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Submission + - Why PC Sales are Declining (slate.com)

Benedick writes: I have a four year old desktop and a three year old notebook. Why haven't I upgraded to a new machine? Because they still work great. PC sales aren't declining because of Windows 8. They are declining because our PCs are so good, they last a lot longer. Will Oremus of Slate explains it better than I can.

Comment Suggest Night School (Score 3, Interesting) 433

Listen well to the voice of experience. I went straight from high school to work as a programmer. Anyone who tells you that lack of a degree will not hold you back or will not get you a job - or that you wouldn't want those jobs anyway - has been fortunate or short-sighted. You need the degree for upward mobility and continued job security.

I worked full time while getting two associates, a bachelor's, and a master's (of sorts - long story). It's hard, even harder if you're married and have kids, but this is something you have to do for yourself and your family.

If you live in any sort of a big city, there's bound to be a college that offers night classes. That's the right way to do this. It won't be a diploma mill but the professors will care about you and will not be trying to wash you out or just see you as a paycheck. One side benefit is that you'll learn while going through the process. Maybe you know all there is about computers, but learning all the other courses you might think are BS, they'll help you think and speak and write.

Comment Heck, Yes! (Score 1) 851

Once you have a smartphone, you can't live without it. Not because you get addicted to it like crack, but because it's so darn useful and versatile.

On a recent vacation, I used my HTC Thunderbolt as: a phone, a text message device, a satellite navigation unit (GPS), a web browser, an MP3 player, a game console, and a camera. Seven functions. When I started thinking about it, it can also be: a calculator, a flashlight, a notepad, a WiFi hub, a voice recorder, an FM radio, and a bubble level. I'm sure there's many more. Having all that functionality in one device in your pocket is incredible.

It's the computing equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. Get a smartphone and you'll love it.

Comment Quite a Turnaround (Score 1) 49

When the PS3 first came out, Tycho was so unhappy with the high cost, he refused to buy one. Now, I know the price has come down some and that he's bought one, but it's still a long way from righteous indignation to joining forces.

What's next? The Cardboard Tube Samurai switching to steel?


Journal Journal: Temporary blood vessel shunt to be used to save limbs in war 157

The FDA has just approved for military use a shunt which allows partially-severed limbs to continue to get circulation. According to the article, "For most, it won't be a matter of saving a limb outright but rather salvaging the quality of a wounded leg or arm." This is because "The tubelike device is designed to connect the two ends of a severed blood vessel, providing a temporary bridge or shunt around a wound to restore blood flow to an


Submission + - AMD's showcases Quad-Core Barcelona CPU

Gr8Apes writes: AMD has showcased their new 65nm Barcelona quad-core CPU. It is labeled a quad-core Opteron, but according to Infoworld's Tom Yeager, is really a redefinition of x86. Each core has a new vector math processing unit (SSE128), separate integer and floating point schedulers, and new nested paging tables (to vastly improve hardware virtualization). According to AMD, the new vector math units alone should improve floating point operation by 80%. Some analysts are skeptical, waiting for benchmarks. Will AMD dethrone Intel again? Only time will tell.

Submission + - Hotmail is broken when accessed with Firefox

An anonymous reader writes: I can log in to Hotmail just fine using IE (well, as fine as it's possible to surf the net with the porous, sucking sponge attached to a Petri dish that is IE...), but trying to log in with Firefox gets me this:

Windows Live ID is unavailable from this site for one of the following reasons:

* This site may be experiencing a problem.

* The site may not be a member of Windows Live ID.

It's from the exact same computer at the exact same time as the IE login works. The link is the incredibly difficult http://hotmail.com./ And it worked earlier today.

Maybe we need to send this to that trial in Iowa?

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