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Comment Re: Android is Linux (Score 2, Informative) 224

"When someone says "I installed Linux" or "I use Linux" they mean an operating system"...

The often do, and they are often wrong. Which is why you have people always pointing out that actually it's GNU/Linux that they are running. Technically 'Linux' only refers to the kernel, people should really just state what distro they are running, that would be more accurate.

Comment Re:Warranty Support? (Score 1) 193

You can only claim debts from the company to the limit of what the company has. And once that's gone, *poof* the company is gone. The people that started the company have their personal assets outside of the PTY LTD company which is kind of the point.

Comment Re:Top down decision (Score 1) 258

I disagree, I want a cashless society. In fact we're in a really uncomfortable place right now, in a semi cashless society tending towards cashless. At the moment I often find myself with no actual cash on hand because I can *almost* live my life without it. Consequently it's a real hassle when I actually need coin or note for parking machines or tickets or whatever. Life would be easier without physical money.

Comment Re:In all fairness (Score 1) 254

In different parts of the world road laws seem to have different levels of importance. For example: in Australia the speed limit is near to absolute, if you're over you get fined. In the USA the speed limit seems to be a suggested limit where you're really expected to go about the limit +10mph at least on the freeways. Where in the USA some things seem to be more absolute. In some places "one way" might be absolute, and in others it might be more of a suggestion. I mean even compare city to rural driving...

Comment Re:Makework (Score 1) 1145

Or figure out a way to control population growth. Because you can't continue to "give them money" forever; eventually the well will run dry. Then what?

Why not? It's not like money is a finite resource. Money represents access to resources but if those resources run out that's going to be a problem for everyone.

Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1145

The only question is what that does to inflation and whether that creates a de facto "tax" on the economy.

Luckily that question has an answer - printing more money the the (only real) cause of inflation and it will act like a universal tax on everyone, as everyone will pay through the devaluation of their earnings. Inflation is possibly the *most* unfair tax that there is.

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