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Comment I'd buy it right now if... (Score 1) 56

it wasn't locked to a carrier I'm not going to use.

And when it's released unlocked it won't have the shatter proof tech.

My personal choice is the extra battery capacity. Not sure how it works but how I'd like to use it is two with an external charger and then swap them out daily with the modules charging wirelessly on a pad.

I would also be receptive to a mod for a better camera but I can see myself using the speakers. Some people just need their external tunes and it would be one less thing to carry around.

Comment That ruins the Blackberry brand for me... (Score 5, Insightful) 202

And they use to have such a good rep... oh well, someone flush the toilet.

Apple did what they should do for encryption. They refused to release a signed version of their firmware that would allow any phone with that firmware to be brute force cracked. Even if they took the actual phone into their possession and loaded the special firmware themselves only on that phone it would mean tens of thousands of requests from law enforcement and courts all over the world. They couldn't say no to any of them. A logistical nightmare that doesn't make Apple any money; break even at best but with lots of negative press.

It's a no win situation. And you can be sure that further into the future they will endeavor to make it impossible for even them to crack their own phones no matter what firmware the device uses.

Didn't you hear? The USA just bought a ton of apple phones for military special forces.

Comment Re:US surrendering control of the Internet (Score 1) 109

The "Internet" isn't controlled by any country.

There are only two two things that are somewhat regulated and no one needs to obey them.

The first is DNS. No one needs to obey any root servers or organization. You can choose or form your own. It's just getting people to follow your system that is hard. You can also alias domains from different systems under your own tld's. There are also ideas and prototypes floating around for a decentralized naming system that could replace it.

Second is network numbering. And again you don't have to obey it. Might be inconvenient at first which is why no one does it. There is no reason the "internet" has to be one uniform network. It's like a phone number directory. You can belong to different network/directories. And again that are thoughts on new protocols that would make TCP/IP/DNS obsolete and decentralized. Connections across different networks just need extended address information and connect through NAT or a proper proxy.

All any system needs really is a GUID and a cryptography system to verify a computers identity.

I actually expect China at some point to completely split it's internet from the rest of the world such that there would be no need for a great firewall. External communications will have to go through filtered proxies. And those governments will require man in the middle encryption through them if you need encryption.

But fear not. Over the next 30 years there are going to be laser communication satellites that will be near impossible to block. The technology already exists and is how spies communicate now.

Comment Because there is no such thing as magic (Score 1) 159

It works in a TV broadcast because it's a stream. It will work in a 3d streaming video to a headset but that's without head tracking.

It can't work for interactive head tracking. It's a thing called latency and it's the reason people get headaches from VR. Your brain does it's own head tracking and when what you see doesn't match you get vertigo and or a headache.

You also get vertigo from confusing your brain by spending too much time in zero G. A ride in an elevator can make you lose your cookies. That's because it remembers both what it expects with gravity and without. You feel motion but you don't see it and your brain is drawing two different opposing conjectures.

Comment A Rogue Jupiter more and more likely... (Score 1, Interesting) 119

In my opinion...

The bigger it is the slower the periodic cycle but the more dramatic the events it would deliver would be. Say on the order of 200,000 years.

Even it it doesn't collide with another planted it could send thousands of asteroids on trajectories that could impact the earth in tens of thousands of years.

Comment My problem is your an idiot (Score 1) 235

Guns do not necessarily have a shape. If your relying on the classic hand gun shape then you deserve to be shot.

A gun can be in almost any form. All you need is a cylinder really.

Secondly if I really wanted to carry a firearm on to a plane no one could stop me. It might take years to design the gun but still it would not be imposible. The gun itself would probably be less than practical.

If you want security I would do the opposite. Give everyone that wants one, on the plane, a gun at boarding.

Comment Fines Please (Score 1) 134

When if the FTC going to start imposing fines so that these companies take the security of peoples personal and financial info seriously?

As far the the kiosks.. we have seen a lot of those pop up here and there across LA here. They have all died to be taken away to a junk yard.

For kiosks to succeed they better be built into every table and have smartphone integration. Possibly with siri or cortana to take my order.

Comment What if they do have the tech? (Score 1) 186

Does anyone ever doubt when companies like this go from darlings to nothing overnight that it couldn't have been a trick to dump the stock price?

Not saying it happened but.... business people have done far worse for less.

Relatively easy to drive a company into the ground only to rebuild it from the ashes. Trump himself uses the technique.

Comment The question is is there payola involved? (Score 1) 43

If Netflix is paying Comcast anything they all the Comcast customers need to start a lynch mob. They already are paying both services already. In fact we should all complain since the payola would probably be amortized across all Netflix customers and will result in a price hike.

Whenever someone "reaches an agreement" payola is involved. It may be less that what comcast wants but that is neither here nor there. What these companies do shouldn't affect what I already pay for.

Comment I profoundly disagree. (Score 1) 162

The XBox and Playstation are canned PC's. There is no reason they couldn't have 1.5/2 year refreshes. The reason we have to wait until 2017 is that both consoles are AMD. And AMD's new processors won't be out until later this year and they need so many months in order to develop enough stock that the console kids aren't crying they can't get a hold of one.

Quite frankly they need to be done with it and just put out their own proprietary x16 slot in the box. The next AMD processor will be a big deal but after than it won't matter for gaming. If they go x16 they they should style the cards as both console and PC compatible. That way the card is the same for dev box. And most importantly console gamers can sell their old graphics cards in the PC market. Only XBox branded cards will work in an XBox of course.

There is no reason console games can't be tiered by performance or even offer different performance depending on the model of the console. I would argue it would be a selling point since Microsoft would probably insist that older games get a refresh in graphics. So upgrade your console and all the games you already own get upgraded.

Comment Re:Women are more social (Score 1) 499

I somewhat agree although that has been changing a little bit as I get older. I might drink after a day of coding.

I think I would be a good candidate for a long haul space voyage. Say they perfected cryogenic sleep... I'd be perfectly happy being the babysitter/pilot.

Just keep beeming me my sci-fi programs.

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