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Comment My thoughts... (Score 1) 292

It still has an onboard DAC since it still has speakers... so not saving space there. But they can use cheap DAC's and capacitors since all onboard sound is crap.

I like USB-C but if they are going to do this then they should have two ports. One at the top of the phone AND one at the bottom.

Since USB-C provides power, it is not as bad as people seem to want to make it. The dongles shouldn't be stiff USB keys but rather flexible foot long extension cords.

For headphones with a true USB-C connection this means expensive headphones can choose to use $20 DAC solutions if they want to. It will also enable cheaper headphones to compensate for cheap parts through a built in equalizer.

Comment Sounds like a logical capacity estimate... (Score 1) 68

Neural network can produce logic or lossy yet meaningful metrics and then you can yet combine multiple levels and have precognitive assumptions and or forceful cognitive assumptions. Result: deterministic complexity vs statefull and relevant guesses.

Static logic is best left to assembly code and extrapolated guesses to trained neural matrices. Repeat after me... left, right.. left, right... left, right...

Comment Actally we should be talking x-ray lasers. (Score 1) 58

It's the best of all technologies. One could then control the total radiation amount and focus or diffuse it as per needs. This is the obvious technology to use for interplanetary links. When it is implemented it will cause minor issues for astronomers and as such they will have to send future telescopes further and further to the edges of our solar system. A focused x-ray laser would actually be very safe.

Comment The real crime (Score 1) 141

I don't endorse this sort of thing but all your IT people told you it was going to happen.

They told you the the days of living with buggy security and security through obscurity are over and that you needed to replace your equipment/system/infrastructure (which would have cost a lot of money) and you didn't do it.

I guarantee you at least one person quit or was fired.

Voila.. you get what you paid for.

Comment What if he actually did a good job? (Score 4, Interesting) 400

I didn't vote for him but I have to wonder... what if he does a good job? What if he was actually able to do better than previous presidents?

I think the man is very vain. He is 70 years old. But a righteous legacy would be something he might sell his soul for.

He does know business and money. But it's real estate. Which means construction and turnover. Other rich don't necessarily like him because he doesn't care about keeping them rich. He is anti PAC. He has committed that his own cabinet won't be able to turn around and take insider jobs at companies. He is politically and financially not a friend to the rich.

I compare him to Nixon whom was also both very smart and naive about certain things. While Reagan wanted to outspend Russia in the cold war. Nixon wanted to steer China toward a liberal Fascism by marrying them to money and markets. (Kind of similar to how old kingdoms would arrange marriage [hostages] and guests so that there were personal ties of interest to both.) But China isn't spending western money. It's more like they are trying to bankrupt western nations.

Back on topic: Trump seems to support a more protectionist economy with an eye at least toward balancing trade. So it makes sense for him to be anti loop hole H1B. EVERYONE knows it's about cheaper tech workers to keep down tech salaries. I can only wish he would audit American companies and well known brands and show how they cheated the system and for how much. But he will use that instead as bargaining power; maybe shame a couple known companies in the beginning.

I think shamming companies on public TV will be a major theme for him. He does understand the PR game and how that would affect their stock prices in the short run. I expect an across the board minimum tax for businesses at least in the low double digits with phase ins and tax breaks for those that move/build facilities for manufacturing here. So there will definitely be a boom in construction and real estate which is generally good for the middle class.

Comment Re: Oh dear (Score 1) 742

Also Apple was already thinking about building a massive manufacturing plant in the USA using 99% robots.

And Korea will obviously still play ball with the US and take over manufacturing of iPhones.

If the United States decided to it could ramp up and reinvent manufacturing within a decade. It will mostly be robotic. Only trouble is environmental laws.

Comment Re:Thinkpad X220 (Score 1) 187

Thanks to the original Slashdot poster.

