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Comment Re:LaTeX (Score 1) 313

LaTeX is a document preparation system, not a database or spreadsheet. It would make perfect sense to say that people should be using LaTeX instead of Microsoft Word, but it makes no sense to say people should be using LaTeX instead of Excel. Perhaps those using Excel should be using PostgreSQL for database type work, and perhaps they should be using R for data analysis, but it makes no sense to use LaTeX as a substitute.

Comment Re:Time to update firewalls. (Score 1) 87

I have yet to see a single one that can decrypt SSL. I tried. A lot.

The only way to 'decrypt' is to force your own cert, which must be trusted on the devices (WPAD or manually) before it can actually do it without a browser throwing a fit.

Yes, obviously that is what is meant by an SSL decryptor. I'm not suggesting that firewalls can crack SSL. It decrypts the traffic by acting as a MITM. You do need to install certs on the various browsers for it to work, or they'll complain.

Comment Re:BY THE POWER OF CHRIST I COMPEL YOU!! (Score 1) 209

Well for one thing, the police took your phone - it is reasonable to assume you know how to turn it on.

On the other hand, the police SUSPECT you killed someone and hid the body - yet without proof that you did it is not reasonable to assume you know where the body is.

Suppose you admitted you know where the body is. There are many reasons you may know this that don't involve you being a killer. Maybe you witnessed someone else dispose of the body, maybe you ran across the body after it was deceased, maybe the killer told you where the body was buried, etc. Now, supposing you actually DID happen to kill the person and you know there is evidence on the body (DNA, fingernail marks, ballistics that match your gun, etc.) that would lead to you most likely being convicted if the body were found. Suppose you are asked by police or a judge where the body is. You've already admitted to knowing where it is. Are you compelled to reveal where it is, if such a revelation will incriminate you?

Comment Re:Tiny dog barking up big tree (Score 2) 225

If you threaten the safe harbor status of the ISPs you are going to get stomped.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the safe harbor statute require you to do something if you receive a notice of infringement? According to the article, Rightscorp has been sending notices of infringement and the ISPs haven't been doing anything.

Comment Re:Why would judges need to use TOR? (Score 1) 61

They need TOR for when they are watching kiddie porn, in between cases.

Yeah, that's why we all use TOR, but that isn't part of their professional duties. Since a DOJ official is recommending TOR to a room full of judges, I assume it is somehow tied to their work and I'm just curious why judges would need that.

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