need to know is that I'll take care of it. Don't worry about." "There's going to be so much winning." etc. Luckey and Thiel should be so proud.

Comment Re:Trump is right on this, as on many things (Score 1) 524

Dick Cheney is also dumb. Gen Schwarzkopf reports in his memoir that Cheney put forth a plan to drop an airborne division in Western Iraq to take a town and hold it hostage until Saddam left Kuwait. Cheney kept pushing this plan after Schwarzkopf rejected it several times as unworkable. This sort of thoughtless bravado is typical of both Cheney and Trump.

Comment Re:Trump is right on this, as on many things (Score 2) 524

"Besides that, I’ve got to tell you something else. I think that the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that. It’s not something they can control. Don’t you agree?"

-- Donald Trump

Trump also wanted to cooler evaluate NATO commitments before taking action

He also wants the option to refuse to defend countries which are already in NATO. He, and apparently you, don't understand what NATO is for. It is not a defense cost sharing club. It's a keep Europe Out of War police agency. You can coolly evaluate it, start to change it, or even start to withdraw from it. What you can't do is just drop it.

He's suggestion that we withdraw our nuclear umbrella from our East Asian allies is equally stupid. The guy is an utter moron when it comes to foreign affairs. Our adversaries will eat our lunch if he is elected. He might be Dick Cheney level stupid.

Comment Re: Does anyone care what Trump thinks? (Score 3, Interesting) 524

The whole birther campaign was a lie. Did Donald ever send investigators to Hawaii? Kenya? What were the amazing things he said they found? How come he thought this was important even though Obama would still have been a US citizen if he had been born in Kenya? This alone should disqualify him. Electing him would be akin to electing a 9/11 truther, not the good kind of truther, the kind who thinks the Jews did it.

His claim to have put it to rest was a lie. His claim that Clinton started it was a lie.

His claim to have been against the Iraq war. A lie.

Donald lies about why he can't release tax forms. An IRS audit does not prevent public release.

He pretended to be his own publicist. This is the kind of crazy stunt that would have destroyed Hillary if anyone found out.

He frequently denies saying things he clearly said, such as his approval of Japan and South Korea building their own nuclear deterrent. Or that he didn't make some horribly derogatory remark or other, like when he made fun of a disabled reporter.

Donald keeps saying his tax plan will cost him money. It won't.

Even his big policies he's famous for are lies. The Wall is pointless, a huge waste of money. Donald knows this. The Muslim ban, besides being unconstitutional, is also impossible to implement and would have little to no effect on terrorism. Donald knows this too.

There are long transcripts of his many, many court cases where he's forced to retract baseless things he'd said, and they are very revealing. The guy screws up and can't admit it. Can't stop from blaming others. If he overpays for a property, he lies about the cost, etc.

Comment Re:Are you smarter than a Trump supporter? (Score 4, Interesting) 524

Can you explain how someone could huff and puff about insults and yet support Trump? I think your feeling of offense is feigned.

How's the birther business working out for Donald? First he goes after Obama without any evidence of wrong doing, gets in front of every camera he can find. He never acknowledges the simple fact that even if Obama was born outside the US he would still have been a citizen. He runs with it clear until the after the convention *this year*, still without a shred of evidence, and then when faced with a general public who rightly understand that birtherism is a merely a ploy to gin up the racists, he flip flops. There's no new evidence, he just decided to switch sides.

He peddled a horrible lie for eight years, dropped it when convenient, then he lied about the lie!

This move follows the same template as all of Donald's moves. It doesn't take a fact checking website to figure out he's the worst liar to take the national stage in decades. All you need is to think a little bit, and remember longer than five seconds.

There are a lot of people who get excited about Trump even though they understand his fundamental dishonesty. For some reason they have faith that on that one issue that's important to them, he speaks from the heart. Why they would believe this from someone who pretty much never speaks from the heart is beyond me.

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