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Submission + - SPAM: Seattle Tech Expansion Delivers 76,755 More Men Than Women

reifman writes: After 8x growth since 2010, Amazon announced that it now has more than 40,000 employees in Washington. Facebook, Google, Apple and others have flocked to the city as well. As a result, the U.S. Census, reports there are 76,755 more men than women in Washington State in the 18 to 54 year old range,. Not only has this made dating more difficult for many Seattle techies but may also be playing a role in increased reports of drugging at bars and a 51% increase in reported rape since 2015.
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Submission + - Hamas 'Honey Trap' Dupes Israeli Soldiers (

wiredmikey writes: The smartphones of dozens of Israeli soldiers were hacked by Hamas militants pretending to be attractive young women online, an Israeli military official said Wednesday. Using fake profiles on Facebook with alluring photos, Hamas members contacted the soldiers via groups on the social network, luring them into long chats, the official told journalists on condition of anonymity.

Dozens of the predominantly lower-ranked soldiers were convinced enough by the honey trap to download fake applications which enabled Hamas to take control of their phones, according to the official.

Submission + - Number of Hijacked MongoDB Servers Doubles After Kraken Gang Gets Involved (

An anonymous reader writes: The number of hijacked MongoDB servers held for ransom has skyrocketed in the past two days from 10,500 to over 28,200, thanks in large part to the involvement of a professional ransomware group known as Kraken, previously known for developing a poorly-coded Windows ransomware.

Ever since this group got involved, the number of hacked and ransomed MongoDB servers went from 10,000 to 28,000, with the Kraken group accounting for 56% of all hijacked servers. The group's efforts seem to be worth it, as they made over $6,000 worth of Bitcoin in just 2 days.

Submission + - Academics Develop App To Help Smokers Quit Cigarettes

Mickeycaskill writes: Health and computer science academics have developed Cigibreak, a game designed to help smokers kick the habit by giving them something to do when they get cravings and see how abstaining can improve their health and bank balance.

Cigbreak Free is similar to a lot of mobile games whereby players progress through level and gain rewards and gold stars, but the academics claims it has some 37 behavioural change techniques, which offer theory-based methods for changing behaviour, selected by health psychologists.

During these craving times when smokers would normally take a cigarette break, they are encouraged to swap a number of virtual cigarettes in the app against a time limit in order to pass through level. The app also tracks how much money they save through not smoking, as well as offer mini games to clear rooms of smoke to reveal a health message.

“We’re essentially trying to ‘gamify’ these messages and techniques as a way of embedding them in a person’s mind, in the hope that they will then be able to quit smoking," said the researchers

The game is already being looked at by health organisations in a number of London boroughs.

Submission + - The Most Important Law in Tech Has a Problem (

mirandakatz writes: The internet as we know it was created on the back of a law known as "Safe Harbor," or Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. That one statute is what gives online platforms legal immunity from most of the content posted by their users—but in recent years, it's become a defense for everything ranging from rampant abuse on Twitter to harmful one-star reviews on Yelp and housing scarcity spurred by Airbnb. At Backchannel, Chris Zara dives deep into the problems with Safe Harbor, and how it's starting to unravel in the courts—a process that could radically change the way we think about our lives online.

Submission + - Glyphosate: Unsafe On Any Plate ( 1

peakprosperity writes: In November, a very concerning report — Glyphosate: Unsafe On Any Plate — was released by The Detox Project and Food Democracy Now!, raising the alarm of the high levels of glyphosate in the US food supply and the (deliberate?) low levels of awareness of its associated health risks.

Dave Murphy, executive director of Food Democracy Now!, joins us this week to explain the finding of this new report on the worlds most-used herbicide (more commonly known by its retail brand: Roundup). As happened in past decades with the alcohol and tobacco industries, theres compelling evidence that profits have taken a priority over consumer safety — and as public health concerns are being raised, Big Ag is circling its wagons and attacking the questioners rather than embracing open scrutiny.

Are we being poisoned in the pursuit of profit?

To listen to this podcast, click here

Submission + - Scientists have developed a breathalyzer to diagnose 17 diseases

randomErr writes: Over 10 years researchers have developed specific sniff tests for diagnosing tuberculosis, hypertension, cystic fibrosis, and even certain types of cancer. A group of led by Hossam Haick at the Israel Institute of Technology have taken the idea a step further. They’ve built a device that is compact and can diagnose up to 17 diseases from a single breath. The breathalyzer has an array of specially created gold nanoparticles mixed with similar-sized tubes of carbon. Together they create a network that interact each of the nearly 100 volatile compounds that each person breaths out.

