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Comment Re:Had to be done (Score 1) 123

Street Fighter IV was well regarded in not needing a high end PC or GPU, I think.

On the other hand, PC version of Street Fighter II was unspeakable, but it was the tail end of rip off arcade conversions made by contractors for atari/amstrad/commodore/amiga etc., quite some time ago. So.. you get a 16 bit computer version with the beautiful backgrounds and characters, but they're turned into drunk paper dolls that jump higher that the depth of the screen and the controls are designed for a single button joystick (!), not that the game would have been playable anyway.
THAT is a PC port that sucks! I remember trying Halo 2 and thinking it looked like crap and ran like a dog (because on PC if you wanted those graphics you could play Quake 2 and run at 60 fps on a 400MHz CPU), but the game otherwise worked like intended.
Rip off games of the 80s and 90s were as if you wanted to play a game of chess, but the pawns are on the top most and bottom most ranks, you're in check when the game starts, and there are illegal moves such as nonsensical castling all over the place.

Comment Re:I'm just guessing they won't study the fraud (Score 1) 663

What if you were a medical doctor and were asked to disproof, every day, hundreds of pages of bullshit written by crooks about how vaccines cause autism, women can get pregnant when sharing a man's bath water, AIDS is not caused by HIV, and so on ad vitam eternam? How would you find time to do your actual, time consuming enough job?

Comment Re:Every minute is too much (Score 3, Interesting) 85

The bad thing with that is even if you try to do the "right thing" by reading an internet newspaper, you end up in a filtering bubble by only looking up a couple categories you're interested in.

This makes an actual newspaper vastly superior. Even if you skim over or ignore swathes of it, all of the content is there and instantly available. Once in a while you might read something in the "useless" culural sections or among some content you usually don't give a damn about.

A newspaper is a collection of a few dozen reflective, zero power 4K displays that you can bend and fold at will, and where you don't even have to scroll. Scrolling is so 500 B.C.!

The shame is newspapers have shrunk and lowered in quality and merely echo propaganda like TV, radio and internet news sites do. Corporate power and advertisement make them trivially susceptible to pressure. I'm not sure that in my country there is any good daily newspaper left. E.g. war stories are the cartoon-like version where our authorities call for us to be outraged about the bombings of civilians by Russia and Syria, but starving people hit by artillery don't officially exist if they're not in the right areas. It's only a war crime when Syrians defend themselves, not when the West or Israel or Al Qaida does it.
Also, everyone is unemployed, underemployed or underpaid, and tobacco increased 2x in price, food increases despite the zero inflation. So they arbitrate between a newspaper and bread or a newspaper and smokes, and decline to buy the newspaper.
Internet news sites are the shit end of the stick, like video games replaced going outside and free or pirated movies replaced the theater.

Comment Re:It needed fixing? (Score 1) 42

It mostly lack a selection of task bar themes, and sometimes you end up with black speaker icon on black tool bar. Sucks! But if you have low RAM (or "low" RAM such as 1GB and need every single last MB available for a web browser) it's great.
The only other thing I dislike is Openbox doesn't have ALT-F9 and ALT-F10 hotkeys out of the box as in Windows 2.0, Motif, Mate and Xfce.

Comment Re:Mozilla is wasting money, brains, and time (Score 2) 97

People were waiting for the 5" phones with 1GB RAM and Firefox OS 2.x (e.g. ZTE Open L)

A big mistake was to go too much low end then fail to release upgrades fast enough. People were stuck on version 1.3, which doesn't actually offer privacy - no adblocking and no filtering. For those that were interested on technical and security grounds, it was a giant Osborne effect (that would still be going on : Web Assembly and Servo are not there yet). It did have e10s early on.
The best part is the phone didn't require an online acccount, nor even asked for one.

With today's phone CPUs it would be a kind of Chrome OS for the mobile phone.
The one low end friendly aspect was the OS and built-in apps used very few storage. Security patches were small and quick. (But actual upgrades required to download a community image and to mess with the phone, using a Windows program to flash it. Hence the normal end user experience was to run Firefox OS 1.3 forever, based on Firefox 28)

Comment Re:Strange (Score 1) 484

Other way to look at it.. PC hardware long has been advertising officially specified throttling, too. Most CPU except some but not all lower end ones have a "base clock" and a "turbo clock", so they're only promising you the base clock under sustained heavy load. Intel ran an ad to boast how their CPUs are smart and throttle "up" when they can.

Comment Re:Strange (Score 1) 484

Not necessarily. An "i7" rated for 15 watts will be a dual core CPU with lowish but decent clocks, slightly higher than those on a 15 watt i5 chip. It's a better bin i.e. for the same clock it can run at a very slightly lower voltage. So it's better, but throttling can definitely happen and has to do with how the cooling is made.

Comment Re:Strange (Score 1) 484

There's also nvidia legacy drivers for old graphics cards. Great job at supporting the latest distros while keeping high performance, but it was missing newer RandR support. This fest ended when the hardware died and I replaced it.
I am also sure something can be done about the text mode consoles, but I stopped trying to do anything about it. They run fine, but they're in 2048x1536.

Comment Re:Cannot be turned off? (Score 1) 484

If the SSD is soldered and the BIOS is locked down anyway - doesn't allow to talk to the SSD through a standard protocol like IDE, AHCI or NVMe, good luck with that.
What you'd possibly do is boot linux from an SD card. Have only SD card, USB and the network for storage, till linux has enough preliminary support to be able to use the SSD but not boot from it. Later, linux might support it well enough to boot on it and install on it, you will need a recent enough installer or live USB. Although the whole timetable for all of this can't be known.

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