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Comment Re: Yes but (Score 2) 378

Electronics engineering is a valid degree in some non-US countries. I have a degree in it and was by virtue of it allowed to do certain things like program PLCs in a factory or make or repair robot arms.

In the US certification hasn't caught up to the electronics or computer fields or you get a very generic "professional engineer" license even though every help desk jockey gets engineer appended to their job position - not sure how Oregon takes that.

Comment Re: Yes but (Score 2) 378

Does the state even have statutes for electronics and/or computer and/or software engineer? I am or have been assigned the title per an employer for all of the above, with a degree for the first but the locality here only has registrations up to electrical engineering (they got stuck somewhere in the late 40s I guess).

Comment Re: FSF = not practical (Score 1) 165

The open and free software movement is winning though. Especially in specialized and scientific fields people are going out of their way to avoid closed software or write alternatives. They've been bitten many times over and over by large companies.

The next field I am seeing the trend growth is manufacturing and factories. Again, many things still run on Windows XP or even NT to the point of it being a liability for large companies, utilities and other many are starting to demand open source software at least partially.

Even Microsoft has conceded the server market to Linux.

Comment Re: harsh (Score 2) 165

The w3c is set up for business interest takeover though. To be a member you have to pay a sum, to become part of a working group to create a "standard", you quickly have to sink in thousands if not hundreds of thousands per year. Few individual, small busones or even hobbyist groups will be able to make that expense, the only names you see on there is Adobe, Microsoft, Google etc.

Comment Re: BETRAYAL (Score 1) 369

That would be true of most companies. Lets liquidate all businesses that aren't more profitable than Apple and see how well your stock market, unemployment etc does.

Also, it highly depends on what funds you invest in; there have been crashes for pretty much every stock market where people's net worth evaporated in minutes.

Having a good business typically is a more stable and much more fulfilling way of making a living.

Comment Re:So much goddamn bureaucracy. (Score 1) 70

From my understanding of politics, the left wants government to control everything and everyone, government to them is beneficial to a society, if you're fully to the left, you end up with communist and socialist ideals - the government takes a proportional amount of resources and provides free food, free housing, free healthcare and a number of other resources for everyone, ultimately having rules and regulations that covers every single entity and interaction is most important to make society a better place for everyone.

The right wants government to be as small as possible or non-existent, fully to the right you'll find anarchists and libertarians. They don't want anyone to interfere with their personal wealth or personhood, belief systems, guns etc and won't interfere with others' matters, even if a particular policy isn't beneficial to society as a whole, ultimately freedom is most important to make society a better place for everyone.

When you form a meta-society like Wikipedia, you end up with both people at the table, people that don't want any interference and people that want to regulate the 'society' to make it a better place. The left, per definition, steps up to do this job to make said rules and regulations unless there is sufficient interference from people that per definition do not want to interfere.

Comment Re: Surprised that this wasn't already being done (Score 1) 70

You want probably the speed, bearing, current location, altitude, fuel levels, perhaps even radio status and signal strengths, autopilot status, flap and rudder positions and a number of core temperatures and pressures as far as telemetry data. 100 Kb is a package of ~10KB with a bit of error correction. It's not incredibly much. During emergencies you might want to beam back the last 5-10 minutes of audio/images from cockpits and passenger areas.

Comment Re: Surprised that this wasn't already being done (Score 1) 70

Put yourself in the mind of an airline executive: What exactly are you hoping to find when a plane crashes or disappears? Survivors? Blame? If the plane has crashed in the ocean and it takes you 5-10 days to even get to the general area with any sizable equipment, there won't be much of a chance to find anything or anyone. So why spend millions on a system that maybe one day will let you know where an unrecoverable wreck without any survivors may be located?

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