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Comment Re: No mention of the internet architecture of cou (Score 1, Troll) 74

Using an unsecured and unlicensed C compiler will become illegal. Hexadecimal op codes will become propritary trade secrets. Owning a binary editor will be a felony. Use this cuckgadget from Apple or Google, not that scary open device. You aren't one of those unmutual terrorists, are you?

Comment Re: Politics vs. Reality (Score 0) 74

The target of the regulations is anybody who isn't a multinational corporation with a 30+ employee staff in their Regulatory Affairs department.

The target is us nerds and geeks. We won't be able to afford to ask their permission, so they won't have to deal with people who dabble in that messy freedom stuff.

Comment Re: I think this whole idea stinks (Score 2) 74

They want to regulate all the endpoints, rather than just beef security at the transition points. It's ludicrous! Anybody can push whatever firmware they want into a microcontroller, except not (!!!) with this kind of regulatory burden. Will I need a jtag license? Will operating a compiler without a license become illegal, or too dangerous to contemplate because of the liability risk?

Umm, the hell with that. Protect your network at it's routing points. It's not YOUR network until it passes through your demarcation point.

If well defined boundaries are established, freedom can still flourish in the places where tight-assed security is not necessary.

Comment Re: na, that can't be it (Score 1) 168

And design-for-nonrepairability is part of a sound marketing scheme.

"Buy our new shit, same as the old shit but with fresh new DRM."

Enjoy your chastity devices, Applecucks! You didn't want to mess around with any of that non-Apple stuff anyway. It might give you cooties!

Comment Re: My kingdom for a competent editor! (Score 1) 168

New headphones every few years with the latest DRM hooks. If no device you can use to listen to your music lasts more than a few years, the DRM/security features can be force-refreshed on the public on a scheduled basis. Buy-once, keep-forever content is an abomination to companies that want to permanently remain content providers.

Comment Re:How is this different from arbitrage on the NYS (Score 0) 213

He has different cronies than the harridan. His aren't necessarily Wall Street Speculators.

Not all rich people are alike.

Trump isn't 'essentially good' or anything ridiculous like that, but his entire wealth hasn't come from political maneuvering and cronyism like his election opponent's wealth. He plays a different game.

We shouldn't kid ourselves that it is in all ways 'better' but it's definitely not the exact plan of the Wall Street speculators. The harridan's plans were.

Comment Re:How is this different from arbitrage on the NYS (Score 1) 213

It depends a great deal on the impedance of the current pathway. 12 volts into a short blood path might draw enough current to matter. Through a skin barrier, 12 volts is below the threshold. But into a catheter relatively low voltages can have a significant effect. Fibrillation 'doses' of current are in the microamperes.

Comment Re:It will work, but not how you think (Score 2) 44

People doing it for the challenge probably will continue to do it, then. I can sympathize with them. Many times defeating the copy protection on an 'entertainment' device or game is more fun for nerds than playing the actual game.

So it's not a lose-lose for the hacker having their fun finding and refining the exploits.

Comment Re:Don't help them until they support homebrew (Score 1) 44

Unless you add a bluetooth controller, there is no comparison between smartphone games and actual handheld games like the 3DS. Kneading your fingers against flat glass will never be a replacement for a handheld with real buttons.

The fragmentation of the bluetooth controller market, along with the iOS/Android separation, keeps mobile gaming fragmented and weak.

Just mho, of course.

Comment Re:Do they really have a piracy problem? (Score 1) 44

Considering you can download an entire collection of every Nintendo DS game ever produced and run any of them off of flash in an R4 cartridge, they probably want to prevent that from coming to be for the 3DS.

There is nearly zero incentive, except for collecting purposes, to search out old DS cartridges to play. An R4 cartridge costs less than a vintage DS Pokemon cart and can hold the entire Pokemon DS collection.

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