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Comment I'm seeing pattern here... (Score 2) 84

Google knows we want real encrypted messaging on phones. It should always be an option to not be tracked. The better results of ____ is a pretext. All governments are going to pressure them to store conversation logs. They know people will notice a change of terms and are looking for the backlash to have something to show those governments.

Comment They can still change their mind about brexit... (Score 1) 165

I personally believed that brexit would pass.

It actually opens up a path for global EU reform. Things such as a particular country ability to override particular EU laws and regulations but with certain proportional financial penalties that ramp up over time; and or phase in's. And immigration reform. Namely the right of countries to refuse new immigrants. (If a country chooses to adopt a new immigrant they should stay in that country for years to adapt and prove they are civilly minded; I say 10 years. You need to show you are well adapted and civilly minded.) And actually funding for a real border. No country should be forced to accept immigrants even for humanitarian reasons.

Image the embarrassment of certain dictatorship committees if 2/3rds of counties voluntarily choose to not implement a policy but rather pay the penalty.

They can reform the EU on condition that the UK re-votes to stay in.

Comment This bothers me (Score 1) 48

Does anyone in the government understand statistics rather that just protect their paycheck?

It's like please take out an insurance claim prior to boarding the plane just in case your spontaneously combust.

You do realize all the Chinese replacement batteries that have been replaced of people that have been boarding planes for the past 10 years is like 10,000 times the number of GN7's that have trickled onto the market?

Comment I disagree (Score 1) 199

There should be the "internet" and then there should be private networks on the side for prioritization. They should physically be different networks. Implemented kind of like how local and long distance were 10 years ago.

Problem there is getting everyone to cooperate on the "private" network since it will be free game and everyone will want their cut.

Comment Hopefully the negative press will lower the price (Score 2) 63

Then I can afford two instead of one much sooner. To me it isn't negative press but rather positive. The company actually takes accountability for it's products without prodding. And for the idiots that look at this as negative and would rather to an iPhone: good riddance. It will hopefully make the phones cheaper sooner which means more people will buy them. It's an amazing product.

I like removable batteries but those have hard thick outer cases which means less battery capacity. Integrated batteries are soft and flexible and thinly shielded. I like the new backpacks for the note which serve the purpose of a swapable battery. They are battery in a snap case which wirelessly charges the phone. This means you can have multiple backpacks and it's even easier than swapping batteries. Low on battery? Switch from your usual case to the backpack. Couldn't be easier.

Comment All Windows installs are VM's anyway... (Score 2) 585

The hardware is mature enough and ram is cheap. With PCI passthrough and modern video cards I can afford a 2% frame loss for games since that is all I use windows for. It also makes reboots cheap and easy while browsing the web on another VM. Furthermore it provides a sandbox for security risky applications like web browsers where it can be setup temp/read only and resets at boot. It makes it easy for me to migrate the windows installations so they are no longer locked down to a single machine. So I can setup games once for it's intended windows version and then forget about it. It also empowers easy incremental backups.

Only problematic thing is the cracks I still need to use for games I purchased. I'm one of the few holdouts from steam. I'm old school and like boxes and actually installation media when it's available. But with game VM's being sandboxed it's not so bad. When games get released without copy protection I ultimately buy those versions of the CD or the GOG download. Only thing I use steam for is online games since those games will all go EOL and disappear in 10 years anyways; which is why I incidentally try to stay away from most of them.

Comment They should be taxing the drivers (Score 1) 445

The drivers are the people in the most realistic position to be liable for local laws and taxes. If it isn't profitable for the drivers then they will not do the work. They would be the ones potentially breaking any local laws. Prices for uber will go up until enough people are willing to drive for that price.

I see no reason people can't unionize but I do see a problem where people have to be unionized or have to pay dues and obey.

But I also see a problem with tips. That results in lower base pay and unstable service for customers as well as cultural discrimination. If anything I think it should be included in the up front costs. People should in no way be required to pay in cash. Tipping is a bad system.

Comment I disagree; this is equivalent to optical illusion (Score 1) 177

People are susceptible to optical illusions. So are machines when you understand the assumptions made. People and machines don't have to make the same assumptions but each is fallible in it's own way. As they say nothing is perfect. No one and no thing is perfect. But is it good enough? Or which is better?

Comment Huh? (Score 1) 183

All it does is prevent the procedure from being performed in the US. It also keeps the U.S.A. out of the initial lawsuits. Quite frankly if your doing germ line editing then everyone involved needs their "rights" voided. It's dangerous enough and the U.S. can't afford the lawsuits.

But of course U.S. companies are going to be involved in the "research" and profits. The procedures just won't be performed here.

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