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Comment Re: Question (Score 1) 491

The US and Saudi colluded to crash oil prices, to weaken Russia and Iran as part of the war to destroy Syria.
This leaves Venezuela in shambles, which the US is happy with.
Perhaps Venezuela lacks a real economy but this takes more than a decade to build up and the current state of affairs won't help one bit anyway.

Comment Re:Atrix (Score 1) 123

How do Chromecast, Miracast, "Ipad cast" work? I suppose the wifi hardware can multitask (think MIMO, 802.11n) and it may be why casting things tend to use a special ad hoc wifi link between the two things.
It's doable, more so with 5GHz wifi but 60GHz wifi is better suited to displays. Given that 60GHz wifi isn't available yet, doing this wireless is a big waste of spectrum and power, I agree with that.

I supsect someone will make a wireless laptop shell after this one gets wildly successful, but it would be more expensive too, requiring a real ARM SoC inside and thus making the shell.. a laptop.

What the shell is using is not Chromecast protocol though, everyone gets that wrong. It's Displaylink. What does that mean is it's a USB 3.0 to display adapter, same as you can buy for your PC.
It's not the greatest thing but reportedly, it got much better compared to early USB 2.0 adapters : usable video playback is achievable ; early ones were mostly for documents and powerpoints etc. (e.g. interface to the corporate projector if you lack other means)
I'm sure that made the design much easier : you merely have to bundle a Displaylink chip, a USB hub and glue them together with the display panel and keyboard etc. and you don't rely on the phone supporting display output (various). The Displaylink and panel (LED lit) became very low power compared to a decade ago.
If the phone does only USB 2.0 it might be slow (I know nothing of USB 3.0 software and hardware support on phones) but will do command line terminals and word processors fine.

Comment Re:A bad feeling (Score 1) 123

So it's exactly the perfect resolution on an 11.6" laptop.
Seriously, go get one and put some Linux Mint Mate or something on it, it's all crisp and if you make it higher res you'll just run the risk of making things unreadable.

You don't NEED 400 or 500 dpi everywhere, especially if you're going to use this as a desktop replacement (just run real desktop software such as LibreOffice, a web browser, a real file manager etc.)

Comment Re:What do you gain from this? (Score 1) 123

Pi + power supply + memory card + HDMI cable + HDMI monitor + USB keyb and mouse.. It's not that expensive, but you can get a 2016 or 2015 phone instead (SIM card optional)

The problem is to get one that is well supported, respects user freedom and doesn't get orphaned, the latter is the hardest part.

Comment Not entirely terrible (Score 1) 493

You could do something like tape the adapter to the headphones, or just leave it on the headphones (like 6.5mm to 3.5mm adapters)

Most earbuds are terrible crap that's physically broken anyway.

For some other pressing need you might have a 3m or 5m long cable with a jack on one end and a USB C on one end (or a 40m long one and if it's broken on one end, cut it)

3-way jack (stereo + microphone) are even sillier, I don't want to know about them.

Other way around : leave a female USB C to male jack adapter on a female jack input somewhere (or a USB C to RCA), use a USB C to USB C cable (we'll see)
Feel free to see it as a dick move and it is, but you had multiple format to worry about already (like dual mono big jack vs small stereo jack vs RCA) and USB C has analog audio still.

Comment Re:Who gives a fuck? (Score 1) 134

The first Titan had high speed double precision (FP64), so did the regular GTX 480 / 580 before it. The Maxwell Titan didn't, but it offered a very large 12GB RAM instead, a size which was available previously but only on highest end Quadro. And today we get a new one with fast support for 8bit integers as a differentiating feature, which comes as a surprise. 1080 Ti ought to have 12GB RAM (because of a 384bit bus, and because 1080 has 8GB already)

That's to say the idea of what a Titan is for is evolving a bit. One main niche is for 3D artists and off-line rendering, because a Quadro is more for actual CAD and otherwise a geforce is like 5x faster at a given price.

Comment Re:Gut flora (Score 1) 252

Most studies conducted so far that have found benefits to raw milk have not controlled for the fact that the individuals studied lived on a farm (hard to get raw milk elsewhere) and there are many variables relating to that so it is hard to draw any strong conclusions.

Reminds me of an egregious case of missing data : people pretend smoking mariajuana doesn't give cancer. Actually there is simply a lack of a 20-year or 30-year study with enough hundreds/thousands of identified people. Smoking pure MJ and never smoking tobacco must be pretty rare too (what about the affordability)

Comment Re:VCR didn't compete against DVD (Score 1) 130

Anectodal evidence, but some stupid smartphone from 2013 can read VP8 fine, at least if it's in a .webm. Make a webm as if it were for youtube and I'm suspecting it's rather well supported on the long term.
H264 is the obviously easier choice but only in .mp4 container else it fails. Mmm, .3gp can contain H264 too actually. Well I sort of don't like all this crap. But if something can read video from USB, there's good chance it can read H264 mp4.

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