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Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 4, Informative) 767

Because Hillary Clinton sent emails not only from an email server, but also received emails on that same server. *Including* emails from some one named Huma Abadein, a foreign sounding name.

Plus, if you vote for her instead of the game show host, your balls will shrivel and fall off.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 3, Insightful) 767

Listen to interviews with him back when he was a surgeon. He had that same slow, even mannerism, but spoke clearly about his profession. Either he's afflicted with some kind of dementia, or more likely, he's one of those people who's so focused on their field he doesn't know anything else, but so egotistical he thinks he knows everything.

Comment Re:Scott Adams predicted this (Score 1) 559

State's servers were also unsecured and unencrypted, plus they were continually hacked. Once Republicans found out about her private email they would have turned that into a scandal regardless.

"and then for federal obstruction of justice charges for destroying 30,000 pieces of evidence without authorization."

That's not how the federal government sees it. If she'd split her emails, they still would have been destroyed, and Republicans would still have made a stink about it.

"... for mishandling classified evidence"

Such as? All that's been revealed so far is that there were news articles concerning classified operations, and some phone call talking points which were temporarily classified, but were not well marked. They were also routinely declassified after the call. There's no evidence of any intentional wrongdoing, or substantive breech. The email investigation is definition of fishing expedition.

Taking money for Lloyd Blankfeen is pretty corrupt, but compared to Donald she's a saint.

Comment Re: Not fake news at all. (Score 1) 314

There are at least 62 Million in the US who voted for banning all Muslims, possibly putting them into camps, killing the families of terrorists, and torturing prisoners.

You ever been to Dallas? You could find a million who condone or support right wing terrorism within shooting range of a Carcano Carbine.

If you say 75 million Muslims condone or support terrorism, fine. The number makes sense to me. Don't use that fact to gin up hatred in the US against Muslims, and try turn this war into a war between Americans and Muslims. A racist/bigoted backlash from America would be far worse than anything ISIS could ever hope to do on it's own. Such a backlash is building, and is being stoked by Trump and friends. Stopping them is just as important as stopping ISIS.

Far more than 75 million Muslims oppose and condemn terrorism. To turn these people in to enemies for political gain, or just because you hate political correctness, is murderously insane.

Comment Re:She was presumed innocent, then found guilty (Score 1) 314

This is what they found on her server:

A couple of emails discussing news articles about programs that were secret.

A couple of emails with phone call talking points, which were not obviously marked classified, and were de-classified after the phone call.

Do you really want to lock her up for that?

Comment Re: Not fake news at all. (Score 1) 314

White nationalist nut jobs in America and Europe probably approach 75 million when you combine active members and support. They don't have much of a religious bent to them but that's not really comforting to the rest of us.

The people who are fighting ISIS are mostly Muslim. It's obvious that you understand the nuances, so you should be able to understand that we need to work with those Muslims in order to defeat ISIS, that the "Islamic" part of ISIS is ISIS propaganda aimed at increasing their popularity and undermining their enemies, those who deliberately emphasize that propaganda are deliberately helping ISIS.

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