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Comment Long Cycles--Dry Before Wet (Score 1, Informative) 266

Year to year changes are "NOISE." California had a drought for several years (virtually a blip in time) and then come the rains. It happens over an over.

Sun spot cycles are repetitive. Mega-Rains come to California every 160 years or so. Last time was 1862, so 2022 look out. These are formed over decades of hot water buildup in the Eastern equatorial Pacific.

Cycles have been consistent over centuries and it looks like they are changing now due to more limited solar input.

How these longer term cycles & their variences affect the Earth don't seem to be of concern in current evaluations where people are only interested in year to year or decade to decade changes.

Long term cycles are not "sexy", but may hold the fate of nations in their hands because of long term weather changes to dry or wet which cause massive changes in growing regions which means food for billions of people.

Comment Breadth & Accuracy 120 years ago (Score -1, Troll) 436

How do you reconcile between eras so far apart in both the breadth of measurements and accuracies and methodology between now and then?

I don't think it is possible to any close "degree." Look, people didn't calibrate their thermometers all the time back then, nor did they have the scientific rigor in measurement technique to make sure they had an acceptable "averaging" setup for the measurement on a specific time and circumstance each day.

Comment A Mega-Mac Pro is Needed (Score 3, Insightful) 228

Consumers aren't buying PCs anymore in volume.

Hence, Apple should aim the MacPro at the literal "PROFESSIONAL" market only.

The cost of a MacPro is less than the total cost of the software on the system. I pay more for CAD licenses in the lifetime of my MacPro than the cost of the MacPro.

Get it? Cook? Just my opinion.

Comment Re:They Don't Know? (Score 1) 131

I'll be respectful here. Given the decade plus experience with Lithium-Ion and the numbers of manufacturers of cells and components and the engineering literature,

I find it difficult to believe that other companies had not identified a fault that only Samsung found after about a dozen years of high volume use of these batteries.

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