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Comment Get a PC. Simple like that (Score 1) 197

Seriously. A small form factor real computer. Put in 2 graphics cards that can run 5 monitors each. Done. You will have to look a little, but for our... let's just say I bought a lot of 7570 I think (a year and a half in the past) That had 5 mini displayport outputs each. Work like a charm and run up to 5 monitors. What exactly was the problem?

Comment Re:Kyocera - Ceramic Drums (Score 1) 557

::Were I work we have a "no print" policy and just archive everything on a file server How you manage that? Seriously.While I could possibl avoid MOST things, there are those psky things people are still requires to sign by law, or that you have to sign and turn them over. Things like - payment slips ;) Or the incoming invoices which go to the accountant for archival. Or the occasional outgoing letter ;)

Comment Re:Microsoft's response (Score 2, Insightful) 286

WHich the dump user will gladly use to install the package giving him access to the latest porn or some bettre video codec or some new chat emoticons. Under windows, most malware is installed by software USER WILLINGLY INSTALL. That wont change under Linux a bit - dump users will leanr to install software. Not for their new word processor, no - because they absolutly NEED that new emoticons in their favourite chat software.

Submission + - Are e-mail failure notices legally required? 5

An anonymous reader writes: One of our vendors claims not to have received a series of e-mails, because the address to which the messages were sent was deactivated months ago. We received no failure notice for any message; in fact, even today when choosing any random string of letters for the username, no e-mail sent to the vendor's domain produces a failure notice in response. Is the vendor legally obligated to provide notice of failure to deliver e-mail messages sent to its domain? If no such notice is provided, can we support an argument that our messages have indeed been "received" by the vendor?

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