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Submission + - Marissa Mayer to make $184m from Yahoo's sale to Verizon (

Big Hairy Ian writes: Yahoo's chief executive, Marissa Meyer, will be paid $184m when the sale of her company to Verizon completes this year.
The huge sum — a combination of various payments — is detailed in a 429-page document lodged with the US Securities and Investment Commission (SEC).
The money includes the value of shares already owned, outstanding share options, a "golden parachute" payment, cash payments and medical benefits.
Yahoo investors are being asked to vote on the deal this June.

Submission + - Computer pioneer Harry Huskey dies aged 101 (

Big Hairy Ian writes: Engineer Harry Huskey, who helped build many of the first ever computers, has died aged 101.
Dr Huskey was a key member of the team that built the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (Eniac) which first ran in February 1946.
Eniac is widely considered to be one of the first electronic, general purpose, programmable computers.
Dr Huskey also helped complete work on the Ace — the Automatic Computing Engine — designed by Alan Turing.

Comment Re:Becaue you aren't offering to do the work. (Score 1) 384

In my experience the only time suggestions from end users elicit that kind of response is when the suggestion for something totally alien to what the project is designed for like somebody asking Ferrari to add a tow-bar option so that I can hitch up my trailer.

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