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Comment Re:"you can simply not ignore Apple" (Score 2) 152

Do you own a phone, a computer, a TV, a watch? Do you use a web browser? Do you listen to digital music? Congratulations, Apple has had an impact on you, sometimes directly, sometimes tangentially. You may not like it, but putting your head in the sand just makes you appear disconnected from reality.

Comment Re:We're All Dying (Score 4, Interesting) 511

The "hacker" crowd is most definitely not dying, it's simply facing demographic changes. We used to be everything there was when it came to computers, both users and contributors. Now, there are billions of end users who don't give a toss about how it works so long as it does. We're no longer the majority, or even a dominant force.

However, that does not mean that the crowd is shrinking. Proportionally, it might be, but in absolute terms it's far more likely to be growing and to keep growing as more and more people have access to a computer from a young age, therefore exposing them to technology and allowing them to choose this path if they feel an affinity with it. Things are definitely changing, but don't go tombstone shopping just yet.

Comment Re:And we see history (Score 3, Informative) 250

Even on Star Trek, there are many civilizations that decline to join "the club". Star Trek is silly anyway, because it is unlikely that so many civilizations would reach nearly the exact same degree of development at exactly the same time.

Is it though? Star Trek depicts a universe teeming with life, and in that context there will be numerous civilizations at pretty much every level of advancement possible. They show that in the series too: many episodes revolve around an incredibly advanced or primitive civilization, or even talks about distant past civilizations long since gone.

Also, as we learn more and more about physics, we get more and more confirmation that FTL communication/travel is fundamentally impossible. It is highly unlikely that interstellar travel will ever be like taking the train to work.

FTL travel is just the classic exception that allows sci-fi to work. Without it, just about everything in Trek would be impossible, but nowhere does Trek imply that this will happen. Instead, Trek is "assuming this is possible, what could happen?"

Comment Re:Nice propaganda piece (Score 5, Informative) 472

But you're making the quite flawed assumption that you should only ever compare the cream of the crop. I'll give you a hint: 99% of H-1B workers aren't IIT graduates and wouldn't have made it to the top 50% in the entry test. The argument that just because one well-known outlier in India is good, that this is a "propaganda piece" is laughable.

The truth is far, far simpler: the companies are looking for cheaper workers, and India is happy to provide. Quality is of little concern.

Comment Re:Hell, go after the Animal Agriculture industry. (Score 1) 227

One of the biggest reasons agriculture isn't focused as much is that a lot of people don't realize how polluting it is. They just see cows and corn fields, they don't think about everything that comes with that. Furthermore, cars pollute in cities, an already crowded and dirty environment, so taking care of them would also significantly improve air quality as well, giving more direct effects to the solution than just reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Comment Re:Windows As A Service? (Score 1) 150

You mean you've never seen software as a service batch up their improvements into larger updates they can use to muster more press attention? It's simple marketing logic, it doesn't "disappoint". You can get the updates as they're being built up by subscribing to the Insider builds, if you so desire.

I also still haven't seen anything about monthly fees, so stop with the FUD.

Comment Re:wtf are they thinking? (Score 4, Insightful) 114

Seems like you're missing a few elements here. The One S is basically the same as the 360 Slim, it plays the same games in the same way. It's just a small hardware upgrade for a few features. Project Scorpio is gonna be different, same as the PS4 Neo, but both will play the same games and both actually force developers to support both platforms. You cannot release a Scorpio/Neo-only game. Your concerns are born out of ignorance more than anything else.

Oh, and, Scorpio's gonna drop late 2017, 4 years after the One. That's just one year shorter than the N64 generation, but you keep backwards and forward compatibility here. That's not "shortening the console life cycle" any way you cut it, and it's much better than the frustratingly long PS3/360 cycle.

Comment This disaster is entirely of your own making (Score 5, Insightful) 675

First of all, "But reading the chip seems to take much longer than just swiping." Big fucking whoop? That's the time it takes for the card to obtain authentication from the bank server instead of the terminal just blindly accepting the transaction. That's already more secure, so stop whining.

But more importantly, chip and PIN is known to be more secure than swipe and sign. That's not up for debate, it's a fact. Unfortunately, the US, in their wise ways, decided to bastardize the system into chip and sign, removing the vast majority of the additional security for no real benefit. Oh, you can't remember a 4-digit PIN? Tough fucking luck. Instead, you'll probably have to switch to chip and PIN at some point in the future, causing another confusing transition.

Furthermore, the partial transition, various fuckups and all have largely been isolated to the US. Sure, Europe, Canada and others have also had a few hiccups when moving to the new system, but they had clear, strict deadlines that all providers followed. The US basically let the monkeys run the show, and so it's been a mess of delays.

You guys fucked up, now you get to live with the consequences. This isn't a failing of the chip system, it's a failing of the US thinking they could half-adopt it. That entire article sounds like entitled whining.

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