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Comment Re:Picasso (Score 1) 360

Pirates aren't the thieves of intellectual property in this country. The thieves are the corporations that have stolen huge amounts of culture from the people, and locked ideas away in a Disney vault.

That is my exact argument when discussing copyright, but put much more concisely. Thank you, good sir.

Could you imagine if copyright law, as it exists today, was around when the written word was invented?

Submission + - Multivitamin researchers say "case is closed" as studies find no health benefits (

schwit1 writes: “Enough” with the multivitamins already.

That’s the message from doctors behind three new studies and an editorial that tackled an oft-debated question in medicine: Do daily multivitamins make you healthier?

After reviewing the available evidence and conducting new trials, the authors have come to a conclusion of “no.”

“We believe that the case is closed — supplementing the diet of well-nourished adults with (most) mineral or vitamin supplements has no clear benefit and might even be harmful,” concluded the authors of the editorial summarizing the new research papers, published Dec. 16 in the Annals of Internal Medicine. “These vitamins should not be used for chronic disease prevention. Enough is enough.”

They went on to urge consumers to not “waste” their money on multivitamins.

Submission + - GM's CEO rejects repaying Feds for bailout losses (

PolygamousRanchKid writes: The General Motors bailout may have cost the government $10 billion, but GM CEO Dan Akerson rejects any suggestion that the company should compensate for the losses. He says Treasury officials took the same risk assumed by anyone who purchases stock.

Akerson said that GM repaid all the debt issued by the government beginning in December 2008 when George W. Bush was still president and extending into the first year of Barack Obama's presidency. He added that it was the Treasury's decision — though one he clearly supported — to take an ownership stake in the form of company shares.

Asked whether GM should pay the difference between the amount the government provided the company and the return from the sale of the shares, Akerson said the "die was cast" by Treasury when it decided to take shares. For GM to make up for any shortfall could result in lawsuits from other shareholders.

Submission + - Satellite data shows Arctic sea ice coverage up 50 percent! (

bricko writes: Satellite data shows Arctic sea ice coverage up 50 percent!

BBC News reports that data from Europe’s Cryosat spacecraft shows that Arctic sea ice coverage was nearly 9,000 cubic kilometers (2,100 cubic miles) by the end of this year’s melting season, up from about 6,000 cubic kilometers (1,400 cubic miles) during the same time last year.

This is good news for the Arctic, but presents somewhat of a tough problem for environmentalists and some climate scientists who have been pummeled with evidence this year contradicting the theory of man-made global warming.

Scientists have been struggling to explain away the 15-year pause in rising global temperatures. Some have turned to solar activity or natural climate cycles to explain the hiatus in warming.

Submission + - Want to Fight Allergies? Get a Dirty Dog (

sciencehabit writes: A dog in the house is more than just good company. There’s increasing evidence that exposure to dogs and livestock early in life can lessen the chances of infants later developing allergies and asthma. Now, researchers have traced this beneficial health effect to a microbe living in the gut. Their study, in mice, suggests that supplementing an infant’s diet with the right mix of bacteria might help prevent allergies—even without a pet pooch.

Comment Re: Pretty much. (Score 1) 385

Yes. From personal expericne, my father bought a PS3 for video streaming, but still buys DVDs even though his PS3 will play bluray. My boss went to the store to buy a DVD player, bought a bluray player because it was on sale, and still buys DVDs (although now that I think about it, he bought it to show local nature and tourist videos, which only appear to come on DVD). My mom is kind of a lost cause, she was still buying non-widescreen DVDs even after she got a widescreen TV. I had to explain to her and then show her the differences, and yet she still buys them occasionally for some reason. At least I got my stubborn, stuck-in-his-ways step dad to watch the HD channels on cable after I hooked everything up correctly for them. I don't know why people buy a 40+in HD TV, pay extra for HD from the cable company, and yet still watch programming in SD.

Anyway, yes, people still do buy DVDs. It makes me cry a little inside.

Comment Re:This could be really dangerous! (Score 1) 89

Opera Mobile (NOT Opera Mini) also allows you to do this. You can have it sync your bookmarks and saved passwords between devices that you have Opera installed on. Its helpful if you use multiple computers and/or devices. Works with Android, Linux, and Windows. Probably OSX and iOS too, but I dont use those.

Comment Re:Nothing new here (Score 2) 657

Back in 07 when i bought this computer from Dell, I really wanted to build my own. I had even priced what I wanted and it would cost me around $800. Sadly, the pc I was using at the time was having random hardware failures, and as I had already spent $200 replacing bits of a 5yr old box, I figured it was time for a whole new box.

The thing was, Dell extended me $1500 in credit. So I could have waited for months, buying a piece here and there as I could afford it, or I could buy a pre-built from Dell and get it right then.

I think that is the reason most people buy the pre-built systems, they want a whole system that works out of the box, right then. And a lot of the major manufacturers offer lines of credit.

Comment Re:I work retail (Score 3, Informative) 231

No, no we dont. As someone who spent almost every black friday since 2000 working retail, I will tell you that it really sucks. No additional pay. Its a mandatory work day. Since most places like to limit overtime, you get fewer hours for the rest of the week so you can be scheduled for 8-14hrs on black friday and not go over 40. (in most cases, there are exceptions of course).

The only good part is if you work somewhere that gives you a commission and you get stuck behind a register. My paycheck was usually doubled. The bad part is that most people are waiting for those sales, so the paycheck before and after that tend to be a little bit lower.

Although, on a masochistic side, it can be kind of a rush as long as nothing catastrophic happens.

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