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Comment Re:There is no "removing" of anything... (Score 1) 381

You don't think all this will have died down "within the next few years"? You don't think the market will be flooded with whatever the alternative will be?

Tech-years are shorter than dog-years, and Apple support their old pups longer than any of the other kennels.

Comment Re:There is no "removing" of anything... (Score 1) 381

To be "eligible for an upgrade" you need a contract. Contracts have cooling-off periods and warrantees, so the phone can be exchanged.

Even if this wasn't so, all consumers in the UK have a 16-day refund/replacement guarantee mandated by the government (just looked it up -- it's actually 30 days since The Consumer Rights Act was amended in 2015).

Perhaps there something similar where you are?

Comment There is no "removing" of anything... (Score 5, Insightful) 381

...they're just rumoured to be shipping the phone without one.

That's not removing. Nobody is having their existing phone amputated. The SE and 6S series will still ship after the release of the new phone, and they have headphone jacks. The existing, shipped devices have their headphone jacks.

If the new phone doesn't have a headphone jack, it'll be all over the Internet. There will be almost no way to avoid knowing that the iPhone 7 doesn't have a headphone jack.

Any "frustration" felt by users who then go and bye one, *knowing* that it doesn't have a headphone jack, *seeing* in the store that it doesn't have a headphone jack, having an Apple employing trying to up-sell them Bluetooth headphones after *telling* them it doesn't have a headphone jack... well, I have a suggestion for where they can plug their existing headphones.


GoPro Footage Gives You A Rocket's-Eye View Of Spaceflight ( 80

Eloking quotes a report from Gizmag: Action cameras have been strapped to dogs, chainsaw-wielding drones and everything in between, but there's a new benchmark for homegrown heroes and their action-cam videos courtesy of UP Aerospace. Having strapped a GoPro HERO 4 to the outside of its SpaceLoft-10 sounding rocket, the company launched it into the thermosphere, gathering some footage that's simply out of this world along the way. The footage is incredible and begs the question: how did they fasten the cameras to a rocket traveling at 3,796 mph? You can watch the footage here on YouTube.

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