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Comment Re:Something's missing (Score 1) 150

Me too. They always said they would throttle it after some amount. They have lots of different plans though, maybe they forgot to put that language on some of them. Or maybe this is just government indulging whiny trolls looking for freebies. It could be either one.

Comment Re:And yet (Score 1) 409

... he has gone from someone fighting for open and honest government to someone that is using information he has access too in a manner to influence an election. timing the releases of information to the political happenings in order to influence people makes him no better than those he is supposedly against...

So the "right thing" to do is to keep the information secret until it's too late to be useful to voters? That's an interesting value system you have.

Comment Re: I'm fine with it.. (Score 1) 369

You should try it. I said free speech protections are for unpopular speech, and that haters like you should give up your obsessions and do good things for people instead of trying to tear people down. Which part of that is "false"?

If you're not an angry, obsessed hater, then why are you name-calling random internet people in a discussion a week later? Why do you want to "smack down" and "shut up" people who aren't like you?

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