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Comment Re:Nothing to do with weapons or Trump (Score 1) 177

The thing is, server farms and bonnets can be rented by the hour these days and are much larger than what any government agency feasibly can have under their control. Mirai is an example of this, they can take out 100Gbps+, it's still not a weapon, it doesn't do any permanent structural damage to the Internet or kill anyone.

Sure there are state sponsored hackers but there are corporate (both criminal and regular types) hackers that are much bigger and better than what I've seen any government agency wield.

Comment Re:It's OVH (Score 3, Insightful) 61

Not just OVH, any second rate hosting company does it. DreamHost does as well, 1and1. They're a pain in the neck to work with because any update breaks everything and you're stuck with old versions of Apache, nginx and PHP because of it. Sure it helps them because they can deduplicate the shit out of the memory and storage but it's broken.

If you're paying less than $20/mo for a VPS, you're shafted.

Comment Nothing to do with weapons or Trump (Score 1) 177

What the hell is a cyber weapon? Are they using some laptop that any other hacker can't use because it's so big or expensive only a government can afford it? And what does Trump have to do with this story, unless the Saudi's recently got annexed by the US without anyone knowing about it, last thing I knew they were the ones funding Bin Laden.

Comment Re:How about... (Score 1) 546

Plenty of people saw it coming, the Dilbert guy called it the minute he was announcing his candidacy. The La times poll did call it consistently several months before the vote. Plenty of people on Fox "warned" us after the primaries (even though they kind of went along with the mainstream after Meghan Kelly and several establishment republicans jumped camp).

The media and establishment politicians don't like they have no more control over the political process in the country, that's why we see this backlash. It would be worse if Gary or Jill got elected but if it weren't for Trump, I would bet they'd have a running chance against a Clinton and a Bush.

Comment Re:And in other news (Score 1) 72

Not sure how long you haven't looked for CC processors but these days there are plenty that neither charge monthly fees nor quota's, just a flat or percentage based fee. PayPal is actually on the higher end of the cost spectrum.

Matter of fact, plenty of them have compatible API's with other providers so you don't even need to make custom modules for your site.

Comment Re:I, for one, don't want this s@$t in my gasoline (Score 1) 350

The main result is going to be reduced gas mileage and thus increased consumption of oil. This has nothing to do with environments, modern cars can handle suboptimal fuels, it's just very wasteful. Sure your wear and tear will be bigger but that would probably not be noticeable on a large scale.

Comment Re:Also Kills WiFi (Score 2) 147

Not just WiFi but pretty much most wireless crap you have around the house. How about your alarm system, central smoke/fire detectors, modern thermostats, pacemakers, Bluetooth.

It's not even innovative, it is well known that a jammer will cause a drone to stop responding. Putting a can antenna on it makes it somewhat directional. However a drone doesn't have to be remote controlled. You can easily program it to follow a path and this thing won't be effective at all.

Comment Re:Owning stock in a bankrupt company != bankrupt (Score 1) 399

That is what people fail to understand though, it's fine for a company to go bankrupt, that's WHY we have LLC's, otherwise nobody would be starting businesses. You want Trump to personally finance a random failed venture? Why?

From another perspective: if banks would have to accept bankruptcies as total losses, again, they wouldn't fund ANYTHING. Bankruptcies are methods to get away from crushing debt and into a recovery, it's a mechanism to avoid banks from turning into loansharks. The alternative is that banks have full control over companies and their assets.

If all businesses were run in this unicorn farts and rainbows feel-good world of yours where everyone would pay back what they owed even if they failed, nobody would have anything, we wouldn't have any businesses.

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