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Submission + - Today is 50th anniversary of Star Trek (

An anonymous reader writes: Star Trek, a TV series (later named The Original Series or "TOS") debuted in the United States on NBC on September 8, 1966. The show tells the tale of the crew of the starship Enterprise and its five-year mission "to boldly go where no man has gone before."

Comment Re: The problem with GPL (Score 1) 238

The GPL is a free licence in the same way that the USA is designed to be a free country: it doesn't remove all impositions from those who use it, but the few impositions that it carries are intended to protect the overall independency of its users, so that no single group can impose a non-free version of the whole thing.

Comment Re:As an indie developer who is making a profit... (Score 2) 158

Programmers without artistic skills should be exploring the boundaries of procedural generation.

"Art" based games rely on standard libraries that all work the same way (sprites for 2D, geometric transformations for 3D) intended to accurately portray in photo-realistic ways, or some effects that have become standard (glows, bumps, reflections, etc).

However, games can be made with 100% abstract representations that don't require any drawing skill (you'd still required to have some taste in selecting a color pallete, but there are tools that can make that for you). With them, a programmer can invent new ways to lay out objects on the screen, building drawing engines nearly from scratch, or exploring the possibilities of configuration and expansion of existing engines.

If you learn how to program modern card pipelines, you could build your own visual routines that produce never-seen effects. Building games to take advantage of such novel visuals is an unlimited field, in special if the rules of the game are novel as well.

Comment Ignores the ulterior motive of traffic stops (Score 3, Interesting) 311

This ignores the unspoken policy that traffic stops are not always about enforcing traffic law and collecting small fines, but rather the police want that interaction with the driver so they can fish for bigger violations. Traffic stops are "pretext stops", a loophole to get around the 4th amendment.

Running your plate and taking your ID isn't about making sure they assign points to the right person, but also about looking for wants and warrants. Getting you to roll down the window and talk to the officer isn't really about checking whether you smell like booze or pot, or seem nervous. There is no right to remain silent when an automobile is involved., and traffic stops are one of the most productive ways to find and arrest people with outstanding warrants.

Comment Re:I guess I'm old-fashioned (Score 1) 87

I hate -*HATE*- having a machine try to read my mind. And a web browser? No, thanks. Just get out of the way & let me do what I want, the way I want.

So you never, ever have used spell checkers, tab autocompletion, search suggestions - or Google's web search, for that matter? Google Search is by definition the #1 "machine that tries to read your mind" in order to show the most relevant pages for a query term.

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