Submission + - 6 mysterious radio signals have been detected coming from outside our galaxy (

schwit1 writes: Back in March, scientists detected 10 powerful bursts of radio signals coming from the same location in space. And now researchers have just picked up six more of the signals seemingly emanating from the same region, far beyond our Milky Way.

"We report on radio and X-ray observations of the only known repeating fast radio burst source, FRB 121102," the team wrote in The Astrophysical Journal.

"We have detected six additional radio bursts from this source: five with the Green Bank Telescope at 2 GHz, and one at 1.4 GHz with the Arecibo Observatory, for a total of 17 bursts from this source."

The team can't pinpoint the exact location of FRB 121102, but based on the specific way their lower frequencies are slowed, they can tell they came from a long way away, far beyond the Milky Way. And that gives us some pretty important clues about what could be causing the events.

Interestingly, it also contradicts the evidence we have on FRB coming from within our own galaxy.

Currently, the leading hypothesis for the source of the Milky Way's FRB is the cataclysmic collision of two neutron stars, which forms a black hole. The idea is that as this collision happens, huge amounts of short-lived radio energy are blasted out into space.

But the repeating nature of these distant signals, all coming from the same place, suggest that can't be the case — at least for these particular FRB.

Submission + - Japan Successfully Launches Solid Fuel Rocket

randomErr writes: Japan successfully launched a solid fuel rocket named Epsilon-2. The 26-meter-long rocket launched from the Uchinoura Space Center at about 8 p.m. local time. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) said this is the latest in Tokyo’s effort to stay competitive in an industry that has robust growth potential and strong security implications. Als this is to curb costs for rocket launches. The Epsilon-2 three-stage rocket aimed to put communication and weather satellites in space.

Submission + - Prenda Copyright Lawyers Arrested and Charged ( 1

the simurgh writes: Prenda Law extracted millions of dollars from alleged BitTorrent pirates, through threats of embarrassment and leaving misery and poor defendants made poorer in its wake, and authorities asking how to stop their flagrant abuse of the system. FINALLY, The duo of Paul Hansmeier and John Steele finally have been charged with the crimes of conspiracy to commit fraud, money laundering, and perjury. Today, this and other evidence was presented in a criminal indictment filed in the Minnesota District Court.

Submission + - Chinese Scientist Found Breakthrough Vaccine/Cures for All Viral Infections (

hackingbear writes: Chinese scientists may have found the key to creating effective vaccines for the world’s deadly viruses including bird flu, SARS, Ebola, and HIV. An experiment by a research team at Beijing University was hailed as “revolutionary” in the field in a paper published in the latest issue of Science magazine on Friday. The live virus used in the vaccine used by the researchers had its genetic code tweaked to disable the viral strains’ self-replication mechanism. But it was kept fully infectious to allow the host animal cells to generate immunity. Using live viruses in their fully infectious form was considered taboo, as viruses spread rapidly. Vaccines sold and used widely today generally contain either dead or weakened forms of viruses. The animals infected with virus were cured after receiving the injection, according to the paper. This breakthrough promises to simplify the process of producing vaccines, which may help scientists develop effective vaccines or even cures for various viruses – such bird flu, SARS, Ebola and HIV – within weeks of an outbreak.

Submission + - Russian Supply Rocket Malfunctions, Breaks Up Over Siberia En Route To ISS (

An anonymous reader writes: An unmanned cargo rocket bound for the International Space Station was destroyed after takeoff on Thursday. The Russian rocket took off as planned from Baikonur, Kazahkstan, on Thursday morning but stopped transmitting data about six minutes into its flight, as NPR's Rae Ellen Bichell reported: "'Russian officials say the spacecraft failed ... when it was about 100 miles above a remote part of Siberia. The ship was carrying more than 2 1/2 tons of supplies — including food, fuel and clothes. Most of that very likely burned up as the unmanned spacecraft fell back toward Earth. NASA says the six crew members on board the International Space station, including two Americans, are well stocked for now.'" This is the fourth botched launch of an unmanned Russian rocket in the past two years.

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