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Submission + - Ron Paul Delegates Locked Out of Straw Poll ( 1

TheSkepticGuy writes: Several stories are emerging that Ron Paul is doing very well in Republican straw polls, but is being neglected by mainstream news. Now we find one group of Ron Paul delegates actually being locked out of a straw poll. "The Convention center opened at 9am and was supposed to allow delegates to vote until around 1pm. At 10 am the security gaurds locked the doors and stopped anyone from entering who did not have a pre printed pass." Video and first-person account at
United States

Submission + - Change of rules for lithium batteries on planes (

unchiujar writes: It seems the Department of Transportation has amended the rules on carrying lithium batteries on planes further

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration is amending the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) to tighten the safety standards for transportation of lithium batteries, including both primary (non-rechargeable) and secondary (rechargeable) lithium batteries. Specifically, we are adopting with minor changes the amendments to the HMR published in an interim final rule on December 15, 2004, imposing a limited prohibition on the transportation of primary lithium batteries and cells as cargo aboard passenger-carrying aircraft. In addition, we are adopting many of the proposed changes to the HMR published under the April 2, 2002 NPRM; (1) Eliminating a hazard communication and packaging exception for medium-size lithium cells and batteries of all types transported by aircraft or vessel; (2) revising an exception for small lithium batteries and cells of all types to require testing in accordance with the United Nations Manual of Tests and Criteria; and (3) revising an exception for consumer electronic devices and spare lithium batteries of all types carried by airline passengers and crew. These amendments will enhance transportation safety by reducing fire hazards associated with lithium batteries and harmonizing U.S. and international standards. DATES: Effective Date: The effective date of these amendments is January 1, 2008. Voluntary Compliance: Voluntary compliance with all of these amendments, including those with a delayed mandatory compliance date, is authorized as of October 1, 2007.


Submission + - Creationists Launch Peer-Reviewed Journal

oostevo writes: CNet is reporting that the Institute for Creation Research has started to solicit papers for the International Journal for Creation Research, which is, in effect, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, where all papers must support the idea of a young-earth. Says the call for papers, the IJCR is "a professional peer-reviewed online technical journal ... for the publication of interdisciplinary scientific research from the perspective of a recent Creation and a global Flood within a biblical framework." It also states that papers "must be from a young-earth perspective and aim to assist the development of the Creation Model of Origins."

Their call for papers can be found here, their instructions for authors can be found here, and their review "process" is here (all PDFs).

Submission + - RIAA Secretly Tries to Get ISP Subscriber Info

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "The RIAA secretly went into federal district court in Denver, Colorado, the home town of its lawyers, and — in an attempt to change the rules of the game — made an ex parte application to a federal judge there, asking him to rule (pdf) that the federal Cable Communications Policy Act does not apply to the RIAA's attempts to get subscriber information from cable companies. ("Ex parte" means application was secret, no one else — neither the ISP nor the subscribers — were given notice that this was going on.). They were, in effect, asking the Court to rule that the RIAA does not need to get a court order to be able to force an ISP to disclose confidential subscriber information. The Magistrate Judge declined to rule on the issue (pdf), but did give them the ex parte discovery order they were looking for."
NES (Games)

Submission + - Worlds Rarest NES Cartridge Almost Sold For 1$

Zarjazz writes: If both the innocence / ignorance of the seller and the validity of the winning bidder are to be believed, a job lot of 24 NES cartridges for $24 (1$ per game) eventually sold for over $20,000 after it was noticed that one of the cartridges was a special winners edition of 'Nintendo World Championships 1990'

After the death of his son in Iraq, the seller placed the games up for auction hoping "whoever buys the games will enjoy them as much as my son did!". NWC contained special versions of Super Mario Brothers, Rad Racer and Tetris to be played under a fixed time limit. At least 90 of these copies exist in a grey cartridge and were given out to semi-finalists of the 1990 NWC however only 26 of these cartridges exist in "gold" for the winners and are considered to be the rarest and most valuable NES cartridge released. The game can be clear seen lurking in the bottom left corner of the original auction image.

