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Comment Region coding doesn't actually exist (Score 1) 254

I believe that for over a decade, almost all DVD players have been region-free, the exception being US or North America market.
Else, there are often remote-entered codes to unlock the player.

Of course people won't be interested in a DVD movie in the wrong language(s).
DVD in French-English might work in most of Africa but won't work in South America or Turkey etc. as far as people clearly understanding what's said by characters.

Comment Re:Skype replacement not needed because ... (Score 1) 92

So, for people who don't want a smartphone, they should get a computer, internet, have both running 24/7 and make the right choice of IM or software phone platform.
Everyone is on MSN right? Oh wait, this one died, it belonged to a multi-hundred-billion dollar company but they just closed it down. So everyone is on facebook? but what if they don't want to, use a fake name etc. Whatsapp? Yes, but could be Google This or Google That. Let's just use SIP. That will work with Whatsapp? Well, no idea. Let's use IRC, but that's keyboard and bot only.
Um, let's call them on the phone and walk them through creating emails and accounts :)

Comment Re:What complete nonsense (Score 1) 300

It would be a lot more interesting to go after palladium, platinum, iridium and other metals like that, rhodium, osmium and ruthenium.

Bringing back a dozen tonnes of palladium or iridium would be useful. Worthless materials might be useful to built a reentry vehicle (i.e. like an Apollo capsule or nuclear warhead or Shuttle), unless it's actually cheaper to launch the reentry vehicle from Earth and transfer the materials flown from the asteroid belt into it.
But, it's dubious. If you need say a $500 billion investment to get this started, how long does it take just to break even with all the resources you've used down on Earth?

Like, what about looking for these very precious metals as fission products in piles of nuclear waste, transmuting some of them when that's needed. I once looked for that on the internet and wikipedia, just for fun. It does seem barely doable. Fascinating. I'd love we do it, and it's available right here on Earth, talk about ISRU. But on first approximation, it's madness.

Comment Re:New projects are even more misguided than the o (Score 1) 92

Replicant has existed for years, it's just useless because drivers.
On IBM-PC compatibles you can say reverse engineer a dozen NIC drivers and add them to the pool of reverse engineered or already free drivers. This makes networking work on 90% of all PCs (desktop/laptop/server). Then, the graphics driver situation allows 90% of PC with 3D-capable hardware to run say Google Earth. So, perhaps 81% of linux PCs or more are able to run Google Earth as it needs both simple 3D graphics and networking. (the numbers I've completely made up) (can possibly work with a software OpenGL renderer or crazy networking options like 10 Base 5, high speed serial cable or whatever)

On Android phones, you need to reverse engineer a hundred SoCs. So the task is immense, hardly possible and devs would need a pile of dozens crappy phones, tablets, SBC old and new, from $30 to $800, with cables etc. ; just flashing new images and testing crap would be multiple full time jobs.
Let's say 2% SoCs support 3D graphics on Replicant (it's likely 0% in reality) and 4% support 3G/4G networking, now at best 2% phones can run a 3D, networked application on the go, perhaps 0.08% can, perhaps none at all are able to do it as the sets of working-3D and working-3G/4G can be disjoint.

Comment Re:Catastrophic man-made global warming (Score 1) 278

A hundred million years ago the Sun was dimmer. Sun output increases with time.

Will Earth be a lush paradise 2000 or 10 000 years from now? Perhaps. Although the world map will look different. No idea what the global effects of nuclear disasters could be (not just fallout of nuclear bombs ; what if dozens of nuclear spent fuel pools are left uncared for because of war)

Will new species be able to evolve to replace those lost in the current extinction, while humans still live in other parts of the same planet?
But anyway, thanks for caring about the greening of the Earth. We enviro-nuts have a short term myopia and care what happens on the scale of a century or two, I hope you'll pardon the shortsightness of those green nuts and conspiracy scientists.

Comment Re:At last (Score 1) 71

I remember trying it a couple years ago and nothing worked because, security. Might be the best browser ever thus, but it seems it's for network admins or sysadmins highly competent in networking, or for deploying a configured, kiosk-like browser.

Comment Re:Ha-Ha! (Score 1) 277

If you do "File / Save...", do you get
- the gtk3 dialog? (many versions)
- the Qt dialog?
- the gtk2 dialog?
- the FLTK dialog?
- the Motif clone dialog?

And which set of directory favorites are included? (that one puzzles me)
Although, Windows XP + TweakUI was what I liked best (you could use the latter to set the five directory locations on the left pane to something you liked better, and it would stay set)

Nonetheless I do prefer linux GUI, because you can run what you like and not suffer that many disruptions (unless you're a KDE user maybe)

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