I really need to replace my old MSI u100. I use it for light web browsing, remote terminals, and configuring equipment in the field. Sadly everyone seems to be abandoning the still usable 32bit CPU's

The old Thinkpad x200 thru x230 really look like a good deals. They even have tablet versions. A slightly increased screen and keyboard size will be welcome. Great keyboards for terminal use. I can use the expressport to install firewire for debugging other machines. The newer versions have a couple USB 3 ports onboard which will be great for transferring files between drives in the field.

Comment It could increase mine sizes to offset a little (Score 1) 231

Automated equipment is a fixed and predictable cost. It does require more technical people that can operate and fix them in the field. It also means less resources and planning for safety are needed for human personal with fewer people hurt in the field. Less training is needed so increased predictable production can be seen shortly after expenditure for automated machinery.

Overall this means mining operations can invest more predictably and scale linearly. So mines can be larger and with almost as many workers but in technical roles.

It's a field where I feel safe in predicting that the automation will produce more jobs. Unlike automated garbage trucks and freight hauling.

Comment But what is a lie? (Score 5, Insightful) 187

I consider myself to be on the Autism Spectrum scale. When I tell stories I want to be detailed; but I have learned that people don't want the full story and prefer summaries. Summaries so short that I more or less have to reinvent the scenario in order to get my point or question out and paid attention to. Since it's not the complete truth; it's a lie. But I want to tell the complete truth but people don't want to hear all the details and angles. It's a profound discrepancy in human communication that I have adapted to; the lie that communicates the essential but not exact truth. Is it a lie when people want/expect you to actually do it?

Lying isn't black and white. You have to interpret how much and what information a person is looking for. You are then lying only when you know what information a person is looking for and if they would care about the inaccuracy of the statement.

Comment Civil disobediance? (Score 1) 67

That is what this sounds like to me. It kind of like a physical blockade to a room where people go to give donations. Only difference is that it's one individual verses many.

Three weeks in a white collar jail seems like an appropriate punishment to me.

As for what they did to the girl and her family: A children's hospital guilty of abuse... As for the Doctors involved.. if they didn't push their diagnosis then it's not on them but rather social services. The doctors would just be fallible idiots and need this misdiagnosis on their records for the rest of their life. But often enough there are laws that force Doctors to report, when they even in the slightest they suspect abuse. In that case it's social services that was abusive. There should always be at least 5 doctors involved from different hospitals in a case like this before you remove a child from a parents custody and control.

I don't care what the social service liberals says. You have to prove abuse. And hard as it maybe to believe it can be more traumatic and abusive to remove a child from so called abuse. In such cases you supervise and collect hard evidence. Where are the punishments to the system when the system gets it wrong?

Comment And hackers everywhere are twitling their mustashe (Score 1) 112

Sounds like something that could be exploited for a denial of service attack.

Most piracy is using torrents and encrypted. Sounds more like Cisco is engaged in marketing Puffery with something that will likely later come to be abused by the government or hackers by forcing backbone providers to buy higher tier Cisco routers.

Watermarking in itself is good for studding distribution patterns but little else.

Comment Seems like they are a traditional producer (Score 1) 90

Rather than a content delivery service.

They have become one of the cable channels. Since their foreign content is only leased tempoarily it seems to me they will inevitably drop their streaming service/subscription model and go directly to a la cart show subscriptions. Maybe new episodes cost a dollar to watch. Old series 25 cents for a couple hours.

Then that will evolve with Netflix breaking off into two or more companies. One a delivery ecosystem; others the new cable production channels.

Interestingly I think Apple is the biggest threat to them with an alternative content system already up and running. Question is will they start/invest in their own production companies or simply buy out HBO or some of the other channels with original content.

I think the Big Three are all dead within 10 years along with cable.

Comment I am becomming more and more ashamed... (Score 0) 209

As a U.S. citizen.....

Both judges and the executive branch are violating the constitution if not common law. Justify it in whatever doublespeak you wish. If he wasn't on U.S. soil then he has no obligation to U.S. law. At best if he signed something then maybe an international tribunal before being handed over.

Where are the elected officials defending the constitution as they have pledged under oath?

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