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Comment Re:seriously? (Score 1) 312

These are people I know. White Americans who live and work among Latinos typically don't hate on "The Mexicans". Those that do hate are usually too scared to get too close. Of course, not every suburbanite is a bigot.

The 'Stone Cold Racists" are real individuals, not stereotypes. Maybe not every stone cold racist will eschew New Orleans, I haven't met them all, so I might be stereotyping stone cold racists as afraid of the cities.

Missoula being afraid of Sharia is specific, true, and totally insane.

Comment Two ideas (Score 1) 417

I have found two ideas that came from Lisp that are invaluable.

Minimize side effects in most functions. Any effort to reduce side effects will be repaid tenfold the next time you have to fix a bug or add a feature.

Keep data objects immutable. This is the key to the easy life if you have to do concurrent programming (and who doesn't these days?).

Comment Re:seriously? (Score 1) 312

Amen. It's the people that don't know anybody that hate the most. In rural Louisiana, it's the stone cold racists who never go to New Orleans who'll tell you it's not safe. They would be relatively safe, compared to the black kid from the city coming out to their town.

It's the good folks of Missoula Montana who've probably seen a couple of Muslims their whole lives who feel the need to take action to prevent Sharia Law from taking hold in their city.

It's the folks who've fled to lily white suburbs who are up in arms about all the "Mexicans" flowing in over the borders.

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