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Comment Re:How fast (Score 3, Informative) 64

Relative to the centre of the Earth, which can be considered stationary for this frame of reference.

A spot at sea level on the equator is moving about 1000 miles an hour in the same frame of reference.

17,500 mph is the same speed as the ISS. At the distance of 22,236 miles, where the telecommunications satellites are, that drops to 6876 mph.

Comment Re:Just curious... (Score 1) 232

There are two main ways to detect planets. The first was is by occultation, where the planet passes in front of its parent star, causing a reduction in the amount of light reaching the observer. In effect, a solar eclipse, but the effect is much smaller. This method won't work here, because we actually occult the sun as seen from Planet X and not vice versa.

The method that could be used is by the radial velocity method, where a star is moved in it's orbit by the planet orbiting it. The problem here is that Planet X is so far away, and its orbit is so long, that you would need to observe the sun for thousands of years for the movement to be discernible. The (currently) furthest known object from the sun, Sedna takes about eleven and a half thousand years to complete a single orbit, and Planet X is likely to be even further away that that.

Comment Re:Phishing, not hacking. (Score 2) 116

I like to put on my foggy old codger act to coddle them along;

", it's not good, I'll never remember all this. Do you want me to go to the computer and you can talk me through it? Oh, that's so good of you. It takes so long to start up, my grandson built it for me, but I don't know how to use it, really.....Oh, I think it's stuck, I'll have to turn it off and turn it on again, that what he always tells me to do, hee-hee-hee...etc, etc..." ...While I fire up my here's-one-I-prepared-earlier VM that they can (usually) finally figure out a way to get me to let them connect to before they eat their own headsets out of sheer frustration.

Then WireShark tells me their IP address and I tell /b/ chan what that IP address is. It's usually around then that some civic-minded soul out there fires up the low-orbit ion cannon and then they usually have to find another ISP. It's always entertaining to watch what happens to their website until that happens

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