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Comment Re: Trump has a plan to fix it quicker and more pe (Score 4, Insightful) 56

Democrats allowed North Korea to develop nuclear weapons, and they are an imminent threat to use them.

Ummm, say what now? Are you just an idiot or are you intentionally trying to rewrite history? Because it was the Bush administration who completely ignored NK in favor of fucking up the Middle East. NK left the the Non-Proliferation treaty in 2003 and had their first successful test in 2006. Every single fucking existential threat that faces our country today is the direct result of Republican geopolitical policies.

Comment Re: Economic refugees (Score 2) 504

Your problem was thinking that voting for president would help your cause. You vote for a president to deal with other nations, make sure we're safe, and to work with Congress to help shape the path of the country on a macro level. Want to really influence your life with your vote? Then pay attention to and get involved in your local politics. As far as I'm concerned, no one who doesn't put more effort into their government than just voting has no right to complain about the outcomes.

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