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Comment Re:Eric? Politics can & has killed people. (Score 2) 141

Whole countries have been taken down because of political decisions, so I don't consider it "Petty."

Germany essentially does not have long term debt or unfunded liabilities of consequence because they know the effect from their post WW1 collapse. Nicaragua is seeing the result of petty politics today. Argentina arguably has been held down for a century by bad politics. Brazil has its problems today because of politics. China had it.

Schmidt looks at himself as omniscient now.

Comment Re: US CIO "everyone is doing it" (Score 4, Insightful) 371

"Everyone" was not using their political office to use the subterfuge of giving speeches to foreign government and multi-nationals to enrich themselves personally in their non-profit foundation.

Most of the press and public are not seeing the huge Clinton Corruption Campaign they conducted using Hillary's private email server. But the DOJ and others are now going through those emails with a fine toothed comb.

Hillary may not get jail for a personal server, but she may get jail time for selling out the US with "special favors" in her decisions for foreign entitities from which she received "donations" in the form of both speech fees and contributions to the Clinton foundation.

It is truly mind boggling that she & Bill thought they could get away with this.

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