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Comment Re:Nice! Or maybe not... (Score 1) 88

Yes, does it come with a magnifying glass? Will someone have the guts to make 1600x900 panels so the user can, you know, use the laptop?

Putting in panels that read "1080p" and "Full HD" pleases middle-aged men in suits (who will keep using their mac pro book or whatever) and idiot journalists.
But on a laptop, you'll run Win32, GTK2, Qt4, Fltk etc. applications or newer stuff that might not scale properly anyway.
1080p 12.5" is suitable for a tablet, or a small TV / special media player, not a laptop.

Comment Re:Too bad for them. (Score 1) 162

We were arguing about a Nexus phone, which I believe is a brand for phones that can be "rooted" without hacking or cracking.
It's also about "phones" that can easily be compromised by malware, ads or attackers thus this slashdot story about a manufacturer providing insufficient security updates.
I don't do constant security updates on my dumb phone or other "limited computer-like" devices.

Comment Re:How can steam get any worse? (Score 1) 410

I can deal with it : even VLC is slow to start these days, has been for a few years and I don't give a shit, I can wait five or seven seconds more than necessary.
I could care less about Steam, if not for the fact it's basically Spyware and was the inspiration for spyware like Android, Windows 10 and Amazon e-books.

Comment Re:They did the same thing for dual booting Linux (Score 1) 410

I use Linux's NTFS support to deal with real data merely, not Windows system files and so on, so what happens in my experience is when I boot into Windows - very rarely - I run chkdsk to check for and fix a few errors, which linux is incapable of dealing with on its own.

Comment Re:Monopolistic abuse (Score 1) 410

On Windows the old drivers keep running, that's quite the difference.
These old Radeon 6000 parts (again, they still sell and go against nvidia's geforce GT710 or Intel's Celeron and Pentium) are DX11 ones and can technically run a lot of things too. So a 6950 2GB for example has a quite a lot of features, horsepower and memory still, but on Linux it will run the open source driver only, and not the same ones as Radeon HD 7000 and up.

This is what sucks : if you want to play games (even old ones), Linux requires you to upgrade hardware more often than Windows.

Comment Re: Uhh... Why 8k video? (Score 1) 53

Movies may be shot at 8K, but they'll likely be cropped and edited and downsampled to 4K.
8K for the end user? Useless, unless it's a huge wall monitor that you walk up to in order to view more detail / zoom into something. May have military or spying applications, or for studying behavior in a flock of 1000 penguins.

Comment Re:Steam should stop modifying perms (Score 1) 410

I have stored games on a separate hard drive or partition since like, 1999.
A separate directory hierarchy is much needed. See, I can't install large open source games on linux because they want to put themselves in /usr/shit. I'm not going to create a 100+GB system partition just in case I find games that are remotely worth playing.

Comment Re:Monopolistic abuse (Score 1) 410

AMD drivers are work in progress, e.g. GCN 1.0 cards get the new driver at a future unspecified date and they're still currently sold (Radeon R7 240 and 370).

Got a Radeon 5000/6000 or older gen APU? (all currently sold, e.g. Radeon 5450, R5 230 and A4-4020 and A6-6400K). Your drivers are "legacy".
Want good AMD graphics but want it cheap? you need to get the right kind of APU (A8-7600 and up) but then, your CPU will be a bit slow.
It's still harder than with Windows.

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