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Comment Will it feature almost daily awkward updates? (Score 4, Interesting) 91

Say what you want about nvidia's bloatware, the driver installs are smooth as silk. AMD sends me to a browser page where I must try and figure out what download to select (considering the version numbers never match), then I have to download and install manually.

Ugh. It's 2016, right? AMD's driver updates make me feel like I've timewarped to 1997.

Comment Re:I don't get it, or it's about miserable games (Score 1) 182

It's about an executive who has lots of preconceived notions about how "the future of gaming" will exist, and how his company will monetize that future... and too focused on his own experience to consider anything else.

This is dangerous, from a business perspective; a smaller business would probably simply struggle to survive or go under, but unfortunately for us, a company the size of EA will drive the market. Sure, a lot of his ideas are impractical and even impossible, but he'll push enough of this sort of garbage on the public, who will buy the next Sims and Battlefield games and have to suffer through his crappy "social interaction" nonsense.

They'll pay off journalists and cherry pick focus group commentaries to support their ideas and blame developers when it comes out buggy or nonfunctional... or consumers simply reject it out of hand.

It's OK to be visionary... it's not to simply think you are visionary and force everybody else to follow through because you are the boss.

Comment Re:Concurrent users vs installations (Score 4, Informative) 170

Yeah, when deployed, seats cannot be pinging the internet over a ship's intranet (and the severely limited internet connection), it's seen as a security threat, and from my own experience working on the NMCI contract, vendors WILL hear about it.

Comment Connected Car and more (Score 2) 38

I interviewed with Harman (I have a couple of ex-colleagues who work there) and Red Bend a while back. It's not a bad acquisition for Samsung, and will give them more than a foot in the door with automotive technologies. Some of the tech (particularly Red Bend's OTA update tech) is transferable to mobile devices, as well.

Comment Re:LOL. Click bait is click bait. (Score 3, Insightful) 174


Windows Store isn't somehow magically preventing the game from talking to players on other platforms. This was a conscious decision by Activision to do this. Why? I have no idea, but let's simply skewer Microsoft over Activision's choice and not ask them why this was done.

Comment 4000 firings is like a week for HPE (Score 5, Informative) 116

I can't call them "layoffs" because that term is reserved for employees who are welcomed back at some point. Meg and her cronies also drastically reduced HPE's contribution toward benefits, particularly for the NewCorp spinoff people - meanwhile, the plans offered have become more expensive as well, with prescription copays as much as $50 for 30 day supplies. It's effectively a huge pay cut. They are daring the remaining employees to quit, by bringing morale to an all-time low with employee-hostile policies.

Meg actually had the nerve to cheerfully tell the people watching/attending an all-employee town hall how great it was that they were moving so many jobs from high cost countries (i.e. US, Canada and Europe) to low cost countries. Sociopath much?

Comment Rock Stars Wanted... (Score 1) 269

According to a lot of posters I've seen recently, many companies want Rock Stars as interns... and Jimmy Johns wants to hire Rock Stars, so maybe they are "Freaky fast"

I don't know, but I would like to think you have to have some other qualifications, especially with retarded "rock" like that screamo crap that was so popular a few years ago. I'd prefer it if my sandwiches weren't delivered by somebody with the ability to make a pig squealing noises that ruin an otherwise listenable tune.

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