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Comment Do not call me to help you (Score 1) 279

I hope you do not call me for tech support, I work it and I do not like these type of call.
"YOUR device "X" does not see my wireless network but everythings else works, you have a shit product and you have to help me fix it."

You want the easy fix and sometimes its not there. ...
I was going to write some technical stuff on a pro/cons basis but then I said that its not worth the time to write it out.
You already know what the solution is, get over it and just do it.

Sorry (not really), I do networking support for making our device work on your crappy networks.

Comment Re:All I Have To Say Is (Score 1) 437

IBM did that with the 380. If you wanted a memory upgrade, you bought it and IBM added it to the contract; a technician would then arrive and pull out the jumper -- your memory is now installed. IBM figured out it was cheaper to install it into all machines with the knowledge that there would be enough memory upgrades in the future to pay for it; memory for the 380 in those days was very expensive.

Comment Not everything needs to be developed in house... (Score 1) 234

One of the things I have learned in my career is that I do not know everything. I do the things I can do well and understand the business and when I need something more, I will call in those that have the skills to help. If you get the right consultant involved with the project, they will bring the knowledge necessary to do the job right.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to think that you have to know everything and its some kind of fault to say, “I do not know right now but let me look into it and come back with an answer”. Do not limit yourself to only the knowledge and skills of the in house staff, tap into other sources to bring in new knowledge and skills that can help you solve problems.

My biggest resource was a list of those I could call in to help me with an issue or in the help in locating those that could come up with an answer. It not a fault to say I need to bring in some help on this project.

Excuse the grammar, been awake a few to many hours and not thinking to clear right now.

Comment Re:BYO (Score 1) 408

Does not work - the general populace is unable to generate a secret question that is any better. They feel that it would not be used anyway so use nonsense questions and answers. Questions that I have seen when a user is allowed to create their own "Who did I F**K last", "What color is cheeze", "Why do I need a secret question", ....

Without knowing who the person is on the other end, I have about a 50% guess rate on the answers to most secret questions used.

Comment Been tutoring stats to buiness majors. (Score 1) 265

You’re going up against the left brain / right brain situation. The hard sciences are more of logic, analysis, detail oriented thinking, where the liberal art side are the intuitive, creative thinkers that are more in tune of the shape of things. The social science side tends to attract those with the right brain dominate way of thinking of things; they will try and process numbers as a shape/color/texture instead of a symbolic/fact/defining.

Draw a Venn diagram and they will be right with you talking about it but write it out in logic notations( P(A)+P(A’)=1 ), you will have a sea of blank faces looking at you. Numbers and symbols are very difficult for them to process and will need a lot more pictures and drawings that help them relate the two together.

To switch places, try taking a very good math student and ask him to paint a picture; color, shapes, patterns do not translate well for them.

Comment Taking an interesting postion (Score 2) 164

It is interesting on their position on this, we will create the method but someone else will have to create the database and maintain it. What I see here is that they see a bag of worms when it comes to privacy issues and do not what to touch that part of it. If an issue results in some aspect of the collection of such information, ORCID’s only involvement will be the DB structure. They had better include some temple or recommended best know practices on how a collection of this data should be handled.

Creating it is one thing, operating such a creation should also be addressed before untended consequences happen.

Comment Re:I don't understand how this is possible (Score 2) 228

Spent about 4 years on a LA class sub (SSN-700)

What can burn - There is a lot things that in a sub that can burn under the right conditions.
There is a large diesel engine up front with oil and its day tank.
The interior of the hull is insulated and if heated hot enough can start decomposing into some bad stuff.
Bedding, plastics, title floors, electronics...

Its in a ship yard for overhaul and the hull status is not indicated here. The hull might have huge sections removed to allow access for removal, installing or replacing large pieces of equipment. Even if the hull was intact, closing the hatches might not work, inside there are oxygen and high pressure air systems that if effected would feed the fire.

Most likely what happened was a big fire started in an area and got everything really heated up. Fire moved into the lagging that is wrapped around everything to contain heat and noise and moved into hard to reach areas. The big fire that started the whole mess could have been taken down in a reasonable time but the burning lagging took a extended time to clear.

Fire suppression systems? Small fire extinguishers to handle a fire and if the fire is to big for it you move to the 3" fire hose that are installed through the boat. Its not like a controlled room where you can pull the halon switch; You got people sleep, eating, living inside the equipment room.

A sub is a interesting beast, there were so many ways that if a situation was not handled right you would end up dead. Remember several discussion about what would be the quickest way that you could die while at sea - we figured that a rocket ignition or a hull collapse at TD would be the best ones in that your nerve signals would not reach your brain before you were dead (under 0.4 seconds).

Comment Re:Trains? (Score 2) 461

They do use trains - but not for moving material though. They but a lot of press into the safety and durability of the container used to move material by train for one reason - to draw attention to it. They make a show of moving something by train so that the protesters have a target to protest against, protesters feel they accomplished something in harassing the trains movement.

Its like a magic show, it diverts attention from whats really going on. While everyone is looking at the nuclear train, the real movement was done about a week or two earlier in the truck that looked like it was delivering wonder bread.

Comment I would put some of it on age (Score 2) 285

I think some the issue here is that a new generation is showing up with poor literacy skills. The primary schools are under pressure to meet their government mandated competency requirements, budget cuts, and various other issues, and have cut back on some of the basic skills that were once taught.

I work at a tutoring center / assistance center at a college and it is depressing what students are coming out of high school in their basic literacy skills. Writing skills are non-existing, were some of them do not even know how to hold a pencil correctly and unless there is a computer with a spell checker, their spelling is limited to about the 4th grade level.

I have been seeing this for several years now and these are the people that are replacing the older generation of people who did not have computers as evasive as it is now.


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