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Comment Surprise, Automation is already here. (Score 1) 540

Making things like BandAids and tooth brushes today would be impossibly expensive without totally automated production. Automation in manufacturing is generically at least a century old.

Originally in pre-Christian times, the only people who could afford steel blades were the rich. Bessemer invented the oxygen furnace just before the US Civil War which "automated" the ability to convert iron to steel allowing the world to have massive amounts of steel at low cost.

That put a lot of less efficient people out of business to put it generically, but then created untold jobs in manufacturing items out of steel for the benefit of man.

Automation now can allow products to be made that would be too expensive for the average consumer to buy if they were not produced by automation.

Comment Re:And I keep coming back to my same question (Score 1) 693

OK, and how many of "humanity" do we need to keep alive?

We have maybe a billion people a century ago and 7 billion now. Is it any wonder that feeding and housing 6 billion additional people causes changes?

Let's face it, "humanity" on the Earth is a very temporary condition. There are all sorts of long and short cycles and within the span of future recorded history, Manhattan will again be covered in ice as it has many times before.

Ultimately the Sun will claim the Earth no matter what the angst of the moment is related through the media.

Enjoy life now. It ends. It ALWAYS does.

Comment Re: batteries or with phone design? WRONG! (Score 1) 110

This is an indication of a huge problem in Samsung's management in so many ways. Competent engineers all over the world understand the design & manufacturing & use issues.

High level managers had to pressure the "Note 7" division leaders to ignore everything but getting their advanced phone out in front of the iPhone. Heads must roll.,

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