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Comment Re:Seriously - GTFO (Score 1) 401

It's your life - but the denial is strong:

- Your excuse: Smoking causes lung cancer.. -but- you can get lung cancer without smoking.. therefore I might as well smoke. (Staying on topic: It's illogical).
- Your complaint about the post - Translation: Please don't make me feel worse about it, than I already am.

I have my own patterns I try to break..

.. but to me smoking is packaged slow-death; coated in a level addiction that makes you tell yourself: I don't want to give this up.

What's worse, the slow death or the fact that it makes you lie to yourself?

Comment Re:Double bind (Score 1) 1431

Hitler and similar autocrats are only a real threat in the movies..

.. so I guess that's where you need your "constitutional freedom measure" - or something :D

Also: Distant future autocrats (overlords) or cyber-redcoats will employ drones. Guess US citizens will have to upgrade to rpgs and stinger missiles ;)

On a more serious note: Perhaps your L-curve economy and NSA is indicative that whoever is in power need no army to sway the populous.
Also - dont bother - I'll do it for you: "Anti-gun?.. and did he say L-curve economy? I guess he must be a nannystate-Commie."

Comment Re:And... it's gone (Score 4, Insightful) 636


"We don't need a fucking Nanny State. ObamaCare was not marketed as a first step, it was marketed as the "fix it all solution". As a first step(towards what??) , it would never have passed. If you want Universal Care, move to France or wherever, you are free to leave. I don't want it here, I've seen what it really means and it is just as ugly(possibly worse), but with a bit a "feel goodism" added in."

Personally I tire of hearing the "nanny state" rhetoric and the oh-so-democratic 'my-way-or-the-high-way' rant. I doubt neither an ultra-libertarian or a completely centralized system will lead society anywhere you'd like to live - but when the outset is overly polarized, you can only ever see the extremes. Balance people.

Comment Re:Too little, too late (Score 1) 259

One EA employee to another: "Our refund approach is win-win. We come out as good guys AND a considerable amount of consumers will pick an older titel; say [rehash]2012 or better yet [rehash]2010.

You and I both know the server support scope for those titles. Get 'em hooked on additional product series with expiring server support; and they'll have invest, to keep playing.

Money in the bank, my friend.. money - in - the - bank."

Comment Re:cowboys and indians? (Score 0) 335

Good points. Why the hell is this deemed flamebait?

Has civil-arms-race-Inc-parading-as-a-civil-right gotten to slashdot as well? For shame.

Before you label me "socialist-gun-angsty-hippie" (or whatever scape-goat term you like to fling around, dancing to Civil-arms-race rhetorical tune): Yes. I've used a firearm. It's designed to kill. That's what I was trained to do. I was a soldier. These things don't belong at home - and statistics show you're not safer for owning one. If you're scared into thinking that; i feel sorry for you and the people around you - it only makes the firearm even more dangerous.

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