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Comment Re:Steam should stop modifying perms (Score 2) 399

The reason for doing this should be obvious... many older games are broken when they are installed under Program Files "secure" folders. As I've been running SSDs for my system drives, my Steam libraries are usually hosted on my data drives, which solved the problem when it first cropped up.

Basically, it's a compatibility issue that arose from Microsoft tightening up security. Hard to blame Steam (or Microsoft) for this one.

Comment Re: Doesn't pass the sniff test (Score 1) 317

I think the border agents would feel she fits a profile, and the journalist's denial of this seems a bit disingenuous.

Note that I didn't say it was right, just that I find what she said a bit illogical (in the face of border agent's desire to search her) and perhaps indicative that there is more to this story than she is letting on.

Comment Doesn't pass the sniff test (Score 2) 317

When she complains that "she doesn't fit the profile" but she's a journalist traveling from the middle east?

Sorry, something doesn't smell right with her story. I suspect there was some reason border agents detained and hassled her, though I do believe they regularly overstep their bounds in other cases.

That said, the powers our border agents and TSA have are truly frightening, nonetheless. I live in the 100 mile zone where agents could storm my house and seize all of my electronic devices "just because". They don't use this power, except in exceptional cases, but when the dam breaks and they start doing this, it will become more commonplace until they start doing it on behalf of corporations to protect "intellectual property" and use it to censor journalists.

Comment One Flash drive (Score 1) 465

Probably one flash drive could have held the contents of his art and blog. Who doesn't keep the original sources, though? I create games, and the assets I create always have source in the form of Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel PhotoPaint or Corel Draw files - all religiously uploaded to several destinations as backups. House fire? I have cloud backups and off-site discs at another location. Cloud goes offline? I have several backup drives locally.

It's dumb and tempting fate to put all your eggs, as they say, in one basket.

Comment Let me get this straight.... (Score 1) 106

...the DNC actually did due diligence to see how a donor scandal might affect their candidates? The horror!

I don't see how this is wrong. Show me documents that expose collusion with Hsu to hide illegal donations or some sort of menu detailing the amount of influence certain donations buy, and you might have my attention; otherwise, this is just retrieving somebody's used toilet paper and saying "look at this shit! How dare they take a shit!"

Comment Re:Take the PCIe logo off the box (Score 2) 157

Read CajunArson's post above... your chart shows spikes, which are accounted for in the spec, not the average draw being above spec.

The reality is that there apparently already are motherboards that have probably died because of AMD's egregious violation of the specs; there are probably PSUs that have also died because of these cards.

The motherboards and PSUs that died were likely within spec, but couldn't handle a PCIe card that was running out of spec. That's the bottom line here.

The card should have used an 8-pin connector, end-of-story. That ensures the card is getting its power supplied from an in-spec component, within the specifications rated. It NEVER should have drawn more than 75W from the motherboard (outside of the aforementioned spikes and transients), because that is clearly outside of the spec.

Now we have a bigger mess... the cards, running IN spec, don't perform the same as all the benchmarks that have been done. That's the unspoken part of this mess... basically, the performance claims are bogus until they are redone with the new drivers in "Compatibility mode" (i.e. in-spec mode, i.e. non-motherboard and PSU killing mode)

I can't trust AMD. Flaky marketing, hot GPUs... now this. I don't need the aggravation of building a system to hear a "snap" and smell burning electronics, with no clue that the video card caused the motherboard failure.

Comment Summary should have set requirements (Score 1) 286

Obviously, syncing across multiple devices is important. "Pen and paper" answers are funny the first time it's posted, but not useful beyond that. Simple note taking or text editing answers also don't really help.

I just discovered EverNote, and I appreciate the ability to encrypt sections of a note. I'm also disappointed in their new restrictive terms, but I understand.

I like Tomboy, but it is horrible at synchronizing with a shared folder, and has no cross-device usage.

I haven't used OneNote but may look into it.

So basically, the summary is asking for a note taking app that can sync over multiple devices, presumably with no limitations on those devices (i.e. PC, Android, Apple, web, etc...). Can we try and post USEFUL answers to this question, for a change... or is that too much to ask of Slashdotters?

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