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Comment Thank you to those that seriously replied. (Score 3, Informative) 421

Thank you to the /. community for their input. Based on the replies my first instinct was correct. Forget about it!
I work as a FF/Medic and I know there are apps being developed for that area but I have no ability to create apps for it beyond an idea. I was hoping you could put notes on it as a heads up display that may help in patient care or in rescue.

From the list of apps that some provided me I find the apps all useless.

I appreciated all the input and hope others find it useful as well.

Thank you

Submission + - Should I get Google glass? (google.com)

lunatick writes: I put in my application for Google Glass as a joke. I never figured I would be selected. Well in less than one week I got my invite to buy Google Glass. My main hold back is the $1500 price tag for a device that just seems to be a camera and navigation aid. Does anyone in the /. community have Google Glass and can they give some advice to the rest of us considering it? Thank you

Comment they tried it with my mother in law (Score 1) 201

She doesn't even own a computer. My (computer ignorant) wife was there and spoke to them. When they asked her to turn on the computer she said, "well if you can tell there is malware on the computer you would know whether it was on or off and already be able to access it. Do you think I am stupid?"

I have never been so proud of her.

Comment Typical government thinking. (Score 2, Insightful) 356

If it is not in the written procedure STOP IT NOW!!!!
Seriously. They have a procedure they have to go through and follow to the letter. There is no room for innovation or individual thinking when it comes to Federal agencies. You deviate from written procedure you get written up or lose your job.
I have run into it enough times in action to know this was probably the case.


Submission + - Make Mass murderers anonymous (whitehouse.gov) 2

lunatick writes: "My request to the /. community. I have created a petition on whitehouse.gov to ban the media from releasing the names and photos of mass murderers. Take away their fame and I think you eliminate 1 motive. Sign the petition here
I realize this will not magically solve all the murders, but I truly think it would help. If these people did not become medial legends they would not inspire copy cats in search of fame. Please pass it on. It needs 25000 signatures by 1/13/13 Thank you"

Comment Re:Plum Island ain't closing anytime soon. (Score 1) 105

Actually they don't study anything that can be transmitted by rat, They study diseases that effect agriculture (cows, horses, pigs etc...) with the exception of avian diseases.

If there were a lack of containment there is little on Long Island that would be infected as there are few if any cattle ranches there. The deer population would take a hit as would horses, but there are no ranches so to speak of. Kansas on the other hand has plenty of such and an outbreak could devastate the economy. Again this is the reason for it being on an island in the first place. If a deer gets on plum island it is killed to prevent any possibility of the spread of disease. How are you going to control that in an land locked area?

Comment Plum Island ain't closing anytime soon. (Score 5, Interesting) 105

I know people that work on plum island. They say that the place will be open till at least 2021. The decision to move it was purely political. At the time the local governments did not want a level 4 facility on the island, Once it was announced that the research would be moved to Kansas they recanted. There has also been much discussion about the wisdom of moving it to the middle of tornado alley and cattle country. Terrorism has had little effect on the decision, an island makes it very easy to control who comes and goes as compared to a facility reachable by foot. It would not surprise me to see them upgrade Plum island and cancel the project in Kansas, on the other hand it is up to the usual political backroom deals.


Submission + - Microsoft lowers skydrive free storage to 7 GB unless you upgrade soon. (live.com)

lunatick writes: "It seems Microsoft is doing a stealth shrink on the Skydrive. I logged in today and happened to see a small notice that my limit was being lowered to 7GB. As a Loyal user I had the opportunity to upgrade back to 25GB for free, but if I hadn't logged in to the website I never would have seen it. Login now and reclaim your 18GB before it's too late."

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