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Comment Re:That would help logistics too (Score 1) 159

Well don't just present me with FACTS! How do you expect me to defend my un-researched position? >:~|

Still, I guess what I was getting at is that every *default* configuration for every Mac sold is the ~80 key keyboard. The laptops are fixed at ~80 keys anyway, the default keyboard shipped with the iMac is ~80 key, and the Mini and Pro don't ship with keyboards unless requested.

Comment Re:Because they don't care (Score 1) 551

Yay, you can no longer listen to headphones at your desk and have your phone charging. Listen all day at the office, phone is dead for the walk home. GREAT Idea.

The new phone has 40 hours of audio playback battery life.

In a peculiar way, I'd imagine this move will *improve* battery longevity over time for those who use their phones this way. You're essentially forced to discharge it when you would otherwise be keeping it at 100%, which is not good for long-term battery health.

We'll see I guess.

Comment Re:Mostly... (Score 1) 178

x265 is not very important except for 4K content and mobile phones

I think a 20% overall reduction in bandwidth for an in-demand and still-growing medium is *very* significant no matter what the resolution or device is.

So is the cost (as in RTFA). HEVC or h.265 is not free. VP9 and x264 are.

Bandwidth and storage is a fixed quantity. A terabyte is a terabyte wherever you store it.

Processor speeds improve year over year.

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