Feed Jack Thompson Settles With Take-Two, Hopefully Becomes Slightly Less Annoying (

Fresh off of getting a beating from a TV talk show host, Jack Thompson has reached a settlement with his favorite target, Take-Two Interactive, publishers of the Grand Theft Auto games. You might remember Thompson's suit in question here, which was pretty ridiculous, even for him. In response to a Take-Two suit trying to stop Thompson's repeated (and repeatedly unsuccessful) attempts to block the release of their new games, Thompson alleged the company was at the head of a vast conspiracy to somehow deprive him of his civil rights. For added amusement, he alleged that a number of video-game news sites were in on things, and alleged some racketeering violations, though he soon quietly dropped them. Thompson and Take-Two were due in court Thursday morning, where Thompson could have been tossed in jail for contempt of court, but the settlement precluded that. It's hard to see this as anything other than a win for Take-Two: Thompson has agreed to stop trying to block the sale of Take-Two's games, and will stop telling people that the company is breaking the law by selling games. However, he won't be prevented from representing third parties in their suits against the company, nor will he stop criticizing them and their games. But between this case and his potential disbarment, Thompson's doing a pretty good job of marginalizing himself.

Submission + - Tiny Display Has 4 Times Better Contrast

7Times writes: With more people watching TV on their cell phones, Sharp Corp. is unveiling a tiny liquid crystal display that boasts four times better contrast than the best products commercially available today. The Japanese electronics maker will begin shipping the 2.2-inch displays this fall, targeting nearly $850 million in sales next year, company spokeswoman Miyuki Nakayama said.

Submission + - Monkey Business and Freakonomics

marct22 writes: Stephen J Dubner, co-writer of "Freakonomics" said there will be a second Freakonomics book. One of the items that will be covered is Capuchin monkeys' use of washers as money, buying sweets, budgeting for favored treats over lesser treats. He mentioned that one of the experiments had similar outcomes as a study of day traders. And lastly, he watched capuchin prostitution! read more at ey+business/2100-1026-6177655.html?part=dht&tag=nl .e433

Submission + - Verizon Vs. Vonage: Prior Art found in 12 YO post

kamikaze-Tech writes: A recent Vonage Forum Post locates a 12 year old comp.dcom.telecom newsgroup post that establishes new prior art in the Verizon Vs. Vonage patent case, years before Verizon filed for the patents. In the newsgroup post dated Sep 22 1995, author Jack Decker states: "I want to go on record as proposing this now so that when someone gets the bright idea in a few months or years, I can point to this as "prior art"...."

Feed Neurotic Men Die Sooner Than Their More Mellow Counterparts (

While mellowing with age has often been thought to have positive effects, a Purdue University researcher has shown that doing so could also help you live longer. The study compared neurotic and non-neurotic men over time and tied change in the trait with mortality. Those whose levels dropped had a better chance at living longer, while those whose levels increased died much sooner than their peers.

Feed Climate Change Could Trigger 'Boom And Bust' Population Cycles Leading To Extinc (

Climate change could trigger "boom and bust" population cycles that make animal species more vulnerable to extinction. Dramatic population fluctuations make species more vulnerable to extinction due to disease, inbreeding, and other causes; in addition, each crash reduces the genetic diversity of a species, lowering its ability to adapt and making it more prone to extinction.

Feed Ebola Outbreaks Killing Thousands Of Gorillas And Chimpanzees (

Direct encounters between gorilla or chimpanzee social groups are rare, so, though Ebola has killed thousands, vaccination did not seem to be a solution. But transmission might occur in other ways. Many different gorilla groups feed in the same fruit tree on a single day. Gorillas from one social group inspect the carcasses of gorillas from other groups. This suggests that vaccination of individuals may prevent the chain of infection.

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