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Comment Re: More condoms less climate change (Score 1) 165

So I can create conclusions based on bias hypothesis with no experiments?

How is that reality? Proof that 58% of species decline is caused by climate zones changing too quickly? Prove that each time there is a flood it MUST be climate change? I am sick of the bias!

It just adds ammo to the denialists otherwise.

Human activity we can prove. So less kids means less problems.

Comment More condoms less climate change (Score -1, Troll) 165

I am sick and tired of climate change being mentioned in every story with no evidence to back it up?

To me the solution to most problems is simple ... Less people!

Why don't we give out condoms to lesser countries and give tax incentives in wealthier ones? Face it. The reason for habit loss is economic as people need housing, food, and cheap products that produce toxins. Immigration problems wouldn't be an issue if Latin Americans and Africans could find work at livable wages. When over supply of labor hits you get a dump on demand.

When housing and food prices stabilize you get less demand to clear wooded areas for more subdivisions in former wooded areas. We as citizens get less air pollution and plastics in our seas too and more affordable housing and less out of work and migrant workers draining our resources. We all benefit.

It is 2016 and no family should have 1 or 2 kids each!

Comment Re:Why didn't it blow up in the heteros? (Score 1) 335

Female to male spread is much harder than the other direction. And male to female spread via vaginal intercourse is much harder than male to male or female spread via anal intercourse. Condom use for casual sex is also a lot more common when there's a risk of pregnancy.

Comment Re:We can date the jump into the U.S. in about 197 (Score 1) 335

1970s medical technology wasn't anything like what we've got now. Identifying and isolating a new virus is still a tricky undertaking. In the 1970s it was much more so. A Nobel prize was awarded for the discovery of HIV and its link to AIDS.

Comment Re:We can date the jump into the U.S. in about 197 (Score 2) 335

Medicine isn't nearly so scientific as you probably think. An average doctor might see a weird case once or twice that was actually AIDS but that's hard to separate from all the other weird cases they see on a daily basis (House: maybe it's lupus!). In the 70s there certainly weren't any good central databases for general medical records, and there still aren't, especially in the US, because of privacy and insurance concerns.

If you were a doctor in the 70s and you saw a malnourished person waste away and die, would you think "gee, it's horrible we let people starve on the street in America" or "OMG, this is the start of a plague that will sweep the world in twenty years"?

In the early 80s, when the number of patients increased, doctors, especially those who worked in gay communities, who were most at risk, DID notice unusual numbers of people dying and did report and track it.

Comment Re:GPU? (Score 1) 191

I am also disappointed it has no USB type C or Thunderbolt considering the cheapest model is nearly $3000!

All the new phones starting with the Nexus 6P all use this interface for fast charging and file transfer. I could see or not care if this was a $1600 device, but for $3,000 it should come with top end graphics and I/O ports

Comment Re:No one should be blamed for the spread of virus (Score 1) 335

Influenza outbreak modelling generally assumes that about 1/3 of transmission is from asymptomatic or presymptomatic carriers. Virus shedding starts around a day before symptoms appear, even in the symptomatic. There are estimates that 75% of common cold infections are asymptomatic.

Comment Re:Buzzword du jour (Score 1) 109

Any generative model, and most of the modern systems are either generative or trivially easy to modify to be so, includes an internal model. Antagonistic training explicitly exploits this feature with two systems, one that tries to learn to spot real data from faked, and another that tries to learn to fool the first one.

Comment Re:Temporarily Brick 'em (Score 1) 61

It seems like changing the admin password to something random would work perfectly well. If the clueless user needed to change something they'd have to reset to factory defaults and in learning how to do that perhaps they'd learn about changing the password. Likely the vast majority would never even notice.

Comment Re:Apple is the Trump Towers of computing. (Score 1) 226

What would it actually cost to produce a MacBook in the USA? My guess is that it'll be more expensive, but not by a factor 4. And in case of iPhones, which are sold at 3x the cost of manufacturing, I bet they could sell them at only a slightly higher price if they *gasp* would accept a lower markup.

Accepting a lower markup (meaning, less profits) just for the "Made in USA" sticker is dumb. No sane businessman would do it.

I am not devoid of patriotism or empathy for domestic workers. But if I were making a product in China and decided to bring it back to USA, i would simply raise the price and pass the increased cost to the customer, keeping my profit margin the same. Of course this only works if your product is still desirable at that price and the cost difference isn't huge.

I remember an article a few years back from a business site (Bloomberg or Forbes or some such). They did an analysis of the iPhone 5 (I think) and how much more it would cost to make it in USA while keeping the same margins. It was something like $30 to $55 per phone. So the iPhone which was selling for $700 at the time would cost $730 to $755 if made in USA.

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