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Comment Re:Linus is a dumb ditch digger (Score 1) 353

I will answer it this way. What file system are you using? How many other file systems have you used in the past 20 years on Linux? That is one small bit of the Operating System known as Linux, which has nothing to do with what Unix was doing 35 years ago.

Because Unix/Linux has been highly modularized, the innovation you fail to see is happening in all sorts of places. Usually followed by 99% perspiration in getting implementation working. And it appears and small increments in a huge ecosystem.

Heck, I would even suggest to you that Linus Choosing GPL was "innovation" (even the GPL was innovative)

Comment Re:Dams, too (Score 1) 240

I wouldn't be surprised if a different environmental group was opposing spillway repairs because some subspecies of Meadowfoam lived nearby. Or some tree infestation beetle. Or fairy shrimp.

You think I am joking? All three of those have been used to obstruct repairs and infrastructure projects in Butte County. They will literally classify same thing as a "endangered subspecies". I wouldn't be surprised if some local Environmental Group was protesting anything. They do that a lot around here.

Comment Re:Dams, too (Score 3, Insightful) 240

I partially blame the Environmental groups involved, because of previous hyperbole used in previous reports. That being said (and being a nearby resident), I can assure you that most of the issue was due to the FAILED Primary Spillway not being maintained. The topover caused by the failed spillway was fully preventable, had the DWR and ACE and the rest done their job the last 7 years.

But, instead, we have more infrastructure projects proceeding even though we can't maintain what we got. After all, we need a High Speed Rail Train between Fresno and Bakersfield ASAP!!!!

Comment Re: Uber? (Score 1) 640

1) a young human being below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority.
synonyms: youngster, little one, boy, girl; More
2) a son or daughter of any age.
3) an immature or irresponsible person. "she's such a child!"

#1 is the primary definition, and #3 is a reflection of #1. Technically everyone is a "child" according to Definition 2, and therefore that term is meaningless.

Fake News because the framing of it was intentionally misleading "alternative facts"

Comment Re: Uber? (Score 1) 640

The entire story here is nonsense. It is a "non-story". Should have been relegated to a single short paragraph

A 27 year old woman and her passenger died today in a single vehicle accident. The driver's BAC was .21, or nearly three times the legal limit

Everything else is sensationalism and "fake news". Dad, Tesla, speeds, everything else is irrelevant or subjective. Opinion dressed up like news. And why Journalism is dead.

Comment Re: Uber? (Score 4, Insightful) 640

You want "fake news" ? This is a great example of framing the story in such a way to cause distortion of emotion to elicit a particular result. Using words like "daughter / child" in combination is designed to make the person seem younger than 27 age that she was. Its like when we want to treat an 18 year old as an adult "Man/Woman" or as a child "Boy/Girl/Teenager". Man accused of murder .. one emotion, boy/teen accused of murder is quite a different one.

It is all about creating the correct sensationalism and it is all part of the "fake news" that people are complaining about.

Comment Re:We already have mass surveilance (Score 1) 110

Yeah, I really don't think the political left has thought this through. They want "civil war" but don't really understand how well armed the other side actually is. This civil war would last no more than a few minutes.

Of course, they will run crying to their "safe spaces" and then wonder why they were all shot like fish in a barrel.

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