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Comment Re:Razorblade defeats it. (Score 1) 550

"Security theater"? Do you even understand the purpose of those things? They're a deterrent so people don't put their phones way up recording shit and distracting everyone. There's no implication of security what so ever. If you're willing to destroy those bags to take pictures, then you're crazy. Just don't go to those shows.

Comment Re:RIGHTS, and contract law, and prior designation (Score 1) 550

Much as I'm fine with people not willing to go through these motions, you aren't being "sheeple" or "giving up your rights" by doing this. That's ridiculous. You don't have a right to a cellphone, let alone the right to use it in a private property during an artistic performance. This wouldn't be a thing if people weren't being obnoxious with their phones during shows. It's just a bag, you still have your phone on you, you just can't use it during the show (which is basically enforcing with a technical solution what people should naturally do of their own volition, but don't).

Comment Re:Quantity vs Quality... (Score 1) 97

I disagree with the "quality" metric though. A single citation is all you need to be influential? Nice, then I guess just about every paper is influential. Seriously though, you need more than just one citation to be influential, and you also need to look at who cites them. Is it all Chinese authors citing themselves? Is it all authors at the same university? Are the cited papers actually relevant, or are they just ticking a box in the previous work section?

Call me biased all you wish, but I still don't trust Chinese researchers in Chinese universities or research centers. The government has too much of an interest in making sure China appears strong and ahead of the US, and they aren't known for caring about whether they do things properly or not.

Comment Re:Why does being rich and famous... (Score 1) 205

They did no such thing, you just interpreted their comment as a personal attack for some reason. You feel like being rich and famous makes "so many people" lose grip on reality, but the truth is that most people who're rich and famous are normal and fine, it's just that you don't hear about them. Hence, selection bias.

Comment Re:That's a nice smoke screen you got there (Score 1) 205

I can tell you're stuck in the past, grandpa, cause millenials aren't generally interested in Blink 182, whose most successful years were in the late 90s. You don't see toddlers listening to punk rock, and when they're of the age to start getting interested, they'll usually go for something current.

Comment Re:When did "The Matrix" become a religion? (Score 1) 1042

Absolutely, and that's assuming we could even work and evolve in whatever host universe we'd have. For all we know, we're a simulation with completely different rules of physics and spatial characteristics and we'd be unable to even comprehend the outside world.

Comment Re:When did "The Matrix" become a religion? (Score 4, Insightful) 1042

Seriously people. This is reality. Deal with it. Just freaking get over it. Just because the universe doesn't fit into your limited imagination is no reason to suspect that we are in a simulation or that an invisible man in the sky created the world, or that we are reincarnated from aliens chained to a volcano.

Eh, I'd say the actual point is that our universe is indistinguishable from a sufficiently advanced simulation, so "breaking out" of it is pointless. We may as well just appreciate the fact our universe, be it real or not, is relatively stable, systematic and logical. What does it matter if it's a simulation or not, when for us it's all there is?

Comment Re:what a waste of article (Score 1) 531

You seem to be under the impression that memory-safe code inherently implies a virtual machine or some sort of runtime. That's quite far from the case: both Rust and Go compile directly to machine code, much like C. They may have additional elements that C doesn't have (Go is a bit heavier with a garbage collector and richer type information, while Rust is basically C++ with more compile-time safety and no C baggage to worry about), but that doesn't necessarily impact them in severe ways, and it exposes many things that C does poorly (reflection, multithreading, etc.) in a much more programmer-friendly fashion.

Memory safety doesn't mean jumping from C to Java.

Comment Re:What I learned from this article (Score 2) 401

I'm talking about places where you don't even have the memory space to load up the basic libraries for Python (or hell, even C). If you can fit Python in your microcontroller, then awesome, I'm not a C fan in the slightest but I understand why sometimes it's the only choice (or one out of a very limited selection).

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