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Comment Direct from the No Shit Sherlock Institute. (Score 3, Insightful) 331

Corporations laugh at the regulations that are never enforced unless there is some sort of massive publicity. Even then... Our congress is bought and paid for.

I'm amazed at all the idiots who think a billionaire who has gone bankrupt (yet somehow still has billions) many times with failed businesses is going to change that.

Comment Newsflash: Lawyer intentionally misrepresents... (Score 2) 181

...facts in a case.

Fair use is fair use. It has nothing to do with competing. The lawyer is confusing that with trademark law, and probably should be disbarred for being either completely obtuse and ignorant of the law she claims to know, or disbarred for being a majorly disingenuous douchebag and outright lying.

Comment Windows 10 ComboFix (Score 1) 43

I just want a Windows 10 version of ComboFix.

Yeah, I realize there are "other tools" but ComboFix was simple, and NEVER burned any PCs I applied it to. It did a very good job of scrubbing those machines clean of the worst, scum-of-the-earth malware imaginable.

I donates to sUBs back in the day, and I'd contribute more if they'd release a version that worked on the Win 10 and Win 8.1

Comment Re:I *still* don't trust it yet (Score 1) 162

Wow, I've been using SSDs since 2009... I've got a 60GB Vertex from that era still running a Linux media server 24/7 - the other of the pair I bought then did die, after 5 years of service. It's the ONLY casualty I've had, and I've got 12 SSDs of various ages and capacities in systems around my home. Compared to platter drives, I've had more success with SSDs.

It's not like they haven't been stress tested by numerous organizations... for all practical purposes, a typical SSD should last even an enthusiast user a decade or more. Probably longer than the life of those platter drive motors.

Consider how ubiquitous they are becoming in the "cloud" space these days. Platter drives are good for one thing these days... archival storage.

Comment Seagate's post-Maxtor acquisition reputation (Score 1) 162

Given their reputation, I expect that about a week after I've loaded it full of irreplaceable data (and not-backed-up), it will inexplicably start making clicking noises, and all of my data will be corrupted when read... to die an ignoble death 2 days later with a "pop" and a loud, winding-down whine.

Comment Story is insulting to slashdotters (Score 5, Insightful) 157

Wow, some idiot discovered there is a data channel to monitors... that has no practical "hacking" application. Said channel is frequently only used to transfer information about the monitor to the hosting device.

This isn't Hollywood, but expect some moron screenwriter to now use this in their plot.

Comment Re:Desktop drives (Score 1) 209

Yeah, it will be a LONG time before I trust Seagate anything, after burning through every Seagate drive I've bought in the past 6 years. Every. Single. One. Not even heavy duty usage, some were just archival drives.

Utter trash. Ever since they bought Maxtor... they took a terrible turn for the worse.

I can't help but wonder if they saw an order for Backblaze... and said... gee guys, make sure QA sends only the most reliable bins to those guys.

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