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Comment My recommend: Two drives and software purchase. (Score 1) 366

I'm sure that everyone has an opinion on this.... so here is my recommendation: Get two more drives (I would say 6 TB each). Rotate between them at a rate that you fell comfortable 'loosing your changed data'. That might mean every night, every week or every month. This way your primary data will be available all the time in case of drive failure. You will ave two backup's at any point in time; one of which is "current".

In addition: I recommend that you download install and run "Hard Drive Sentinel"; I've been using it for years, and it is able to aid in the prediction of failure of multiple dives that I've had; resulting since I've used it with no data loss. This software can see into the drives of the RAID array; and to help you to know if you might expect a failure of one of the drives in your RAID array-- or if one of your back-up drives starts to experience problems.

Comment Re:Can someone provide IP addresses? (Score 1) 120


Just as a virus must be out before AV can detect it, someone has to get the problem before it can be guarded. The new version of AV (or stopping a fake bank); a list of IP address (host) / scripts (route) that will block bad addresses/domains.

Spybot does this exact (well, all but "route") all the time.

Comment Re:Can someone provide IP addresses? (Score 1) 120

simply connect to a hardcoded IP

didn't you read my follow up ... use host in conjunction with route command:
route add

So, who is wearing the udder now?

So... if a list of IP address is/are known, it is possible to block them, even using your mule, er multi-point system - that is if they can't get the first point, they can't get an update. If they hard-code an IP address, route-block it. If they hard code a DNS, host block it.

Comment Re:Can someone provide IP addresses? (Score 1) 120

It doesn't do that. You will need an egress firewall to do what you think you're doing. And it's going to have to somehow be stateful and understand the difference between a legitimate outgoing connection, and one which isn't. Good luck!

You understand it does do that...

With an entry such as:

all traffic that would be routed to is blocked. replace with an ip address, and that ip address is blocked.

I'm surprised that the people here at /. are that naive about such a simple method of blocking hacking/attempts to hack.

Comment Can someone provide IP addresses? (Score 1) 120

By updating the Host file (yes, it will be a back and forth thing) the ability to block the web sites and keep this crap from coming in - or going out. Great, they can capture all the key strokes they want. HOWEVER: if the data can't make it out, it is useless to them.

Also - for those of us who use a different computer for bank activities: how can we block entire countries?

Comment Don't remove AC; rather require registration (Score 1) 369

I may want to post info in two areas:
1) as a response to someone else and don't want the thread to have my name attached (multiple reasons why)
2) I may want to post something that I don't want tracked back to me.

Rather then delete AC, allow for a post of AC only when there is an account tied to it.

For all AC posting allow for a "moderation" that is "hate"; and when multiple sources report the offending post; the post would be reviewed by /. and if appropriate deleted.

Comment "The cloud" (Score 1) 465

And this is why I have about 100TB of hard drives lying around. “accidents” happen. Companies change policy. Three hard drives rotated; and this problem wouldn’t exist. I still want to know: How to backup (retain) my email from Yahoo.
I wish him the best. I would also be interested in knowing why his accounts were deleted.

Comment Style cop.... (new an better) (Score 2) 523

First: I've had to use style cop. It sucks.
But ... we each have our own variation of 'style'; which can be seen here.
So, why not have a 'stylecop' that acts locally; on white space & comments? If I like 3 spaces, and you like 4; we can just get along. The style is formatted on view, not on compile.
This would also fix his problem: When he views it... it will 're-format' to something he likes to see.

Comment Re:Let's Encrypt (Score 1) 216

You already have to pay your domain registrar and your home ISP.

I actually tried to avoid an itemized ... oh well

Many home ISPs' acceptable use policies prohibit running a publicly accessible server from your basement, and they enforce it either through a firewall (blocking inbound connections on 80/443 or on all ports), through carrier-grade network address translation (CGNAT) which doesn't give your computer a public IPv4 address in the first place, or simply through threat of having your home disconnected from the Internet for twelve months. To avoid this threat of disconnection, many customers upgrade to a business-class plan that includes an IPv4 address with inbound and no server ban in the AUP.

... one key term (missing) "commercial"; for profit; (If they start blocking, I switch ISP's... there are three nice ones in the area. It is good having a little competition) I'm using my server as an non-profit information portal. The technique also can route traffic to different ports (using 6 now) based on the actual domain (URL). As for CGNAT implementation ... I'll start bitching about being blocked by wikipedia and other broken websites. I will continually ask for credit for non-working internet access. After several credits, they will need to reconsider implementation of CGNAT.

How long ago were these three days spent? If it was years ago, perhaps the installer has improved since then.

It was 2-3 years ago. From above: I'll re-try installation (work... please... work!)

Comment Re:Now isn't that special (Score 1) 216

You trust Microsoft to implement the features you need...

Now *THAT* is funny!

They (M$) keep pulling features I need, keep adding bugs (and features) I don't want. Further... key features that I do need as an administrator (Example: export / import a black list of IP addresses is not available.) I *WISH* I could move to a different OS (Linux) but that would add even more to my painful process.

Comment Re:Let's Encrypt (Score 1) 216

You already have to pay your domain registrar and hosting provider.

I actually tried to avoid an itemized list. (Hosting provider: My basement)

But you don't have to pay StartSSL, WoSign, or Let's Encrypt for a TLS certificate.

As noted: After three days of working on just this problem; I was not able to implement SSL.

Comment Re:Now isn't that special (Score 1) 216

Thank you for the URL, however '' won't work (that I can see) for me... I have windows servers (only worried about one that is public facing). It appears that they only support Linux.

Plan "B"?

I've been trying to replace / upgrade the my key server; the upgrade is dependent on a change to the network. The change to the network involves finding need documentation on non-straightforward 'rout' commands.

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