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Comment Re:You are missing the SECRET AGENDA! (Score 1) 147

5ghz is absolutely nothing in the benchmarking world. 980x cpus can generally reach 6ghz cooled by liquid nitrogen, some are close to 7ghz. Single Stage Phase Change cooling (what is pictured) is used by many to rough in an overclock and get familiar with a given chip, but few people use it for their final results as it doesn't get nearly cold enough. Dry ice gets closer, but nothing beats LN2 for 980x cpus.
This is really not very impressive.

Startup's Submerged Servers Could Cut Cooling Costs 147

1sockchuck writes "Are data center operators ready to abandon hot and cold aisles and submerge their servers? An Austin startup says its liquid cooling enclosure can cool high-density server installations for a fraction of the cost of air cooling in traditional data centers. Submersion cooling using mineral oil isn't new, dating back to the use of Fluorinert in the Cray 2. The new startup, Green Revolution Cooling, says its first installation will be at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (also home to the Ranger supercomputer). The company launched at SC09 along with a competing liquid cooling play, the Iceotope cooling bags."

Comment Re:I'm sceptical (Score 1) 379

The efficiency of modern automobile internal combustion engines is around 30-33%. Obviously american cars still using pushrods are behind in this.
The energy that is lost goes into the cooling system and out the exhaust. Unless they are recapturing that heat they are claiming to get more energy out of burning gasoline then we currently get out of burning gasoline. BTUs are BTUs, and there are only so many of them in gasoline. You can't heat it and burn some of the BTUs to increase the number of BTUs it has when burnt.
The all time record is 50%, and that is a huge 103rpm diesel engine.

This concept has been done over and over again and made people a lot of money, while giving absolutely zero improvement. It's a fake.

Using a Toy Train To Calibrate a Reactor 120

alfredos writes "Physicists and engineers at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory built tracks inside a fusion reactor and ran a toy train for three days to help them with their calibrations. From the article: 'The modified model of a diesel train engine was carrying a small chunk of californium-252, a radioactive element that spews neutrons as it falls apart. “We needed to refine the calibration technique to make sure we are measuring our neutrons as accurately as possible,” said Masa Ono, the project head of the National Spherical Torus Experiment.'"

Submission + - Thou shall not infringe my 10 patents ( 3

Tasha26 writes: So it's been in the news and on Slashdot that Apple's iphone allegedly infringes 10 of Nokia's patent. Since that number was so precise, I did some digging up within the official complaint and here's the list of infringements:
1. Patent 5,802,465: Data transmission in a radio telephone network.
2. Patent 5,862,178: Method and apparatus for speech transmission in a mobile communications system.
3. Patent 5,946,651: Speech synthesizer employing post-processing for enhancing the quality of the synthesized speech.
4. Patent 6,359,904: Data transfer in a mobile telephone network.
5. Patent 6,694,135: Measurement report transmission in a telecommunications system.
6. Patent 6,775,548: Access channel for reduced access delay in a telecommunications system.
7. Patent 6,882,727: Method of ciphering data transmission in a radio system.
8. Patent 7,009,940: Integrity check in a communication system.
9. Patent 7,092,672: Reporting cell measurement results in a cellular communication system.
10. Patent 7,403,621: System for ensuring encrypted communication after handover

Gee, I guess those folks at Nokia are really feeling the profit squeeze resulting from customers shifting to iPhones and Blackberries, and the recession on top of it!

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