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Comment Re:I thought diesel ran cleaner (Score 1) 221

As of a few years ago, French government was beginning to increase taxes on diesel fuel (which for decades has been deliberately cheaper). I could read in the press this is due to modern refining capacities : more gasoline (or stuff usable as gasoline) comes out of the processes than used to. No word on this on TV or in the political realm.

Perhaps more energy and material are used on processing, I have no idea about that. But that's a good, and "environmental" enough reason to use more and small, efficient gasoline engine and less diesel.
What apprehension I have against diesel is mostly that recent modern ones are so complicated, high pressure and whatever, that they're rather unreliable and repairs cost a ton. That may be a huge waste. Similarly, hybrid cars are so costly to build they may be a waste overall. Lastly, I believe that ideally a car ought to not be used for daily commute. What about keeping one for two decades, not put many miles on it, have low and cheap maintenance. Also gasoline engine have interesting recent developments, more powerful but still small 3 cylinder and even 3 cylinder turbocharged.

Comment Re:If you don't like what they pay, don't drive (Score 1) 304

Eventually, when mass unemployment becomes permanent and the wages depressed, things just get harder. Like not being able to find a minimum wage job, or such thing as skilled minimum wage jobs - that's what happens with a high minimum wage maybe, but I'm unsure about that. Low minimum wage and high unemployment seems to describe the current situation in the US.

Now, what if this goes on for three decades. Low level positions such as the garbage man or street sweeper are jobs you can only dream of, as you need the family connections to get them. You try to apply for whatever entry job (although most of the ads says they would like someone with one or two years experience) but find yourself competing against people who had a job before, or early twenty-something who never worked yet but still are very modestly supported by their parents. That is, you try to get the job but out of dozens who apply, some can afford mechanical laundry, heating, hair dresser, two meals every day, data plan even and you're not one of them.
That's what happens with "generous" welfare maybe, get "trapped" into that existence. But well, if the welfare is universal and a bit better, thus so there is no bureaucrat who can't decide you're not a "good poor" anymore or that you're aren't poor enough if you do find some work, then at least you have a better ability to do better. Else, sure, spend that money you need to eat on hair dresser, laundry, printing a few documents and eating more before a job interview and you have a vague chance of achieving something but after you got nothing of it, you're more broke and that's all.

Comment Re:Biology 101 (Score 1) 42

With higher specs - 1GB on the low/mid end, better flash, better OS (maybe) and some lightweight enough malware, perhaps the performance won't be so poor. We used to have excruciatingly slow Windows XP computers loaded with malware (funny, given how a clean Windows XP on mid 2000s vintage computer is really fast), and we now have quick running Windows 7 computers with some background malware (that isn't always that clever, as search page hijacking etc. gives it away)

The malware could stay off 3G/4G and steal bandwith on wifi, which will not be very noticeable. Left is the battery life stealing, that would be the biggest issue.

Comment Re:Which is why Google should control Android upda (Score 1) 42

Wow. Crap.
Asus is a long-renowned motherboard vendor, a major PC vendor and I somehow thought they would know a bit about support. They know things about firmware and user-facing documentation and downloads. It's no surprise the Android crap division doesn't support their products, I guess everyone may know it by inquiring a little on the internets but if Asus won't support their hardware, who will with their own? It's like a tragedy of commons, not quite the right term but I wonder how you should call it, where everyone does the same as the very low or negative margins depend on it (and thus whatever accounting salads and stock market things). So, no one makes a move. Some might expect 3 years of updates / support to be reasonable, and I dare say 5 years is more reasonable still for the consumer.

The irony (flame about misuse of 'irony') is Asus sells graphics cards at a +10% margin next to their competitors, just because. Now perhaps the Android hardware industry can grow up a bit : 16nm or 14nm SoC going mainstream, USB-C, UFS flash memory, RAM sizes similar to low end PC, this is somewhat laptop class hardware. I think we can pay +10%, +20% whatever for 5 years of support meaning basic security (and 5 years is compromising much. You can be current on a PC from 1999 or 2001)

Comment Re:Let me guess... (Score 1) 115

In fact I wish we could get Windows 8 with the Vista GUI. Windows 7 has about the same taskbar as 8 and 10, this is where they went a bit more application oriented and a bit less document oriented. Windows 8 has a better kernel (6.2 or 6.3 vs 6.0 and 6.1)
Also, Vista had : quick toolbar, 95/NT4/2000 small start menu, classic theme with color schemes.

Comment Re:Commercial and OpenSource (Score 1) 403

There's still the Mac mini I guess? Before you puke in horror, that's the most desktop-ish machine left it seems. Oh crap, 16GB RAM on the base model is a +$300 upgrade so that's $800 for a low end high RAM machine. Twice the storage of a Macbook Pro, though, because it uses a low end hard drive.

and revert entirely to Linux and then run Windows as a VM with PCI passthrough for the GPU if the Linux subsystem does not work out.

I'm very wary of this working on a laptop or a Surface lapblettop, I am thinking this requires BIOS support and hypervisor support and I don't know if it's that mundane of a feature today. Maybe it's decently available on "gaming" and plain desktop motherboards (bought on their own, not as part of a branded desktop). Maybe I'm overly cautious and modern UEFI makes it more widely available? It's something I'd have to triple-check if I want to get hardware to do it.

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