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Comment Re: Maybe they just don't like the shows? (Score 1) 858

So you and the parent are contending that men are too pissweak to say "honey, I'm not a huge fan of sex and the city. I'll just snuggle up next to you and watch game of thrones on my ipad", and then, having been "forced" to watch a show they didn't want to (oh, the humanity!) bother to wait till the show is done and their s.o has left the building in order to angrily (but secretly - we don't want to piss her off!) type a terrible review.

Sheesh! How passive-aggressive can you get?

Comment iOS testing much? (Score 1) 546

Are you fucking kidding me?

Crank up http://m.slashdot.org./ I'm not logged in. Ok, log in. Apparently I put in the wrong (saved) password. Wtf, I'll change it anyway. Reset password (reset page from desktop site with a hover asking me "mobile?", try that and what reset page?). So anyway, reset password. I'm logged in on the desktop site. Switching to mobile view. Oops. Not logged in. Try and log in. "Wrong password". On a hunch I switch back to desktop site. I'm logged in!
Switch to mobile site. Not logged in. Switch to desktop, log off and log in - sweet. Switch to mobile - pa-pow - can't log in.

Seriously, what the actual fuck.

Comment Need an excuse for snooping on the locals (Score 1) 835

Since the US policy of generating foreign born terrorists to justify its military industrial complex has worked so well, why not try the same thing at home and justify the dismantling of the constitution in the homeland. Very soon you'll start hearing about how all this action against citizens is protecting you from home-grown crazies.

Comment Ethical consequences? (Score 3, Interesting) 393

Say this actually works. We create a brain and start down the long path of "teaching" it just like with new-born humans.
What happens when we detect that the brain is "experiencing pain" (we already know that pain has a detectable neurological basis right?)
What happens when we detect the brain is experiencing depression?
What are our responsibilities then? Is this thing a human, a lab-rat, or a machine?

Comment Re:Preserved To Show Who Took over $100 Billion... (Score 1) 215

A. This was done openly.
B. The guy was popular and never lost an election.

Maybe the citizens of his country value different things to the citizens of your country. Which I can see might be a problem if one of the things valued in your country is telling everyone else what they should value.

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