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Comment Re:Let them have their fun (Score 2) 39

I thought it was brilliant as well! Although, the slashdot link to the poster they're mimicking is incorrect, it's this one:

Besides, all the haters are missing a very important point - they even fixed Zaphod's second head, putting it where it belongs!

(But seriously folks, lighten up... it's a bit of fun. Sheesh.)

Comment I like to imagine... (Score 1) 86

"Me, I'm a third generation server farmer. My pappy's pappy started this farm way back in 2014. Then my pappy took over, and now here I am today." As the old sys admin slowly rocked in his office chair, a single orange strand of wire from a cat 5 cable hanging out of his mouth. "Ol'rack 314b has a bad sector, son, today I need you to go take it down. She's been a good server, but it's time you showed me you can take over this farm one day too..."

Comment Re:Slashdot-worthy? (Score 1) 65

Well, duh. Never having felt, or experienced a quake is the point of such a statement.

Fucking pedantics. I haven't had the flu all year.

"Maybe none that you could feel. I'm fairly certain that everybody everywhere has been subject to influenza at one time or another in the last year."

Comment Re:And you have been fear-mongering since day one (Score 1) 370

Yeah, well some guy had a talk here last month about something nuclear and he had some pretty bar graphs and even a picture of a monkey. It was quite entertaining because I was on schrooms but I'm pretty sure he (and he was wayyyyy smart but I don't know his name so you can't check it out for yourself) totally thought the problem wasn't a big deal.

Comment Re:shitty website (Score 1) 145

You know, it pisses me off that these sites make snarky "Download an up to date browser" comments. I mean, if I was running IE 6 or FF2 or some shit, yeah, but when I'm using the latest, bleeding edge of another browser I basically get told I'm using a piece of crap? I mean come on, this elitist asshole shit has to stop, especially on a site that claims to be open to all to try. Why not word it:"currently only browser X and Y has these features" and leave it at that?

Sorry, but it rubbed me the wrong way.

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