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Comment HP employee here (Score 5, Informative) 249

Well, HPE, and not for much longer (going out on my terms)... anyway - we used to get ink for free, before the split last November, but honestly, I stopped using my HP printer about a year before that. The scanner functionality didn't work right over the network and after getting a Dell (the horror) color laser, there was no reason to print on an inkjet anyway. Now I have an All-in-one that prints great color and scans, all over the network - even does AirPrint and an app to print over Android devices, too.

Regardless of my feeling toward Meg Whitman and destruction of HP, I'd still recommend never buying HP Inkjets - same as I recommend not buying Epson (had those for years, then they put in a self-destruct after 3000 prints that just printed garbage on your media, dumb and expensive to the user).

The tactics of these companies are reprehensible, and should not be supported by anybody. It's not like HP cares about its customers any more, anyway. It's all about stock prices so they can sell it all off to hedge funds (and devalue the middle class' pension funds to line their own pockets) just before it finally collapses.

Comment I'm paying 100% less, like the other slashdotters (Score 2) 219

Cord-cutting. My live sports is less-than-legit, but honestly, it is worth about $20/mo for sports, and nobody wants to offer me a decent legit alternative at that price. Worse, NHL Center Ice blacks out my favorite team's games in favor of cable coverage.

Otherwise, we went all last summer without turning on the cable box... why pay for it? We can't stand being tied to TV schedules, either.

Comment Re:Other than Brother... (Score 1) 387

I don't know about the EcoTank, but Epson PhotoSmart printers (at least at one time) had a self-destruct counter that caused them to print terrible after so many prints. For a short while, there was a reset that "fixed" the printing issue, but Epson put a stop to that.

I won't buy Epson, having seen this first hand, and honestly, I've given up on inkjets entirely. Color Lasers are cheap enough these days.

Comment Translation: Tesla dropped our product. We Mad (Score 2) 218

Sour grapes from a former vendor. Mobileye would sell cameras to blind people if they could. Vendors are not leading any auto program in the industry... 2nd and 3rd tier vendors are even worse, and require constant attention, or they will deliver poor quality and unsafe products.

More likely they raised their prices and Tesla balked at the price and moved to another vendor.

Comment I miss Samsung "magic RAM" and hard drives (Score 1) 111

Seagate bought their hard drive business, and apparently shut it down, rather than use Samsung's superior tech and facilities, to keep churning out crappy drives based on Maxtor tech and dirt floor factories. I have yet to have a Samsung drive fail, some of my drives have over 40000 hours.

As for the memory... WTF happened there? For a while, the best, cheapest 4GB DDR3 modules on the planet, and then.... poof.... they ended production and have never made that sort of impact on the market since.

Comment Re: That's not even the worst part (Score 2, Interesting) 98

An improved turd is still a turd. Not trusting Seagate... they once had a good reputation, then they bought Maxtor and apparently ditched all the Seagate side of the drive engineering and manufacturing in favor of Maxtor, because that was the exact moment their products went to complete shit.

I have purchased quite a few Seagate drives in the past 6 years, and all of them are now dead - most before they were online for 3 years. The first couple I figured were flukes... and there were always decent deals on Seagate externals; but no deal is worth it, not with these crap drives.

Comment How does a VW engineer cheat for Audi and Porsche? (Score 1) 110

This scandal goes all the way up. The cheat crossed over to other badges, which are calibrated by entirely different teams. At the very least, some director who sits above all the badge bosses was involved in perpetrating this fraud.

Calibration engineers had to work on, and test, two sets of calibrations - the "cheat mode" values and the standard values. Somebody had to direct them to do this. This isn't just a Degiorgio being lazy and signing off on crap parts to clear his worklog - this is a systematic effort to spread the "cheat device" software across ALL of the brands. Tagging Liang as the primary perpetrator is like saying some Air Force Captain somehow managed to cause the Air Force, Navy, and Army to launch a nuclear war - Liang simply doesn't have the power to get that software calibrated on the other badges.

I'm guessing the engineer's family is being either well taken care of, or worse, threatened, to make him take responsibility.

Comment Re:Collusion is illegal (Score 2, Informative) 585

So it's collusion when an auto manufacturer stops selling older model cars? It's collusion when you can't buy the 2010 version of tax software?

Microsoft isn't interested in selling you Windows 7, and you can't compel them to. Of course, the offered you (and really, they still do) the free upgrade path to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and Windows 8.x. Consumers aren't being injured, except by their own paranoia.

They don't want older versions installed on new hardware, and they are using their status as a 900lb gorilla to enforce it. As long as they don't prevent Linux, BSD, or other alternative operating systems from running on intel and AMD chips/chipsets, there is no collusion and no injury to consumers. I'm sure it rubs you the wrong way, but then again, if you still won't run Windows 10, it's probably likely anything Microsoft does will rub you the wrong way.

Comment Re:Collusion is illegal (Score 2, Insightful) 585

Collusion against who? Microsoft circa 2014?

This isn't locking out any competition - Linux and MacOS will still run on the newer processors.

Honestly, Slashdotters seem to be growing into old men yelling at clouds, lamenting passing of the days when you would wear an onion on your belt and memory was measured in hog's ears.

I'd say "in before" but I see "this will be the death of Microsoft!" and "Hello Linux" already posted, as they get posted on every Microsoft story since 1998. Keep shaking those impotent, tiny, Trump-like fists.

Comment This would only work sociopathic women (Score 1) 323

Female brains are hardwired to care for a baby in need. All these robotic babies do is trigger those responses quicker. It's basic biology.

Yes, some women will decide babies aren't for them.. some out of practicality, but most out of an inability to process those biological imperatives nature has embedded into mammalian female brains.

Comment Re:Can't Subscribe (Score 2) 204

Basically this. It's more about the sluggish speed of Google's rollouts - they give competition plenty of time to cut prices and increase speeds before Google's available, and most people won't switch if they can just stick with their existing service and get, what many consider, the same thing.

They should have been far more aggressive in getting their service in as many places as possible.

I still believe Google will make it to my city... sometime in the year 2546, if my calculations are correct.

Comment Direct from the No Shit Sherlock Institute. (Score 3, Insightful) 332

Corporations laugh at the regulations that are never enforced unless there is some sort of massive publicity. Even then... Our congress is bought and paid for.

I'm amazed at all the idiots who think a billionaire who has gone bankrupt (yet somehow still has billions) many times with failed businesses is going to change that.

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