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Comment Re:"Resources"? How about "Inventory"? (Score 5, Insightful) 148

Mike Nefkens, of HP Enterprise, soon to be DXC Technology, responded to a question about layoffs by referring to employees as "inventory" and stating, "well, you have to rotate inventory, right? Get rid of the old, obsolete stuff in favor of the new, fresh stuff"

Fact of the matter is, in a services company like HPE's ES, people are your assets, and knowledge, skill, and talent are valuable things not worth flushing away. Same goes for those customer-facing employees who have built relationships, or SMEs who build and maintain customer-facing applications.

I'd rather be called a "Resource" than "Inventory". HP/HPE/DXC has spent the last few years trashing morale and blissfully opening the floodgates wide open for brain drain, to replace experienced (but higher paid) people with warm bodies to satisfy existing contracts. IBM is following suit.

Comment Do you get an extra 140 characters with Premium? (Score 1) 84

How the fuck would that actually work, anyway? Maybe only premium users can be "Verified" and also get the benefit of 3 factor authentication (CC# required to change passwords, for example). Maybe give premium users the ability to have blinking text?

Maybe I just don't "get" twitter... I have an account, I've maybe posted once in the past year. I don't let social media rule my life. I'm also not a sociopath with a narcissist complex who gets drunk and tweets stupid petulant rants at 3am from the Presidential shitter.

Do they actually make money now?

Comment Google spurned Detroit, Rocket Fiber was born (Score 1) 64

Honestly, the purpose of Google Fiber seemed to be all over the map, worse, they only wanted to put it into communities that had little use for that much broadband.

After turning Detroit down, flatly, even with a considerable market, Dan Gilbert invested in an effort that has brought world-class internet speeds to Detroit. They now provide the backbone for tech startups and established companies coming to Detroit.

If Google couldn't figure out there was a market in Detroit and move on it, then it becomes obvious they never had any intention of making Google Fiber a real business. Kansas City? I can almost see Austin... but it moved too slow and had questionable goals. If they'd come to Detroit, they'd have enjoyed a regulatory green light and all the market they could want. They knew that... they were presented with real numbers and enough business to sustain it through full deployment - and they passed on it.

Good riddance. Google Fiber was a pair of middle fingers thrown at the rest of America anyway. About the only thing it brought about was more insular laws protecting the monopolies of the big cable providers and ramped up those companies' efforts to eliminate net neutrality.

Submission + - Meg Whitman asks employees to support efforts of HPE to offshore their jobs (thelayoff.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Meg Whitman, who has spent the last three years letting go of tens of thousands of US workers, has found a way to dig even deeper — pleading with her workers via an e-mail to contribute to the HPE PAC, offering payroll deductions for those willing to contribute the full $5000 she and her fellow board members have. What is the HPE PAC? It's an effort to lobby Congress to put a stop to the Border Adjustment Tax bill, which will put punitive taxes on companies like HPE that offshore much of the business from their U.S. clients.
It's hardly surprising, given policies and actions that have demoralized most of their employees who still remain. This is the same CEO who called an all-employees Town Hall to pat herself and her fellow board members on the back for moving many jobs overseas, and telling her audience, effectively, how they looked forward to putting more of them out of work.

From the e-mail sent to US employees:

Let me be more specific. There are a number of troubling ideas coming out of our nation’s capital these days. But one in particular, the “border adjustable tax,” is extremely worrisome. A well-regarded industry analyst recently wrote that, if this tax is enacted, it could profoundly degrade the financial performance of our company.

Comment Re:HGST nearly always on top (Score 3, Insightful) 114

Seagate blows. I've got a lot of hard drives - Toshibas, Hitachis, WDs, Seagates.... I have exactly three Seagates out of 12 that are currently working.

On the other hand, I've bought up some "refurb" Hitachis (server pulls with 20k hours) and they just work.

Seagate hasn't made a quality drive since they bought up Maxtor and, apparently, dumped all of their factories, QA people and engineers in favor of Maxtor's. It's the only explanation I can think of for the nosedive in quality.

It's rather ironic that the former "Deathstar" line is more reliable than Seagate these days

Comment Re:Which version? (Score 1) 105

Good thing to see that many people use the MIDI device enable button!!!! I'd hate soooo much to see Google remove that!

Something as fundamental as details about the cert should never be buried, no matter how rarely it is used. Let's also talk about Extensions... a useful feature, but functionality is buried under several layers of UI "goop" just to get new extensions. Seems like it's designed to discourage users from getting new extensions.

Also, if I use certs for servers I have on my own LAN (for example, WebMin to run Linux servers I keep in my basement), Google has just made things a bit more difficult to access self-signed certs which are completely adequate for such a use, but require some additional up-front steps to use.

Comment Best and brightest? Probably not.... (Score 4, Interesting) 141

As a developer, I can't imagine even bothering to answer an offer of employment from an airline these days. I spent considerable time looking for better options last year before deciding to take an offer and leave my employer of 20 years (HPE), and there were several potential employers I did avoid; work for any airline would have been a huge red flag for me. The way they've cut corners over the last few decades would definitely not make it a good place for career advancement.

I suspect the quality of their hires in IT would be limited by their reputation as employers and probably tend toward the desperate only looking to fill immediate financial needs on a temporary basis. I can't say this would lead to the most inspired work effort.

Comment Replacing jobs Meg Whitman has cast off from HP (Score 0) 186

Sadly, Amazon jobs are a far cry from the jobs lost in HP's efforts to spin off, spin down and disintegrate the brand (while extracting as much cash as possible through stock options before the ride ends).

She's shed something around 80,000 jobs and more are on the chopping block.

As for Amazon, I'm sure these are jobs fit for a Trumperor follower - low-paying, no-benefits jobs that bring us more to parity with the third world.

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