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Comment Re:Too many cores. (Score 1) 68

You might have a couple hundred tasks, threads or processes that sit there and collectively eat about 0.1% CPU time. Some are daemons waiting all day for you doing something that use them, some are GUI threads that similarly do nothing. They're like that guy who sits in a basement full of military archives and watches TV all day, only doing actual work for a couple minute once every week or month when someone comes to visit him.

Comment Re:The usual 2 Windows10 questions: (Score 1) 74

That story did a poor job explaining what such a vGPU is, i.e. not explaining it at all.
I am fairly confident you need an expensive AMD Fire Pro or equivalent graphics card, and nvidia might lock the feature away in Geforce GRID products only - uncommon rackable hardware for the kind of companies that can get a Windows volume license anyway.

It's likely more cost efficient to have two computers, one for Windows and one for browsing and work, although I call that a waste of silicon and other materials.
One option would be to use a KVM switch and an old, outdated PC with Windows 98 or XP or 7 32bit etc. (or dual/multi boot these), non networked to the internet. Then you can run old games at least.

Comment Brain interface to Internet of Shit (Score 1) 251

What about the horrible security problems this will likely entail?

Like, you're having fun in your thought-controlled robotic bipedal tank, and as your interface is botnetted, someone else decides to have fun and make you crash into a store front. Or :

- You get sent Goatse, tubgirl or (famous short brazilian movie) and still see it if you close or cover your eyes, and even if you try to run away from it.
- They get you to pee your pants
- They mess with your vestibular sense inputs (the human version of motion sensors) and torture you, make you feel you're falling and spinning in all directions, or try to do the minimum to make you puke and vomit all over yourself.
- They live tweet first-person pics of you jacking off
- As is described in the README.TXT file of old id software games (technological zombie soldiers get a strong release of pleasure hormones when they kill) they teach you new "tricks" as if you're a Pavlovian dog. Hopefully this is used for further trolling.

Comment Re: I predict (Score 1) 557

But that's like someone trying to do something on Windows 10 that can't be done unless one runs an Enterprise or Server edition, and he/she is replied : "but the telnet and ping it uses come from BSD!"

Or because this needed be godwin'ed : "What are you complaining about with the Holocaust? The crematorium ovens were neat and efficient. This spared a number of sanitary issues."

Comment Re: I predict (Score 1) 557

The average Android phone provides much less freedom to the user than desktop Windows, even Windows 10.

There is even sort of a class warfare angle to Android phones : perhaps you buy a $800 bleeding edge phone every couple year and get the freedom to run a patched system, unlock this, unlock that, install a firewall, etc.
An average Android phone allows none of those things. It runs an abandonware version of Android 5.0.1 or 5.1, it might be carrier-branded (and GSM-unlocked) or called something like "Glurbz JY8" or even be a lower end model from a semi-recognizable or recognizable brand, and a web search about doing stuff with it will turn empty.

Comment Re:New printer (Score 2) 159

This was my first thought.
I've seen it, in a non-profit environment : using some decade old HP laser printer, with seemingly perfect reliability (compared to your typical inkjet that you need to re-buy every year if you use it seasonally), enough life left in the toner to not care about it.

Yet, the obvious "good idea" there was to print on old worthless already printed paper, just print to the other side. It's not so much the paper jams that are a problem, but all the dust, dirt and ash particles found on the old papers (those that have started lying around are even worse than those filed away for years). This gets into the printing rollers or whatever you call them and so your printer develops printing streaks, making stuff hard to read (at worse missing important things) or too unprofessional.
And then, you're stuck needing maintenance on a laser printer even though everything was okay (parallel cable, CUPS and networking, toner, printer, paper supply). Time was bought by putting a different old printer in place.

What would be needed on a regular laser printer is a warning : "Please only feed NEW printer to the paper. It's more environmentally friendly"


With that "UV paper", hopefully the printer is simplified enough and made trivially easy to clean with no special equipment. The "paper" itself needs to be easy to clean. If you don't even need contact between the "paper" and printer parts (save for feeding the "paper" in and getting it out) it might be easy enough to use even folded "UV paper" (e.g., some machines have a slot where you can put banknotes in, they work with banknotes that were folded carelessly)

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