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Comment Re:Good (Score 3, Interesting) 237

Remember everyone, the DNC can be hacked and the Clinton campaign can be hacked, but there's NO WAY IN THE WORLD that Hillary's homebrew email server was hacked. Nope. Not possible. Pure as the driven snow.

You mean that sarcastically, but it's basically true. Hacking a server is one thing. Hacking a server without leaving any tracks whatsoever is insanely difficult. Hillary Clinton's server was examined by top FBI forensic analysts, and no breach was detected. This is unlike the system she supposedly "should" have been using, OpenNet (the email system), which has been hacked so many times, they judge them by how bad they are Sources: State Dept. hack the 'worst ever'. Every other hack has been detected and analyzed - it strains credulity that of all these emails servers, only would have been hacked so perfectly that there was no trace left, even in the many backups.

This doesn't mean that the Russians don't have her emails, since anything sent to a email address was copied by them. But that's not Secretary Clinton's fault, and the sheer incompetence of State's IT department (their "solution" to her emails going to people's spam bucket wasn't to whitelist, but to turn off all spam filtering), lends credence to the idea that she was just trying to work around some very incompetent people in the bureaucracy to get her job done.

What is absolutely proven at this point, is that if she'd done things the "right way", then all her emails would be now in the possession of foreign intelligence agencies. Having didn't hurt, and may in certain ways, helped.

Comment Re:And you shouldn't be.... (Score 1) 254

How exactly do you get into an iTunes account to clone an iPhone so it's identical to the one you've swapped out? Including photos, music, texts, emails...

And where inside an iPhone do you implant a bug and how do you keep it charged? And how do you receive the signal from a bug all over a city? Sounds like you've been watching too many James Bond movies....

Comment Re:And you shouldn't be.... (Score 1) 254

So cops never solved crimes before telephones existed?

Of course they did - But 100 years ago it was much easier to get away with crime.

If you robbed or killed someone in Boston and then hopped a train to Chicago to start a new life, odds were very good you'd get away with it - Unless someone paid Pinkerton's to track you down.

Comment Re:Dear god no (Score 1) 328

Do people in the USA lack the basic ability to get along with others?


When I travel to the USA on business trips I'll sometimes go to a movie in the evening (otherwise I'd just be doing email and it's not like you're going to go on a summer stroll in the evening in somewhere like Houston). There are lots of Americans in the theatre behaving well and having a good time.

It's people on Slashdot that lack the basic ability to get along with others.

Comment Re:And you shouldn't be.... (Score 1) 254

Try doing your job the old fashioned way..

The "old fashioned" way used to be to get a warrant and tap your landline. Can't do that anymore because the phone is encrypted, or the suspects chat via text. "OId fashioned" way used to be to get a warrant and search your house for evidence - Can't do that any more because the evidence is in an encrypted file...

Comment Re:Who cares..?? (Score 1) 693

... and elect a ho-hum stay-the-course centrist....

You misspelled "unprincipled sociopathic war criminal" there. Unfortunately it's not a choice of stepping into a dog turd to avoid a bullet, it's falling on a sword to avoid a bullet.

The only thing to do in that situation is use all available means to push the system into giving you more choices next iteration. Vote Green or Libertarian and demand electoral reform.

Comment Re:Still a proprietary, DRM'd piece of shit. (Score 2) 140

Consoles provide a computer that, relatively, easily plays games. No tinkering or fussing required.

They also do other stuff, relatively tinker-free, that you'd want to do near your TV & sound system -

- Connect to streaming music & video services

- Play CDs, DVDs & Blu-ray

- Connect to video and audio content libraries in your home

- Control your TV with your voice.

Yeah, yeah, I know you can do all this stuff with a PC as well, but with an XBOX it's set-and-forget (and, most importantly, wife-friendly).

Comment Re:Thanks to (Score 1) 368

Ars Technica allows 30 minutes, I believe, and it doesn't seem to be abused. People that reply will quote the bit they reply to so it's clear what they refer to anyway.

So how about 30 minutes editing window, and a quick, one-button-press to quote the parent post? Just to encourage people to include the original bits in their replies?

For added protection you could colour the edited text in dark purple, say, just to make it clear to people what has been edited?

Comment Re:Always been doing it (Score 5, Interesting) 107

So since you are hearing ads (and I'm assuming you a relatively young anonymous coward) you would rather hear irrelevant ads shilling restless leg syndrome aids VS cheap flights to cancun?

Can't speak for the AC, but if I can't avoid corporate mind control (a.k.a. advertising) entirely I'd like it to be as mistargeted as possible. Facebook sometimes seems to think I'm in Sri Lanka or Laos and sends me ads I can't read, that's perfect.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 89

Well, yes and no. You're limited to 100Mbit/s, which is if course a lot slower than gigabit ethernet, But normally a scientific cluster (which is what I'm interested in) isn't really limited by bandwidth as much as by latency. Going through the USB subsystem for all packets is going to give you worse latency than dedicated hardware. But then, I also use a cheap switch that's probably not a speed demon for retransmitting packets either.

And the thing is, the Pi is a fairly slow computer. I suspect that as a ratio of computing speed to transmission delays, the Pi has as effective communication as a "real" cluster of server systems connected with high-end hardware. The CPU is even slower than the network if you will.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 89

Any particular reason not to just do it in software, e.g xenserver or virtualbox? Virtual networking is kind of messy, but it leaves less cables around :)

VMs would work well, I agree. But this way I also get real(ish) network latency and delays in the same way a full-size system does. And an actual tiny cluster on my desk is a lot more fun :)

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 89

It's really easy to set up. Take a few Pi's, add a small switch (get one that takes 5V). Connect them up, and use a single larger power brick that can power all Pis and the switch. Either make some kind of enclosure, or - as I did - rack them up with spacers, drill holes in the switch lid and mount the rack of PI's to it.

One wrinkle is that you probably want to keep the switch only for the internal network. I use a USB-Ethernet dongle on the login node for external communication. it's just as fast as the on-board Ethernet in practice (it's internally treated as a USB device anyhow), and you can set up the login node to act as router and gateway to the other nodes.

Then you can install and play with whatever cluster-related software you like: Slurm, OpenMPI, Ansible, GNU Modules, XscalableMP, ZeroMQ and so on.

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