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Comment Re:VB? Been there, done that (Score 0) 648

Mod parent up.

As a Java programmer, I tried to do a little project in VB - found it bizarre.
I recently had to learn some basic Python to help a teacher. TBH it seem more like it was based on Bash than C! I really missed brackets.

Picking up Java is hard for some CS undergrads so can't go straight into that. Javascript is a good choice as students can do fun things with it, tho they'd have to keep it simple and not get too distracted by DOM or CSS.

Better I think is PHP since it's hard to write a PHP project you can't trace through easily.

Comment Re:Why at a place of learning? (Score 1) 1007

"all the rules change when Jesus shows up"

The trouble with that view is that it's clearly not one that Jesus or Paul (for example) held. It's just a bit easier to understand that things are different after. Instead, their view is that the whole of what we know as the Old Testament actually points to Jesus. There's a couple of hundred prophesies about Jesus, some obvious, some you'd never realise without it being pointed out.

If you look at the bible with an open mind, asking the question "is this book the ineffable word of an omnipotent, omniscient and all loving supreme being?"

We wouldn't have those expectations (omnipotent, omnisicient, loving) without the Bible telling us that's what God it like. However I think we like to limit the characteristics to ones we like. The ten commandments bit for example also says he's jealous (and to have no other gods before him etc). He's also described as getting angry and implementing judgements. I guess my point is as C S Lewis put it about the character Aslan - he's not a tame lion, ie God doesn't conform to our expectations or predetermined conclusions.

Comment Re:Why at a place of learning? (Score 0) 1007

It's good to wonder. In case it helps you tick a few off :

10 virgin wives?

Wasn't it 10 virgin's waiting for the wedding party to arrive?

Killing lots of people is expected if people in another city believe in another god.

God said they be sent to kill them for their sin 4 generations before it happened (Genesis 15 v16).

Wear a hat or go to hell - Leviticus

Not sure what this is about, but glad that I'm under the new covenant in Jesus' blood instead of the old one.

Zombies - Gospel Matthew, more than Jesus rose from the dead

Apart from the braaaaaaaiins bit, yep.

Women are subservient to men, shouldn't teach or have any authority over men - 1 Timothy

There's lots to be said over this. On the one hand it's like Paul, with his Pharasee background, is annoyed because the less well-educated women kept disrupting services. On the other, there were churches that met in the houses of important business women, and Paul in Galatians 3 v28 says that men and women are all equal in Christ - so there was more respect and equality.

So many bad animals to eat. escargot, pig - life without bacon?

The Israelites were to be "set apart", specifically different.

Slavery is OK as long as they're foreigners. - Leviticus

I was wondering why the furthest the Bible seems to go on slavery is to suggest it's a good idea for slaves to gain their freedom if they can 1 Corinthians 7v21. I suspect it's because it's the Bible's view that we're all slaves anyway, either to God in a joyful relationship based on Jesus' death, or to sin.

Tats bar you from heaven - Leviticus (Just pick a random passage from that book and you can find something everyone is doing wrong)

I think the key to Leviticus is what Jesus said - that he came to fulfill the law. So anything you pick, ask how Jesus fulfilled it. Then a whole lot of it makes a lot more sense. Anyway, new covenant is based on accepting Jesus as lord rather than tats.

Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1) 281

From similar situations - I agree with using Excel.

To take it further, PHP will read excel spreadsheets so he can do fancy analysis/webpages/reports whilst he's there. Afterwards they can still access the data if they need to.

Once he's done this though they will likely want him to continually produce additional reports. Not a bad way to get some basic programming experience. Doesn't really answer his question admittedly!

Comment Re:Bad call (Score 1) 611

As an honest person - I disagree. Belief in God is perfectly rational. And I've seen lots of answers to prayer, particularly when I was involved in production of church events.

Perhaps what's hard is that faith and trust are not the same as science - not because they are irrational or that science is better (maybe you *believe* it is ;) but that the supernatural is 'bigger' (by definition) than the natural. Science only deals with the natural world, not the relationship with God.


Guardian Ignores MI5 Warnings, Vows To 'Publish More Snowden Leaks' 301

dryriver writes in with news that a new round of Snowden leaks may be on the way. "Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger says he plans to publish more revelations from Edward Snowden despite MI5 warning that such disclosures cause enormous damage. Mr Rusbridger insisted the paper was right to publish files leaked by the US intelligence analyst and had helped to prompt a necessary and overdue debate. Mr Rusbridger said more stories would be published in the future as the leaked documents were 'slowly and responsibly' worked through. His comments come after criticism from the new head of MI5, Andrew Parker. Making public the 'reach and limits' of intelligence-gathering techniques gave terrorists the advantage, he said. He warned that terrorists now had tens of thousands of means of communication 'through e-mail, IP telephony, in-game communication, social networking, chat rooms, anonymising services and a myriad of mobile apps'. Mr Parker said it was vital for MI5 to retain the capability to access such information if it was to protect the country. "

Comment Glad (Score 1) 310

I'm really glad about this. I'm sad to say "won't someone think of the children" but that argument makes sense here. We have a watershed to project kids from adult themes on TV, we have encrypted channels so they're not available for those that don't want to see them, we have rules about advertising - the fact that kids can see hard core porn on the internet doesn't fit with the way our culture works.

Sure, parents need to be responsible but when my kid grows up, they're going to have a better smart phone than I have and be in school where those with access to gross things will try to share them. I'm going to want to protect my kid from being confronted with disturbing/adult themes until they're ready to make the choice themselves.

At which point, they can opt out of filtering if they want to. It's not going to change my internet use to have porn filtered. So I'm glad about this.

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