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Comment Well, (Score 5, Insightful) 514

reacting to these egregious violations of privacy by leaving your smartphone at home, or simply not having one, seems somehow inadequate. The fascists will simply keep pushing and pushing, gradually closing the net around you as they have ever since the passage of the (un)PATRIOT Act. In an actual free and open society, stealing, er excuse me "confiscating" someone's property and then demanding the victim give up their password would be illegal, and the very idea that the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution shouldn't apply just because you are near the national border would be laughable. But we're not a free country, are we? No, not for a long time now.

Comment Stupid. (Score 1) 502

Honestly, it's as if they want to wreck the US tech industry. I wouldn't be surprised if 20 years from now there was no longer an internet but instead just a bunch of regional intranets and national nets, each one totally disconnected to anything outside. We're already seeing the beginnings of this right now what with China's "Great Firewall" or whatever they call it and Iran's moves in that direction. The US' "What's yours is mine, BEEYOTCH" attitude is only gonna accelerate things.

Comment Re:But it wasn't for "national security" (Score 4, Insightful) 353

You do know the US has "Stop and Identify" laws which require you to talk to police? For example, in Texas :

"A person commits an offense if he intentionally refuses to give his name, residence address, or date of birth to a peace officer who has lawfully arrested the person and requested the information."

It's a class C misdemeanor.

These laws have been challenged, and SCOTUS ruled that they don't violate miranda rights.

Yes, and..? The United States hasn't been a free country for a long long time now.

Comment Re:That's a nice tax bracket you have there... (Score 1) 560

That only applies to people who have no authority that could ever possible impact the judge in question.

"That's a nice tax bracket you have there... it'd be a shame if it got audited for the last seven years, and every year from here on out, into the foreseeable future"

That would be....really inadvisable to say to a judge.

Comment Kickstarter (Score 1) 57

From the interview:

Matt: IÃ(TM)d just love to be making cartoons with these characters again. If it looks like thereÃ(TM)s a possibility of doing this full time again, thatÃ(TM)s amazing I donÃ(TM)t want to set expectations too high, but needless to say, weÃ(TM)re jonesing to do this again.

If the Brothers Chaps really wanted to do web cartoons for a living, I bet a Homestar Runner Kickstarter would easily bring in a million or two to get them (re)started.

I would not hesitate to contribute $100.00 right the fuck now.

Comment Re:Make Your choice, America. (Score 1) 955

You forgot to demand free pot for all!

Why are all of you pro-pot, OWS, Ron Paul dick-sucking drug addicts so transparent? Do you have any idea that you're not fooling anyone other than yourself?

The NSA is only interested in calls from foreign persons of interest, and is only looking at that data. Ordinary Citizens have absolutely nothing to fear because, quite honestly, our government isn't interested in what you had for breakfast.

I..don't think I've ever read such an egregious example of concentrated stupidity leavened with willful naivete in my entire life. I am stunned. Congrats. And enjoy the Kool-aid.

Comment Re:why no outcry in the US? (Score 1) 536

I think two things happened, in this order:

1. We stopped feeling as though we had any power to reign in government and corporate corruption.
2. We stopped caring.

And it is precisely because of the above attitudes that the US is rapidly turning into the very same type of police state that people in other countries risk their lives to escape. Also, I notice that the common denominator which played a major part in kicking off the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions - as well as the collapse of the East Block back in the day - is a collapsing economy. Most folks in the US are still relatively well off, so as long as they feel comfortable they will continue to do nothing.

Comment Re:Run coward run!!!!! (Score 1) 536

Hope this treasonous coward gets extradited and spends the rest of his miserable life in jail. I'm not a fan of the NSA doing all of this, but anyone who didn't know it's been going on is a moron.

The only coward here is you, turd. "People" such as yourself who support blatantly unconstitutional garbage like the Patriot Act, TSA, stop-and-frisk and now this NSA spying are the filth who are dragging the United States down the road to a police state - if we aren't there already. In 10 years or less there will be drone strikes against suspected "criminals" and "terrorists" in the US itself, and there you will be, cheering it on from the sidelines like the mindless simpering piece of shit you always were.

The day that freedom finally returns to America, folks like you who supported tyranny should be held every bit as accountable as the bullies and thugs who carried it out. Without your disgusting kind, what they do would have been impossible.

Comment Make Your choice, America. (Score 0) 955

Very soon now, the American people will have to make a stark and simple choice: free country or not. Liberty, privacy and a government bound by the chains of the Constitution, as the Founding Fathers intended, or a totalitarian panopticon police state which spies on and jails its people at home while waging endless wars of choice abroad to feed an enormous unneeded war machine which is bankrupting the nation.

The United States has more people behind bars than any other country in the world right now, and that number is climbing - daily. Bullying and abuse of the citizenry by the government and the corporations which own it is growing more and more brazen. Each day we are treated less like free citizens and more and more like cattle, or as sheep to be sheared. When does the government stop reading our emails, wiretapping and spying on us all without cause or warrant? When do we stop being treated like dangerous criminals just for trying to get on an airplane? When do we stop having cameras watch us each time we step outside our doors? When does the militarization of our police and the murder and imprisoning of free human beings in the so-called War on Drugs/crime/terrorism/whatever stop? When is this "War on Terror" supposed to end, anyway?

When do we become a free country again?

Fellow Americans, please understand that Democrats & Republicans are NO DIFFERENT from one another! Both are controlled by the 1%, both support the same anti-privacy, anti-freedom policies and both are slowly but surely turning these United States into a shiny new, ultra high-tech version of the good ol' USSR. If you don't stop supporting these filth, and start standing up for your liberties and privacy in a real and substantial way, you will die as slaves, and your children will never know freedom until after a long and bloody sojourn in darkness.

Hey it's your choice, America. Do you want to be free, or not? And yes, freedom - real freedom - carries risks, dangers and inconveniences. Boo hoo. Deal.

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