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Comment Re:How much do you believe ? (Score 2) 759

The accusations against Clinton have been proven by the FBI with the only excuse being "she's too big to jail" and an obvious golden handshake by Bill Clinton with the AG that should've prosecuted who subsequently dropped the case.

I'm sure the Russians helped, they have their own agenda just like they would've attempted to help their cause with any other election in the world (the US does the exact same thing through the CIA as does any other world power including the UK, Germany etc).

We all know in every country, the leadership is corrupt whether it be UK, Turkey, Greece or the US. The problem is how do you get them removed without a bloody coup and subsequent civil war?

Comment Re:Wow what a useless conference. (Score 1) 85

With Perl 7 being released, Perl is young and hip again and actually I've seen an uptick in new upstart projects using them just because they can. Releasing open source projects in obscure languages is the newest trick to keep the host companies involved with expensive licensing/support agreements.

Comment Do not look into laser with remaining eye (Score 4, Interesting) 93

A pupil's response can be imitated with a video in response to the flash. I work with several types of eye trackers fairly frequently, the eye is relatively slow in responding to stimuli, it's definitely within the realm of a cell phone to play back the image of an eye and it's iris in response, in time to one of these flashes.

The problem with biometric is that it is considered the end-all of security system whereas it should be considered only part of something (who you are, what you know, ...)

Comment Re:Communism spreads the poverty (Score 1) 504

It does somewhat work as long as there are resources that are easily produced and exported to capitalistic countries. Once production halts, people will fight for their own and those with the power will win. It would require the entire world economy to go communist and it stops when one faction goes capitalist (saving up a single resource to drive prices up and starve out their neighbors creating an inequality of resources, poor and wealthy).

Comment Several problems (Score 1) 504

Consumers wanting to consume whatever they want; to sustain this model I need to always earn more than my neighbor. In effect the equation calls for an infinite source of money on the bottom end to sustain the consumer consuming what the upper classes produce. Only in that case can the middle class maintain being richer than the consumer. Middle classers are also human, if I could spend every day with my kids or toys and not worry about either time or money, I'd be very wealthy and not go to work even though my job is very good.

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